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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Georwell, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Georwell New Member

    With the reset to level 105 mob levels, the exp return on the daily boost was substantially nerfed. How are we expected to get friends into the game when they need to level 25 levels and gain 20000 aas to effectively do end game content (where most of us are), without being able to use some daily mechanism to assist them with leveling? I realize this makes aa acquisition easier for end game toons as well, but really, this is a major bump in the road to getting friends to play.
  2. Whulfgar Augur


    By playing the game as intended, every day with said friends. Hope this helps.
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  3. Taldiwen New Member

    Fellowship xp sharing still works, right? Legitimate question.
  4. Dwimmerlaike Lorekeeper

    Sounds like what I expected. I will be saving $40ish a month, I only wish you had did this before I spent $100 on 3 expansions.
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  5. Derd Augur

    If your really intent on them boosted to max in a week, take them out to fm or any 105 level zone, invis them and for the first 15 levels ( from heroic's i'm assuming since you said 25 levels) they can stand there and gain levels. Make sure they have autogrant on and they'll have half the aa they need by the time they hit 100. Then they can start working on helping you / and the merc can be a helper also for the next five levels. Now do progression tbm, eok and they'll have all the aa's and be 110. Making them do cotf ha's is cruel and unusual punishment, absolutely some of the most not fun content ever created in everquest.
  6. Bigfan Augur

  7. Jetslam Augur

    110 doing scouting with 25k aa gave me 4aa on completion with no lesson. Took about 3m.
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  8. Weebaaa Augur

    Why are CoTF HA scaling to 105? Shouldn't they be level 100?
  9. Millianna Augur

    Why would a Heroic toon purchase RoS for? OP is correct - you’re essentially SoL trying to find a group for HAs TDS or below.
  10. Jetslam Augur

    They are 100.
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  11. keviin101higuys Lorekeeper

    have them update Heroic chars and make them start at 100.
  12. Gatts Journeyman

    Playing everquest as it was intended? Um didn't know sandbox games had intended play, at least I'd call eq a sandbox game. Sure after the initial devs moved on, later near failure devs came around and began creating limits on everything they could as players continued to take off, but to me everquest has (til more recently) been one of the least restrictive mmorpgs ever... now its getting pretty bad especially with counters on so many abilities.
    All devs after original devs, have capitalized on the enormous content, goodwill, and lack of restrictions from original eq that helped eq succeed. Although, now I'd say devs are cannibalizing all that earlier work for drawing out subscriptions.
    In early eq, we could figure out new ways to play the game on a near constant basis and that was one of eq's awesome points that I liked. Be it a single item, a single spell, way you moved, etc.. there were so many ways to impact game play and allow creative pursuits to come with developmental benefits.. Now things come with limits in more and more ways that eq is slowing becoming a fine tuned pre-set path of what you can do and the minimum of how long it takes someone to do something. Quite a pathetic for eq to be a game now designed by those that seek to only draw out sub fees instead of making something great.

    Removing the long term viability of HAs reduces content. And with the general trend that has appeared in eq of lessening quality content in each subsequent expansion (less content overall in more recent expansions), devs can't really afford to cut out content. Especially since that's about all that is left of what gives eq an edge over other mmos.

    EQ has always been a buggy game. Ruining everything else about it as well won't help with subscriptions fees. If devs really wanna prioritize subscriptions, priority goes to content to make those subs happen. To me, all the recent problems before, with, and after RoS release suggest the majority of devs (or at least the ones in charge) really don't care about about the game or the players anymore. Doesn't even seem like they care if the effort they put forth in their lives matters or not.

    Why would you release RoS with so many things missing? Like chase loot, money loots, dropped h stat augs (now all these are in). With chase loot being the best thing group players can get nowadays, and new chase loot not even being in (is it going to be added? i heard yes, but now doesn't seem likely) its like players are just wasting their time to not get the best stuff they could possibly get without raiding so that they could keep paying more sub fees to try for the best stuff later on once added in game.

