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    Our Customer Support department is divided into different groups to get your questions answered quickly and efficiently. Each group has its own office hours and method of contact. Please read the information below to find the right group for you so we can help you as quickly as possible.

    Technical, Account and Billing
    The Technical, Account and Billing groups offer help to our players with issues outside of the game. If you choose to call us, you will be routed to the correct group through the automated phone menu. If you choose to open a support ticket or chat with us, then choosing the right Category will get you to the right place.

    1. Our Technical, Account and Billing staff is available Monday through Friday from 10:00am - 7:00pm PT (excluding holidays). There are two ways to contact us:
    2. Open a Support Ticket - click here to email a Support Representative directly.Phone Support - Technical, Account and Billing help is available at 858 537-0898, Monday through Friday from 10:00am - 7:00pm PT (excluding holidays).* NOTE: If you are having trouble contacting us through an already existing account, or cannot contact us by phone, please create a temporary Station Account and submit a ticket through the help site using the new account. Make sure to include the name of the account that you wish to address in your ticket. We will then help you recover your regular account.

    In-Game Support
    Our In-Game Game Masters (GMs) are available to help with any issues that you have within the game, from a missing mansion to a character stuck in the wall. Use one of the following options, and choose the correct Product for your Game, to quickly recieve the help you need.

    In game support is available 24/7 except major holidays.

    1. While In-Game: For all in game issues please petition in game by typing "/petition" or select the appropriate "Help/Support" menu item. (This will not work for DC Universe Online or PlanetSide 2 players. You will need to go to the website to request help.) For Planetside, type /appeal.
    2. From Our Website:
      1. To open the ticket submission tab, click here.
      2. Select your game from the Product dropdown list.
      3. Select the appropriate Category and Sub-Category of your issue.
      4. Type in your issue into the ticket window.
      5. Click Submit.
    A Customer Service Representative will respond to your ticket as soon as possible. Response times will vary depending on ticket volume. Tickets are answered in the order that they are received.

    International Phone Support
    If you are contacting us from outside of the United States, please use one of the phone numbers listed below to speak to a representative. (And possibly avoid international charges!)

    Remember that these numbers are not toll free and still may be considered long distance from within its country.

    English Only Please.
    Monday through Friday, 10:00am - 7:00pm PST (18:00 - 3:00 GMT), excluding holidays.

    DE: (49) 180 500 7774
    ES: (34) 912 - 754-643
    FR: (33) 0825-120549 (France)
    (33) 171 230 495 (Outside France)
    US-ES: (858) 790 - 5201
    UK: (44) 870-600-0267
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