CoTF Beta Reward?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Movistar, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Malacath Journeyman

    it's the principle of the matter
  2. Tobynn Augur

    Latest response from CS:

    Emphasis mine. Did not participate at all. Apparently, now they have no record my character existed on the Beta server, much less that I gathered stones plus a couple coins from raid testing Doomscale. CSR basically telling me the devs screwed it all up, and only the devs have the ability to fix the problem. Not happenin' when the dev in question won't respond to PMs on the subject. Two weeks of crickets 4tw. Good times.
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  3. An old ELF! Lorekeeper

    Therefore, don't do any BETA's.for SOE.
    What is the point. ( only for you to see what is going to be in the next expansion ) but you can not say.
    How many tokens do you need to get a reward?
    What if you don't go hunt and find bugs? no reward.
    One has to loot these certain items to get a reward?
  4. Axxius Augur

    I would like to restate my point from above: Beta invites are limited. There are players who want to be in Beta regardless of any rewards but cannot get in because the invites are limited. Anybody who wants to cry about the Beta rewards - just don't Beta then and let others take the invites. IMO eliminating the Beta rewards completely would be good for everybody.
  5. Tobynn Augur

    Anyone crying about any bugs or brokenness in any sort of content should just stuf and be happy then, eh? Might as well just disable the /bug and /feedback systems since its all just crying anyway.

    Oh, and recently beta invites have not been limited. Phathom has publicly stated regarding recent betas that everyone who wants in will get in.
  6. Perplexed Augur

    I had 2 accounts participating in Beta. I did quests, TS, and posted comments as needed, equally. I was disappointed when 1 account got the reward and the other got nothing.
    You confirmed my suspicion about the response I'd get if I tried to find out why the difference. :(
  7. Explicit Augur

    I thought we participated in beta so we could:

    -Report bugs that go unanswered months after beta has closed
    -Find spelling typos
    -Complain about cultural
    -Get classes we don't even play nerfed out of spite
    -Spend countless posts defending your own class from the above
    -Act surprised when there's a disappointing lack of content
    -Complain about more stuff, usually AA or lack thereof
    -Log in once and leak all the info to our friends

    With all of the above to do, the reward should be the last thing on your mind! I'm kidding, partially.

    While I've participated in most of the recent betas, I've actually never once cared to "chase" the reward for doing so...I figure the reward was seeing everything early.
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  8. Axxius Augur

    I don't see how crying about bugs relates to crying about beta rewards in any way. Unless you are trying to say that the number of bugs will increase without your participation.

    SOE reps have said many things, and yet I know several people in our guild who were not able to get an invite. 'Everyone who wants in' will get in 'eventually', by the 4th installment, since they don't wipe access within the same cycle and only add more players each time. But during the first beta of the cycle access has been a significant issue in both RoF and CotF.
  9. Tobynn Augur

    The beta token tracking system is BUGGED / BROKEN. Since I find it impossible to believe you simply fail to understand that supremely simple concept, I must assume you're just playing dumb for the sake of feeling in the right.
  10. Axxius Augur

    Yes, it is broken. And not worth the time/effort fixing, easier to disable it completely, together with all the drama. If it helps cut the people who only come to beta for the reward - even better. And I don't think you fail to understand my point either. Yet you keep crying about it and stretching it, like "might as well disable /bug and /feedback".
  11. Caudyr Augur

    If they want to give people a beta reward, why not have it ready for when beta goes active and then have people simply turn in the beta tokens to a merchant for a reward.

    Removes the flagging issue...but also lets people get 'past' beta rewards if they actually want to let that happen, heh.

    That being wouldn't really bother me if they removed them altogether...especially if we're not going to get cool illusions at least but instead these merc skins that really should be unlocked in the actual content (i mean, c'mon...dark elves in the HF armor? should totally be unlocked via completing quest(s) in neriakd!).
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  12. Axxius Augur

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. ;)

    Exactly! If instead of this beta reward bugfest/drama those illusions/skins were attached to quests - everybody wins.
  13. Caudyr Augur

    Or just have the quests, etc give beta tokens as they do now...but the tokens are actually a currency that you can use to 'buy' the beta items which puts a flag on the account for the to show up on live servers (items if they allow you to get older beta rewards with them, as well).

    I doubt they'll do this, though...but it'd solve the issues, I think.
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  14. Falos Augur

    Also balance group beta testing vs. raid testing so that groupers and mid tier raiders dont have to work their ***es off to earn rewards that a few guilds get for literally just showing up (raid beta testing is mostly worked out with the raid leaders and officers of beta testing guilds, the actual raiders that show up are just warm bodies that would almost certainly show up for dkp / raid attendance / inside info on the raids even if there were no beta rewards yet they get easy mode rewards compared to most other beta testers) :p
  15. Axxius Augur

    Good idea on paper, but then it would create a massive advantage for those who get to test raids with devs often. Or an unhealthy obsession with farming trash on beta instead of testing other things.

    There is really no need to give rewards for beta anymore. It is rewarding enough in itself.
  16. beryon Augur

    How is that different than what we have now?
  17. Axxius Augur

    Right now it is bad but only affects the current beta. If it's made a currency with a vendor on Live then it would allow buying past and future beta rewards with the currency made in the current beta.

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