Could any modern raids be petwalled?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Sheaffer, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Sheaffer Augur

    I had some spare time at work today and was trying to think if there were any modern raids that a raid of 54 mages could just pet wall down. Or if it makes a difference, let's say 48 mages and 6 clerics.

    I think Velishan is the most likely candidate by far. Maybe Xorbb 1? I'm not familiar enough with TBM raids to guess on any of those. What are your thoughts?
  2. Jaerlyn Augur

    Vitio, unless there is a pet mechanic I'm not aware of. Bad luck with emotes could make for spectacular failures, but really, It wouldn't be that hard.
  3. lancelove Augur

    48 necros?? why mages?
  4. Grundged Lorekeeper

    So raids are still tank and spank? Lol game is so lame.
  5. Silv Augur

    Because TLP is why. That's how this whole thing is even a question.

    A few. Not the majority though. There are mechanics in most events that would prevent a pure TnS as you suggest so... not as lame as you may think.
  6. Agrippa Augur

    Mage armies were on Firiona Vie before they were a thing on the progression servers. They do enough modern raids to support their armies and their lifestyles.
  7. Silv Augur

    Okay... guessing this is true (I don't play of FV)... I haven't seem 40 bazillion posts complaining about it since that [FV] server has existed! And yet, since May (actually, even BEFORE the TLP servers launched), people were complaining about Mages and their pets.

    So, yeah. It's because of TLP.
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  8. lancelove Augur

    Curious, what class do you play?
  9. Vexed Journeyman

    Wither & Decay could probably be petwalled.

    Mages simply stand far enough away that the goo does not reach them. There is no AE/raid damage otherwise. It's doubtful that the Withering debuff would effect pets. Any dead pets are simply resummoned.

    Edit - Just read Cloud's post above! Whoops. Good on ya. :)
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  10. Benzarden Augur

    You aren't the first one to ignore Cloud.
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