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  1. Kattria Minx Augur

    Cor Tempus
    Ragefire TLP Server

    About Us:
    Cor Tempus is a NA-based end-game raid guild on Ragefire. We currently raid any and all current content, and will continue to be aggressive in pursuing new end-game raid content as new expansions are released. Right now, we are raiding 4-5 nights per week, and the days rotate week to week. Raids begin anywhere from 7:30-8:00 PM EST, and end anywhere from 10:30-12:00 EST. We are not a box heavy guild, and do not rely heavily on boxes for raids. Our raids typically consist of anywhere from 40-60 main characters, as well as a few healer and bard boxes, if necessary. We are a friendly guild who strongly believes building up the community around us well in order to preserve the long-term stability of the Ragefire server. We use TeamSpeak as our primary form of communication.

    What We Offer:
    We offer a friendly and active community of players who are here for one another, day in and day out. We allow our members to experience all end-game, in-era raid content each expansion has to offer, as well as other goals people may be interested in obtaining. Our leadership has years of experience in progressing through TLP servers and because of this, we are very well prepared for how to best deal with all coming expansions. We have consistent raid leadership who is very well versed on how to make the best use of our raid force as well as the raid time. We don't like to waste time as we are a very efficient and effective raid force.

    What We're Looking For:
    We're looking for active players who have a desire to be a part of our guild culture. We primarily operate by one rule of thumb: Don't be a jerk. That's pretty much it. We're adults looking to relax, have some fun, and kill some raid targets. We don't require you to have a set amount of playtime. We don't care if you log in late or log off early. We just want people who play their class well, and who can fit into our community.

    Currently, we are in high demand of:
    • Bards
    • Beastlord
    • Berzerker
    • Shaman
    • Warrior
    Other classes are welcome to apply, and are encouraged to check out our current class needs on our guild website. All recruits will get a DKP bonus upon attaining full membership, scaled to our class needs at the time of recruitment.

    If you would like more detailed information about our current recruitment needs, please contact any of the following people in game:

    Guild Leader: Yukan
    Officers: Urdas, Kattria, Tich
    Recruitment Team: Warnotes, Sealteam, Kattria

    For anything else, please see our website for current officers and contact points.
  2. Ethereal Augur

    Bump! In need of Clerics!
  3. Kattria Minx Augur

    Updated some of the information.

    We currently offer a DKP bonus to all recruits who attain full membership.

    Stay tuned for more updates.
  4. Brolie Lorekeeper

    Bump! Spots still open!
  5. Kattria Minx Augur

    Check us out! We'd love to meet you!
  6. Brolie Lorekeeper

    Still Recruiting for DoDH and beyond!
  7. Kattria Minx Augur

    Updated some of the information.

    We currently offer a DKP bonus to all recruits who attain full membership.
  8. Kattria Minx Augur

    Updated our class needs. Please bump this thread, fellow CT members :)
    • Bards
    • Rogues
    • Shaman
  9. Kattria Minx Augur

    Updating our class needs. Please bump this thread, fellow CT members! :)
    • Bards
    • Beastlord
    • Berzerker
    • Shaman
    • Warrior
  10. Kattria Minx Augur

    Updating our class needs. Please bump this thread, fellow CT members! :)
    • Bard
    • Beastlord
    • Berzerker
    • Magician
    • Shaman
  11. Drexyll Journeyman

  12. TichToch New Member

    TSS has been defeated! Lots of returning players and looking for more to join in on the fun! Great time to join up or even begin anew on the server! Always looking for great players but mostly great people. Please check out for all of the info and feel free to get to know our members in game! There is tons of time to catch up and plenty of helpful people willing to assist you here!
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  13. Kattria Minx Augur

    Updated current class needs for TSS expansion! We're having a great time here. Come join us.
  14. yukan Augur

    TSS farm is going on now. We are still a guild looking to replace boxes on raids with real people. Most of our raids have around 45-50 mains per raid, so we are looking for a few more to completely eliminate that box dependency.

    Most of our people have been playing on the Ragefire/Lockjaw set of servers since they came out, just over 4 years ago. There are many great expansions left for us to discover, and we're just around the corner from more challenging content.

    If you're looking for a long term group of players in this for the long haul that like gaming together, hit us up in game.
  15. Drexyll Journeyman

    If you're looking for a high-end, tight-knit guild then look no further! Message me (Sealteam) in game if you have any questions whatsoever. We are a great bunch of people that like having a good time and hanging with eachother. Class needs are below, and I hope to hear from you!!

    *Bard - High
    *Beastlord - Low
    *Berserker - High
    *Cleric - Medium
    *Druid - Medium
    *Enchanter - Low
    *Magician - High
    *Monk - Low
    *Necromancer - Low
    *Paladin - Closed
    *Ranger - Low
    *Rogue - Medium
    *Shaman - High
    *Shadowknight - Closed
    *Warrior - Medium
    *Wizard - Medium
  16. yukan Augur


    We've had the same group of people for quite a few years now, but we are always looking for more. All classes are currently open.
  17. yukan Augur

    TBS is live on Ragefire! We are onto week 4 of TBS and are going for our 5th clear of TBS.

    We raid every day but Sunday, and we rotate which days we raid based on maximizing lockouts. Solteris is our priority while we mix in Frostcrypt and Ashengate raids here and there (most stuff is going to alts as is).

    We raid 3 to 4 days per week. Raids begin at 8 pm EST, except for when we raid Saturday, which begins at 7 pm EST.

    We raid efficiently and will always have a goal to prioritize real players over boxes. If you like the idea of raiding without the burden of boxing, but enjoy boxing your own group or part of a group on a single PC (aka no truebox code), Ragefire may be a good option for you. If you do not prefer boxing outside raids, we also have plenty of people for regular grouping and people who do box that are very social and inclusive. We have active voice comms daily where people socialize together.

    As for us, many of us played together on Fippy for ~5 years, and have continued to play together since Ragefire and Lockjaw launched prior to the release of Phinny. If you are looking for a quality group of people to game with, we are recruiting all classes. You won't find many guilds around with the level of longevity of the ability to survive like we have. We make raiding fun which is what allows us to continue where many others fail.

    Our typical raids consist of ~40 main characters with a few boxes mixed in to fill what we need. We raid efficiently, have experience with TLP progression, and enjoy beating expansions ASAP so we can go back to mixing our regular lives into gaming a few nights per week. We have many players who do not have super high playtime and are always excited to meet new people.

    Expansions unlock every 3.5-4 months on Ragefire. This pace isn't crazy fast, but allows you to not have to rush from expansion to expansion as well.

    Reach out to myself (Yukan), Kattria, Tich, Sealteam, or basically anyone you see that is awake if it's outside of normal raid hours.
  18. TichToch New Member

    Bumping, still going strong in TBS. In addition to our normal raid schedule there are lots of people farming raids in offnight hours also for more and more gear for all!
  19. The_Faceman New Member

    Bump, we need a shaman main.
  20. nazgull2k1 Lorekeeper

    I'd ALMOST be interested in rolling a BER...

    The only problem is, I dont run 20+ accounts and Ragefire has absolutely ZERO population that isnt max cap or 6 boxing.

    As fun as it would be, it'll always be a "I wish I could." server. :( Best of luck!

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