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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by thisistheend, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. thisistheend New Member

    Would love to listen to some druid name suggestions?

    I am really at a blank, so need help from the community,

    thx, -noname.
  2. Cydonia Elder

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  3. birdsong_pawn Augur

    Arrtwodeetwo or Seethreepeeoh. Wait, these aren't the druids I'm looking for.

    Sorry, no help here. Nature stuff?
  4. Sagarmatha Augur

    I once saw a Druid called Treenough. I liked that one.

    I also use Google translate when I'm stumped for an alt's name. Some examples for "Tree:" Coeden (Welsh), Pokok (Malay), Arbo (Esperanto), Rukha (Punjabi). Due to the nature of translating languages, it's not always exact, so check it in reverse as well, but it's a fun tool to play with.
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  8. Grove Augur

    On Bristlebane, I have the best Druid name ever, especially for a Wood Elf. However, as I never want to have a dreaded x at some unforeseeable future time, I will not mention it.
  9. PraimFaya New Member

    The first character that I ever created Day 1 Minute 1 in 1999 was a druid named Paranon

    I pulled it from one of my all time favorite books, The Sword of Shannara.

    Paranor = The Druids Keep
    Allanon = The druid at the center of the book

    smashed together = Paranon

    Still have him to this day.
  10. Fluid Augur

    I've always liked two part names. Something like Morning then when you hit level 20 and get a surname Wood.<sic>

    Walter's last name is Wego. Dates back to reading a manual for a Rainbird adventure game in ~1985. A blurb like 'chose your alter ego name' and Walter Wego made appearances in just about every venue I've played since. A bit trite, a bit juvenile, but then that's me.
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  11. Garmr Elder

    Had a halfling druid I rarely played 20 years ago, but loved the name.

    Drift Wood

  12. Verily Tjark Augur

    My druid is Heckin Doggo

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