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  1. CaptAmazing Augur

    As I'm changing out augs Im noticing the new ones don't have corruption on them. How will this impact my gameplay? Will I see more spells landing? What spells are corruption based, fear, charm?
  2. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Fear and Charm are almost always magic based.

    Your corruption stats with corruption augs in every slot as they are available (which would be terrible augs in a lot of slots) can maybe hit 200 corruption unbuffed if you farm the TSS ones, the UF ones, and the Anniversary ones. With spell buffs to improve the corruption resist, you can get up to like 240-260 range. Most corruption spells have a resist check from a mob or raid mob around 4-600. No matter what you do with corruption, it doesn't provide a consistent means of defense.
  3. Tobynn Augur

    Not maybe 200, a full set of corruption-based augments will take you well over 400 unbuffed corruption resist. Buffed can easily break the 500 mark.
  4. MrGPAC Augur

    To answer the OP's question...if you are a raider, you can notice a difference. If you are a grouper, not so much. The corruption resist stat was more or less invented to create something for raiders to chase...and does not appear much in group encounters.

    As far as the augs go...if you went 100% all out corruption resist augs on all gear slots, you would have 472 corruption from augs. You can get another 5-10 from visible gear slots (like the negative stat mask from AoW) and another 10 or so from AA's bringing you to ~487 unbuffed corruption resist.

    Caster buff adds ~40, and bard song adds a good amount (though I don't know the exact and alla's isn't being very helpful). All in all you could likely get your corruption resist to 600+ if you really wanted.

    That comes into the most benefit when grouping older raid content if thats your schtick.

  5. Gragas Augur

    If you try and tackle say Xolok the Blind and your corruption resist is below 250 you will notice a huge difference.

    [33514] Fateful Draw
    Target: Single
    Range: 350'
    Resist: Corruption -250
    Casting: 0s
    Duration: 6s (1 ticks), Dispelable: No
    1: Decrease Current HP by 45000
    2: Gradual Pull to 350' away (Force=125)
    Text: You are drawn toward Xolok.
    Damages HP and pulls the target toward the caster.
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  6. Nilwean Lorekeeper

    Don't forget the decay power source
  7. CaptAmazing Augur

    So if it useful, at least, to some of the people,some of the time, why are they not including it in the current augs?
  8. Cicelee Augur

    Heaven forbid the game asks you to make some decisions on gear for certain situations. It is bad enough that Everquest has turned into an easy mode type of game, now people want everything on one piece of gear or augment so that they don't have to make decisions?

    Right now if you want to improve your corruption resist (if you care to) you have to have some back up pieces of gear. This means you spend more time in game getting more pieces. That is why augments do not have corruption resist- to force you to play more. El oh el.
  9. Fanra

    Some of us don't enjoy playing EQ Barbie and having to change our outfits for every occasion.
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  10. CaptAmazing Augur

    Ahh, I see like in the old days having a set of gear on the bank for CR. So you recommend having t4 as you main stuff and a set of t3 in the bank for resists. Got it.
  11. Explicit Augur

    Corruption resist is silly and outdated, bout all there is to it. Xolok can be killed without it and that's really about the only relevant reason I can find to have CR.

    At one point, it was something to chase. Now it is more of a throwaway stat
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  12. Axxius Augur

    They still make 1-2 CR augs each expansion. In RoF you can find them in EW and Evantil.

    Xolok is the only group named where it matters. But there are 2 raids (PoS and HoF1) where having high CR helps. Not really needed but helps.
  13. BoomWalker Augur

    And yet 675 is the "max" on the stats is a bad game design if you can't even get close to the max value...all the other stats are 825 "max" and yet are typically much higher on the stats screen.

    This isn't a debate about if 1724 magic means it is as is that the "max" is 825....corruption is 675 and yet people seem to not be able to come close???
  14. Lighteningrod Augur

    I would beg to differ. It's bad game design when everything is so far over cap that gear has no further value other than HME.
  15. BoomWalker Augur

    Over cap vs not getting close to max...not the same thing. Not saying everyone should be over cap by a large amount...or even any amount...but others have posted they are maxing out corruption and can reach the upper 400's at best...and the max value is 675. That is a fair bit apart still...doesn't mean it needs to be 1233 with a max of 675.

