Core RoS 110 Spells

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  1. Rickate Augur

    How many do you think there are for any/all classes. If anyone has data on drop rate of Glowing Marked Symbol of the Ring of Scale that would be a bonus.

    • Song: Magmalisk's Burning Call Rk. III ; Song: Sathir's Insult Rk. III
    • Song: Aura of Begalru Rk. III ; Song: Echo of Begalru Rk. III
    • Song: Travenro's Spiteful Lyric Rk. III
    • Song: Qunard's Chant of Flame Rk. III ; Song: Wave of Somnolence Rk. III
    • Song: Arcane Ballad Rk. III
    • Scroll: Akalit's Feralgia Rk. III
    • Scroll: Feralist's Unity Rk. III
    • Scroll: Roar of the Moon Rk. III
    • Scroll: Spellbreaker's Keep Rk. III
    • Scroll: Beramos' Maelstrom Rk. III
    • Tome: Torrid Frenzy Rk. III
    • Tome: Shared Ruthlessness Rk. III
    • Tome: Axe of Rekatok Rk. III
    • Scroll: Merciful Contravention Rk. III ; Scroll: Word of Greater Restoration Rk. III
    • Scroll: Mending Splash Rk. III ; Scroll: Rallied Greater Guard of Vie Rk. III
    • Scroll: Unified Hand of Emra Rk. III ; Scroll: Elixir of Wulthan Rk. III
    • Scroll: Armor of the Merciful Rk. III
    • Scroll: Unified Hand of Assurance Rk. III
    • Scroll: Frostreave Crystals Rk. III ; Scroll: Lunasalve Rk. III
    • Scroll: Legacy of Daggerspikes Rk. III ; Scroll: Chill of the Wildtender Rk. III
    • Scroll: Mask of the Wildtender Rk. III ; Scroll: Nature's Blistering Wrath Rk. III
    • Scroll: Revitalization Rk. III
    • Scroll: Arconite Blessing Rk. III ; Scroll: Tectonic Eruption Rk. III
    • Scroll: Perilous Perplexing Rk. III ; Scroll: Ward of the Transfixer Rk. III
    • Scroll: Transfixing Stare Rk. III ; Scroll: Polyfluorescent Rune Rk. III
    • Scroll: Mindslash Rk. III ; Scroll: Transfixer's Command Rk. III
    • Scroll: Mind Tempest Rk. III ; Scroll: Voice of Perspicacity Rk. III
    • Scroll: Mana Repetition Aura Rk. III ; Scroll: Issuance of Mana Repetition Rk. III
    • Scroll: Burning Symbiosis Rk. III ; Scroll: Rhyolitic Bodyguard Rk. III
    • Scroll: Gather Capability Rk. III ; Scroll: Summon Insurgent Minion Rk. III
    • Scroll: Chaotic Inferno Rk. III
    • Scroll: Spear of Molten Arcronite Rk. III
    • Scroll: Reckless Servant Rk. III ; Scroll: Remote Reckless Servant Rk. III
    • Tome: Firestorm of Fists Rk. III
    • Tome: Reject Death Rk. III
    • Scroll: Bomoda's Command Rk. III ; Scroll: Cryotoxic Wounds Rk. III
    • Scroll: Refute for Blood Rk. III ; Scroll: Adalora's Swift Lifedraw Rk. III
    • Scroll: Binding of Mourgis Rk. III ; Scroll: Burning Shadow Rk. III
    • Scroll: Polybiad Venom Rk. III ; Scroll: Burn Bones Rk. III
    • Scroll: Ashen Leech Rk. III ; Scroll: Call Skeleton Army Rk. III ; Scroll: Infuse Ally Rk. III
    • Scroll: Force of Orthiss Rk. III ; Scroll: Brilliant Exoneration Rk. III
    • Scroll: Aurora of Morninglight Rk. III ; Scroll: Crush of E'Ci Rk. III
    • Scroll: Merciful Fury Rk. III ; Scroll: Hand of the Ashbound Keeper Rk. III
    • Scroll: Preservation of Rodcet Rk. III ; Scroll: Force of the Timorous Deep Rk. III
    • Scroll: Protective Devotion Rk. III
    • Scroll: Roaring Blades Rk. III ; Scroll: Spurred by the Hunt Rk. III
    • Scroll: Protection of the woodlands Rk. III ; Scroll: Arrowgate Rk. III
    • Scroll: Heartcleave Rk. III ; Scroll: Focused Arrowgate Rk. III
    • Scroll: Wildstalker's Unity Rk. III
    • Tome: Wildstalker's Discipline Rk. III
    • Tome: Fellstrike Rk. III
    • Tome: Daggerslice Rk. III
    • Tome: Brazen Escape Rk. III
    • Tome: Smokegloom Rk. III
    • Scroll: Dire Coarctation Rk. III ; Scroll: Touch of Hemofax Rk. III
    • Tome: Claret Blade Rk. III ; Scroll: Torrent of Suffering Rk. III
    • Scroll: Touch of T'Vem Rk. III ; Scroll: Touch of T'Vem Rk. III
    • Scroll: Tylix's Skin Rk. III
    • Scroll: Dire Testimony Rk. III
    • Scroll: Frostbitten Gift Rk. III ; Scroll: Cloud of Renewal Rk. III
    • Scroll: Pack of Mirtuk Rk. III ; Scroll: Ward of Rejuvenation Rk. III
    • Scroll: Reckless Rejuvenation Rk. III ; Scroll: Scorpikis Blood Rk. III
    • Scroll: Blood of Tevik Rk. III ; Scroll: Erogo's Curse Rk. III
    • Scroll: Talisman of the Wulthan Rk. III
    • Tome: Field Champion Rk. III
    • Tome: Resolute Defense Rk. III
    • Tome: Stormstrike Defense Discipline Rk. III
    • Scroll: Frostbite Torrent Rk. III ; Scroll: Telanata Rk. III
    • Scroll: Dragoflux's Fire Rk. III
    • Scroll: Thricewoven Capacity Rk. III
    • Scroll: Claw of Travenro Rk. III
    • Scroll: Ethereal Skyfire Rk. III
  2. kizant Augur