    EQ nostalgia quickly fades when the game becomes a prison of limitations to force players on set paths.
    Anyone ever feel like eq players have become the frog slowly being boiled in water as devs wait and see if we will notice their nonsense and respond to the way we're being treated?
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  13. Zamiam Augur

    well I just did gribble HA scouting ahead .. my 106 mage and I dragged my 95 sk along ..all mobs conned LB to my mage and finished it within 20 to 25min and i was taking my time no burning or multiple mobs really.. at end my mage received 6aa no xp bonus running .. granted not a huge amount but still if you think about it, if i had lesson and/or an xp pot running could prolly squeeze 10 to 12 per mission x3 missions is anywhere from 30 to 36 aa's in approx an hour to hour and 15min .. my SK received 10% reg experience again no xp bonus going .. for me was not bad sure would i like the xp to be a bit better of course but overall im happy and im glad i can now go back and do my progression thats what i wanted all along .. if i want great xp i'll head into EoK or RoS in time.. thx DB

    Now about those druid and shaman dots :p
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  14. BlackVZ Lorekeeper

    I find it funny that so many of the existing players have a problem with ha xp being better. I guarantee you all played way back when and I also guarantee you were apart of plane of fire headshot group's at one time, when say OoW was the newest expansion. Or some SK swarm group that wasn't in the current content. Look back at your eq career and stop judging people for getting xp the "easy"way. You all did it and all you holier than thou people who say you didn't, you are lying to yourself.
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  15. Jumbur Augur

    If I was to introduce new heroic friend(s) to EQ, I would probably start with doing the TBM HA's 6 times each for the TBM progression-seal(currency and "startup xp")+ mirror. and then run through progression for CotF->TDS->TBM(whats left of it)->EoK->RoS.

    Optional: mpg-trials and the last DoN-raid. Daily quests in hotzones are fast xp too, if you can port there quickly.

    If the newbie is still too low for CotF after the TBM HA's, then do RoF before moving on to CotF.

    This will give a varied and fun experience for the newbie, and they would have most of the important things done.:)

    Grinding the same quests over and over(and over...) will just scare newbies away...
    They won't be max-level in a week, but they might enjoy the ride.
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  16. Yinla Augur

    Do ROF before level 100, exp gets seriously nerfed after that.

    I've gone through recently with an alt doing zones I enjoyed and skipping the stuff I haven't (House of Thule through to The Broken Mirror). Looking forward to going back to Dead Hills to finish my last 2 HAs so I can complete Dead Hills Partisan. :)
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  17. Eonan Journeyman

    I am somewhat concerned with regards to the 95-105 gap. When I came back to the game the last time (two years ago) it was easy enough for me to find groups of people doing the DH HA's to level alts, and find a place in there. Maybe I am, or have been, doing something wrong but that 100-105 gap was the hardest for me, especially since re-gearing was another difficult aspect that grinding the DH HA's allowed me to somewhat overcome by using the currency to buy at least somewhat decent armor.

    Players will always take the path of least resistance when it comes to grinding, because grinding in and of itself is not an enjoyable exercise. EverQuest is also a very old game at this point, and returning players who need to "catch up" have a nearly insurmountable task ahead of them, at least previously having the DH HA's be a place where even max-level groups would go to level alts or farm AA's meant it was easier to work your way in with them. Who knows, maybe there is something in EoK or RoS that will replace them, where you can quickly run a few instances while having a lower level alt or player be carried through without making it an actual burden.
  18. Whulfgar Augur

    Because grinding in as is like here minimum 85+% of the game.. in 1 way or the other.

    Players will complain bout not being able to have an easy gimme in any game.. more so in older games due to the mere fact they are old.

    That does not mean they can or should get their way. If y'all want an easy game go play super mario.. or world of warcraft...

    If your in everquest.. your in a game world that's not easy.. it's not a gimme gimme gimme every stuff as easily as can be..

    If your playing eq at this stage of the game it's not due to graphics or engine design or anything like that. It's pure flat out cause either your addicted to it like me.. or you simply got bit by the game an just like it for any reason.

    Last of which is not how fast you can get "friends" up to par. (Or your next alt)
  19. Quatr Augur

    I was in a few headshot groups when the HOT lizardmen were some of the best XP/hour. I didn't like it because it felt like my contributions were limited to buffing. If I had been playing a non-buffing class then, it would have been even worse.

    However, the CotF HAs were different. They were "easy mode", but you were still playing the game: pulling, tanking, DPSing, healing and so on. You could even get killed by the bad pathing if the puller wasn't careful. For a returnee, it wasn't a bad way to re-learn the game.

    Going back to the original question, the tools that returnees have to catch up are:
    • Heroic Characters
    • Auto-grant
    • Daily quests
    • Cheap HOT/ROF armor in the Bazaar
    • CoTF/TBM armor and augments purchased using HA points and Remnants
    I guess the question is whether this toolbox is sufficient.
  20. Whulfgar Augur

    It is easily sufficient.

    Yet another new member complaining about the game.. it's literally becoming an every day occurance now.. that new members think they deserve something other players never got when they came back...

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