<Contamination> Aradune - CST

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    <Contamination> is seeking additional talent ahead of it's Planes of Power push! We also welcome all new/returning players and anyone willing to learn.
    Server: Aradune
    Current Targets: Focused on Luclin targets ahead of Planes of Power (April 28th)
    Raid Start Time: Mon/Tues/Fri/Sat 530P CST-10P
    NO Min/Max/Hardcore - We offer a low stress atmosphere with flexible raid attendance requirements.
    No DKP - We use a Loot Ladder/Suicide Kings system that has proven both efficient and fair.
    *Discord Required to LISTEN* Discord is also where you'll learn more about us and have access to our announcements and achievements.
    Recruitment is open to all with a focus on Cloth DPS/Melee DPS
    Any member can invite, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out in game to Nall/Althena, Rozzy, Glomnir or Grimshaw/Kieran.