<Contamination> Aradune Guild Recruiting

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    Hail and well met traveler! Whether you are a new/returning player or a vet looking for a new home, consider checking us out!

    <Contamination> is seeking additional talent in our battle against the Gods!
    Server: Aradune
    Current Targets: Currently farming elemental planes and knocking on the door to Plane of Time.
    Raid Start Time: Mon/Tues/Fri/Sunday 6PM CST (7PM EST)
    NO Min/Max/Hardcore: We offer a low stress atmosphere with flexible raid attendance requirements.
    No DKP: We use a Loot Ladder system that has proven both efficient and fair. No more waiting weeks and weeks to have more DKP than others for a shot at loot.
    *Discord Required to LISTEN* Discord is also where you'll learn more about us and have access to our announcements and achievements.
    Recruitment is open to all with a focus on Bards, Wizards, Warriors and Mages
    Any member can invite, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out in game to Yend, Anaeran, Nall, Bunnyfoofoo, Rozzy or Grimshaw.