    Wizards have two. (oops one rune) The stun is a good spell but you don't use stun for damage so any rank is fine.
  3. Sancus Augur

    Worth noting Ethereal Braid doesn't consume a rune.

    For Mages:
    It's worth noting a lot of spells I consider crucial (Spear of Molten Shieldstone, Firebound Orb, Firebound Alliance) are level 101-105 spells.
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  4. kizant Augur

    Oooh yeah that's how it works now.
  5. segap Augur

    Perspective is missing from this thread. What is useful for the group game might not be (outside of niche mechanics) for the raid game. Some things have no meaningful difference between rank I and III.

    • Fellstrike: This is essential in all aspects
    • Daggerslice: Some people use this as an opener and consider it core. I think the time value of positioning for it is a net loss in dps. Also same timer id as Fellstrike. Not a core disc.
    • Brazen Escape: situational, even in the group game. No discernible difference between ranks. Not a core disc.
    • Smokegloom: Core spell for rogues in group play depending on play style. No discernible difference between ranks. Occasional use in raids depending on raid roster and strats. Shares a timer with the core mash discipline Disassociative Puncture.
    So, as far as getting Rk III for rogues, only Fellstrike is a must.
  6. Rickate Augur

    The point it to gain perspective, "core" is a deliberately subjective term, if someone considers a hybrid debuff to be core even though on raids a parent class always casts a superior version of the spell they can include it, if someone else excludes the spell because it's not used on raids that's their choice.

    I've missed the edit window, but yes by posting the Rk.3 list and mentioning Glowing drop rates I'm specifically referring to spells that you consider it important to upgrade and should have clarified that in the initial post that it was the primary focus. General information about which spells are useful is additional valuable information, in the long term potentially very useful information for when Level 115 spells are created.
  7. Qbert Augur

    Meh, I wish you luck, but anything related to spells is futile. We'll get what we (don't) like, and that's that.

    Out of curiosity, I do wonder why you're limiting this inquiry to level 110 only instead of the whole level range (106-110). Almost all of the spells I use are 108-9.
  8. segap Augur

    They know which spells are useful. Ever notice that the useful ones are never from the same gems? They likely keep upgrading useless spells to avoid the screaming from players about losing something they should never use.
  9. Rickate Augur

    Because it's the rarest Rune and 16 groupings is already a lot. I thought about doing it in the class forums and doing all levels so 20 groupings for Casters 15 in the other forums but for the most part it doesn't really matter how useful especially a Level 106 or 107 spell is, you'll probably upgrade it if you're active for most of the expansion.
  10. IblisTheMage Augur

    This. Also, part of the gameplay is to understand the difference, we need t bad ones to apreciae the good ones...
  11. p2aa Augur

    For warriors, only Field Champion and Resolute Defense are useful.
  12. Jumbur Augur

    Wizard ethereal braid, just uses the highest rank of ethereals you have.
    It casts the highest ethereal fire you know, and have a chance to cast an additional ethereal: that could be fire, frost or magic, but only the highest rank you know. So having all 3 ethereals at max rank, does provide a (little) benefit even if you are not casting them explicitly.
    (I have a suspicion that the chance for a second ethereal to go off from braid, depends on what ethereals you have memmed in your spellset :confused: )

    Imho, there are many ways to play a class, so there are most likely many opinions about which spells are "core-spells". I doubt all our wizards have the same spell-set. :)

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