    Any number of other values could be used to debate this...if haste was 100% for a max (ignoring overhaste for a minute) and the max you can get is would seem bad game design. Doesn't mean everyone needs 100%...but if it isn't even possible to get to 90% it is simply bad game design.

    As for over cap/over haste/ is a fair point to discuss if it is a bad game design to allow any over cap values at all.
  16. MrGPAC Augur

    I disagree completely. By putting people at or near the cap NOW they leave themselves with ZERO room to expand in the future...which means there can be no true upgrades to stats on gear over time and you end up with nothing but HEM to upgrade. Someone who obsessed over corruption resist has gotten meaningful upgrades every expansion since HoT? Or older? That's awesome...and outside over cap stats (heroics) that really hasn't been the case for any other stat in the game in a LONG time.

    Original EQ: best group haste item was 21% Best raid was 36%
    Kunark: Best group haste item was 27%. Best raid was 36%
    Velious: Best group haste item was 34%. Best raid was 41%

    Improvements there by all accounts. Max spell haste was 70% at the time too, so to get to 100% you needed a raid item until Velious...and the more common haste % was 60% which you wouldn't get without raiding until Velious either.

    Now all haste % is 45%, hasn't been upgraded since PoP (which actually had 46% haste items), and is a throw away stat no one cares about and just assumes they have.

    Of course the problem with corruption resist is its lack of necessity...doesn't really add anything to your character outside a handful of events...but that's another problem all together.

  17. BoomWalker Augur

    Of course you disagree. Are you saying that the events that are using a corruption resist are setup so toons can achieve some chance of resisting the effects with appropriate gear and buffs?

    Any number of events for OTHER resists are -910 to -960...maybe higher...ignoring the mechanics that are not resistible. So, if corruption is much much lower in current events (meaning not -675 or higher) then perhaps it is fine that few people can get resists of corruption over 150 or 200 in a reasonable manner for the classes they play. But if the common resists on events is -300 or higher it would seem the system is broken. Not everyone should resist every event mechanic every time...but not having a chance at all is a broken system.

    And only a few events using corruption resist is a problem if that means the events are unbeatable because the majority of the toons are nowhere near the number needed to resist or mitigate the they simply die.

    Still, corruption isn't a problem because it will be said it isn't a problem and everyone needs to agree it isn't a problem because it isn't a problem.
  18. MrGPAC Augur post had nothing to do with the corruption stat specifically...just about maxing out a particular stat not being achievable, and the fact that I like that idea.

    I think most will agree that the way corruption was implemented was relatively poor. They seem to throw it in randomly here and there...but all in all its kind meh. It was an interesting idea at the time of creation...and gave a new chase stat for people to go after. Now its like they put it there just to not piss off the people who chased the stat way back when.

  19. BoomWalker Augur

    Which stat was this thread about??? Or the post you quoted? And which resist other than corruption isn't achievable? 825 is the limit...requires some effort to complete DoN and MPG but is achievable...and the stats page shows many/most (all?) over the 825 value. The other resists have all increased over time...higher maxes...but the max has been reachable by players with some work.

    Yet, corruption...675 is max...and it appears impossible to get to that value in the game today...let alone be over that maximum. This is a broken system. Unless someone can point out how to get at that max value some how...
  20. MrGPAC Augur

    This was the entire point of my post...that not being able to max out a stat doesn't mean the stat is broken or bad. You said that not being able to achieve (or get close to) max stat value means that it is a broken game mechanic. I said that it is a good thing and leaves room for growth going forward, vs stagnation which is what we have now on every single stat but AC/HP/E/M (even heroics are stagnated at this point).

    I don't see why every cap has to be achievable...why should that be the case? Especially in a game that is trying to continually expand and improve...if you could meet max corruption when it came out, then it would have been a throw away stat at the time and count just like it does today. By making the cap unachievable they have allowed people to get higher and higher values over time without reaching a cap that stops them from reaching it. It is not reachable now...but whose to say that 3 expansions from now it won't be?

    I much preferred the game before everything was capped and a throw away stat...


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