Contacting Leadership Progression quest! Spiders respawn way too fast.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Sneakle, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Sneakle New Member

    The Repellant part of the quest is really annoying.

    The spiders in the cave respawn way too fast for normal groups.

    Can you make it so all gets update when using the Repellant and get updates for the 2 kills needed? Or up respawn timer in Lceanium spider caves by alot?
  2. Ofearl Augur

    Respawn for them is definitely fast. It is manageable with a group, I was able to 3 box it w/o issues with shamn/druid/pal combo.
  3. Sneakle New Member

    Well slow down the resapwn by aloy :)

    Still too fast as the agro range in there is nuts and using the repellant agroes too many =)
  4. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Respawn is quick, but you can manage - especially when, as you say in a "normal group".
    I can manage boxing WAR+SHM so a group should be able to even better.

    You only need to kill 3 spiders really, which should give you ample time for the click and the killing of the frenzied.
    Of course, if you dawdle or insist on killing mobs that won't agro anyways, then you might have to deal with respawns.
    If all else fails, take an ENC with you - he will trivialize that step.
  5. Niskin Augur

    This fight can be really hard or really easy, depending on how you tackle it.

    First off, you can train the entrance guards and part of the next room to the guards if you want. Must do them separately, so two different trains. Two spiders can kill a single guard, so spread them around to the different guards. Of course this is optional, you could just fight your way in, but this saves time/mana/end.

    When you get to the hallway before the room where you need to pop the repellent, kill whatever is in the hallway and then med up and prepare. When you are ready to go into the room, run towards the left side, just to the right of the other entryway. Kill whatever is in the way, should be a spider or two. Then pull the nearby spiders, anything that could aggro you or that is near the center of the room. As soon as they are dead, use the repellent. You will get two spiders that are easier than the normal room pops. Kill those and port out.

    If you do the entire thing, from entering the room to killing the two quest mobs, in under 7 minutes then you will be clear without any spawns or adds. Can be done with three 105's plus mercs. If using tank merc, make sure you have two healer mercs on reactive. If using a player tank, then one reactive and one balanced is fine. My most recent attempt was with a Paladin, Necro, and Monk, with 3 healer mercs reactive/reactive/balanced. It went fast and easy. Almost too easily considering how badly I've died trying this in the past with a stronger group.
  6. Sneakle New Member

    Even more annoying is that you have to make a new Repellant if it fails ugh.
  7. Niskin Augur

    On that note, "you" don't technically have to make another repellent, but somebody does. Once you use your own repellent, that step is completed and it doesn't matter who uses it to get the kill step completed. We wiped on my repellent try, but I got the completion when our Paladin used his repellent on the next try.
  8. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    people make this step harder than it needs to be by not fighting in a safe spot.

    make your way into the spider caves, in the room where you need to click the repellant there are 2 entrances. the EAST entrance, just inside the tunnel is a safe spot to med. There's 1 roamer in that tunnel, but he doesn't come all the way to the south room.

    when it comes time to click, you need to clear just 2 or 3 mobs between the two entrances, step in the room and click. then pull the 2 mobs into the hall and kill them. as noted before, the quest mobs are easier to kill than the regular spiders.

    if you're smart you'll either have a porter, a campfire, or gate potions to get back outside the caves so you don't have to fight your way out.
  9. Blitter Elder

    Don't go down the middle path, go down the East path. This way there is only 1 roamer in the tunnel. And you pull another 2-3 and then you can do your Repellant Clicks.
    If you have a DA ability, you can train 2-3 of the east rooms spiders to the guards, which can make it a lot more simpler to run in. Generally i will train out all the rooms...and then run in kill the single roamer, 2 more room spiders and then begin the clicks.
    If you go down the middle path, then you'll need to deal with around 7 mobs at a time.
  10. Scorrpio Augur

    A capable chanter can make this trivial. AE tash AA, AE mez, run past AE blur. Rinse repeat up to big room east path. Mez down mobs next to machine and keep them locked. Pop repellant. AE mez the spawned mobs, kill frenzied, done. Oh and when killing yeti and drachs for supply and merc quests, be sure to grab several ticks and biles, just in case.
  11. Thrillho Augur

    Don't necessarily need to train to the guards. That's a long run through a lot of snare-happy spiders. Can just train both rooms into a different room and FD, pop the repellent, and burn down the 2 new spiders before the rest come wandering back.

    Lots of methods to this madness.

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