CotH will break charm next patch

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ermok, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. krimmett Lorekeeper

    This change is what happens when idiots cry to change a class.
    You want no more coth/charm? Done.
    No more charm/gate? Done.
    No more charm rez? Done.
    No more dispelling pets? Wait wut?

    People cried for changes and got them. You made your bed, now lay in it and get trolled by toxic people.
  2. Grakt New Member

  3. Liren_Lockheart Journeyman

    They were addressing two different issues and inadvertently contradicted themselves.

    First, they were trying to make DPS racing more fair. They recently changed the way memblur affects damage credit. Previously you could memblur a target and it would forget all previous damage. In a competitive raid setting you could wait for another guild to DPS a target down to 20%, memblur it, burn it and your guild would take the loot credit. This tactic has been around for years and end game raid guilds on progression have always included it in their arsenal. No more.

    Yesterday's change to charm pets is related. Dispelling a charm pet in the middle of a DPS race not only causes chaos but it erases all the damage credit from the pet. It looks like Daybreak is trying to make DPS races only about who can do more damage, not about who can erase the most damage from the other side.

    Second and addressing an entirely different problem, they changed charm so it will break if an enchanter is CoTHed or Rezzed. This was to stop enchanters from easily snagging mobs and dragging them across a zone. Even though this ability has been in the game for years, it apparently was being used to KS key mobs, loot mobs and even turn-in mobs on Mangler at a rate that forced Daybreak to act. Now, any enchanter that wants to do this will need to run their charmed pet the whole distance back to their group leaving them open to retaliation like training or dispelling their pe... oh wait.

    Removing the ability to dispel a charm pet completely undid any gains made from the CoTH/Rez change. Daybreak can you please revert both changes? You're doing it wrong.

    Melusine the Enchanter
  4. krimmett Lorekeeper

    The main and only issue was correcting Charm/teleport. Nobody was crying on the forums about memblur. It was Charm/gate, Charm/rez, Charm/coth. Memblur was thrown in there out of nowhere because... yeah. The easiest way to get around this is to tag named and PH's as uncharmable.
    I actually enjoy the change, I don't have to worry about people dispelling when dps racing or trying to contest a camp anymore. Its only fair that if people get the sweeping changes to charm in their favor, that the enchanter has some kind of QoL fix as well.
  5. Xeris Augur

    You're so wrong... a) within 1 day people are doing this

    b) you underestimate how terrible some people are

    I had a necro continually train me at king for like 2 hours for no actual reason. He wasnt even camping it. He was just 1 random person. People spend their time in weird ways...
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  6. Bard2019 Journeyman

    Charm teleporting confirmed to still be working, as of today, almost 48 hours after the patch. It's not quite as straight forward of a method as we could do previously, but it works fine. I'm sure it'll become more widely used as more people pick up on how it's being done.
  7. Scruff Elder

    click charmed pet, click call of the hero
  8. Lateryn Augur

    With pets non dispellable, you can always just guard and run and then say follow later and pet will warp to you.
  9. Bard2019 Journeyman

    Not sure what you're getting at, but that does nothing but waste mana.
  10. Nothappening Lorekeeper

    maybe coth checks for a charm pet on the initial cast, so you cast coth first then cast charm before coth finishes. that would be lulz
  11. Barder-mangler Journeyman

    COTHing the pet directly works, does not break charm.
  12. Guzzle Augur

    Yeah you just have to click "guard" right when the coth hits.
  13. Nothappening Lorekeeper


  14. Arrk Augur

    I said prior to the patch.. back when they first released the notes.... this was going to make it far worse...

    I knew the COTH the pet directly method 2 months ago when they first announced the possible changes coming to charm gate....

    The bottom line... players find a way to gain what ever advantage they can. That is the point. DBG wanted the wild, wild west with their polices... they got it, and now are trying to implement changes to combat the wild, wild west.....when they can just change the policy correctly...
  15. Lateryn Augur

    If this is true, just shows the genius of DBG ;P
  16. Accipiter Augur

    No kidding. It's embarrassing, really.
  17. Protius Lorekeeper

    DBG team: "They'll never figure this one out. Implement the change, my dudes! We fixed it!"

    Toxic players of EQ: Hold my beer...
  18. Chuuk Augur

    Cash out your plat / gear for krono and sit tight for the Korucust TLP Server (my prediction - March 2020) where they will hopefully nerf charm into the ground entirely. I long for the day when spells other than <insert charm> and <Complete Heal> actually matter.
  19. AcemoneyFV Augur

  20. code-zero Augur

    They aren't going to do anything like that as it would affect the live servers.

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