Constructive feedback on Mangler and Selo

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Risiko, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. Geoux Journeyman

    Ok, now that I had a few hours to sleep on it, I have a few new ideas to throw in the pot.
    Casual server: Opens with beastlords and Zerks active from Classic forward. Vah Shir still have to wait for the moon unlock though. If you really *NEED* to have a kitty BL, you can still wait, or buy the racechange pot.

    Hardcore.... honestly, this is something i really don't have alot of interest in, and my previous idea of 'Diablo-style hardcore with no respawn from death, just wait for a cleric' is definitively rough... but not realistic. (Fun from a sadistic point-of-view, but not realistic). That said, here's a list of hardcore server challenges that seem interesting to me.

    Disable several quality of life changes - No bandoliers, extended target windows, teleport clicky items that have a casting time under 1 sec (including campfire ports), *KILL* the NPC's in the guild lobby that summon your corpse for you. When I say 'no' to the above features, I don't mean until their expansion is released. I mean they're gone.

    Also no geared-up respawns. You die, you go back to your body and loot that thing like your granddaddy taught you. Also, your corpse rots in 60 mins. Get moving!

    Make faction gain standard, make faction loss x2.

    No exp penalties, though. The idea is to make it more of a throwback challenge, not the Grind-Grind-Grind server!

    What I'm having trouble with though, is what to offer players to make them WANT to join it. Sure, some folks enjoy using sand for lube, but not everyone. There needs to be a carrot for all this stick.

  2. vylo Augur

    I feel like DBG took all our suggestions and mixed the worst ones for selos, and then ignored literally all of them for Mangler.

    Mangler is just Coirnav 2.0. There is no reason to play it unless you missed BOTH phinny and coirnav.

    Selos would have been great if it either:

    A) started in classic

    B) had a 2 month expansion unlock.

    with 1 month expansion timers you could have started with classic, it would have caught up to coirnav by september or so. The 1 month timer does not make it casual, in fact it makes it the most hardcore of the servers. The only raiders who will get to see much will be those who raid in a noncasual way.

    I still have no idea what the point of Mangler is. I will honestly be surprised if it breaks 100 players.
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  3. northstar Augur

    this is why I am a No on the FV loot rules... otherwise I am for the Mangler server pretty much.
  4. The Great Pink Ogre Elder

    Or even less likely, Played both and thought "Man this Exp is FLYING... I wish there was a server where leveling time was on an exponential scale."
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  5. Stagentti Augur

    When? Honestly curious.

    You sound like the guy the other day making the same exact comment who then admitted he hasn't played there in years.

    Because that is how FV was YEARS ago. It has not been like that in a long, long time.

    So not to be a jerk but you don't know what you're talking about. But hey...claim you play there now. Have fun with it.

    It also doesn't have AoCs.
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  6. Kujoe Journeyman

    This - all of this. 2 months would be doable with high experience for us casual scum to experience the leveling grind, AA grind, play with quests and tradeskills, achieve raids, and gear up. 3 Months would make this more doable, so you can play with Alts as well. 4+ months does get to the point where you may invite attrition from boredom, at least that is where i sense people draw the line.
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  7. Risiko Augur

    I started playing on the FV server this year, and I have had nothing but good experiences on the server. Random strangers have given me parts for my epic, old raid gear, crafting materials, and advice. It has been a great experience honestly.

    I think FV gets a bad rap by people that have not experienced it lately.
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  8. ShivanAngel Augur

    I feel Selo's is absolutely perfect.

    Make mangler into something that can appeal to the other group, honestly not sure what that is.

    Know of a lot of people that are stoked about selos and the fast exp/unlocks.
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  9. Stagentti Augur

    Yeah it's people who played it 8 years ago or have never played it but think they know how it operates.
  10. ShivanAngel Augur

    The biggest mistake DBG made was trying to label the servers hardcore and casual.
    The second mistake was the dumpster fire that is mangler.

    Selo's is a fantastic ruleset.
    Mangler needs some tweeks.

    Remove the "casual" and "Hardcore" tags and simply have two different ruleset servers.
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  11. Thalliius Augur


    ITs getting pathetic. Casuals do not want Coirnav experience rates. I play on coirnav, I’ve been playing hardcore and raiding 5 times a week but I have a baby coming so I was looking forward to a casual server that everyone except a few imbeciles acknowledged would be FAST xp

    I won’t have time to level on coirnav. I won’t have time to get a group and grind for 4 hours to get 2 yellows into my level. Casuals need FAST experience so when I log in for the small window of time I have, I can accomplish things and see my character progress

    Anyone that thinks casuals want slow XP and slow unlocks have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about. Coirnav is NOT a casual server, and neither is Mangler

    Just absolutely delusional people posting. “I’m hardcore, therefor the game should be fast and easy for me. The casuals should level slower than anyone else and never be allowed to see any of the future expansions with content.”

    Casuals need Fast XP.. hardcores do not (tho I wouldn’t care if the hardcore server also got fast XP).

    buy a clue
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  12. Leifer Augur

    I think Selo sounds like a great server for the high end raiders with its quick expansion releases combined with higher drop rates to gear up quickly and move on. I'd be surprised if the "hardcore raiders" chose Mangler to play on. If the "ultra casual" server was made to be the home for the hardcore raiders than I think DBG will have that vision fulfilled. I also think many other people will like Selo for the fast xp and higher drop rates, etc. I just have a very hard time envisioning what DBG had in mind for what population niche they thought would like the Mangler rule set?
  13. Thalliius Augur

    There is nothing casual about a classic unlock. I have zero interest in a classic start, that is something that mostly hardcores were clamoring for in threads and now they have it. The very nature of classic EQ is hardcore, there is nothing casual about it on any level

    I would also never play on a server without true box. I mean seriously just go run your own EQemu if you want to play solo with an army of accounts
  14. Allizarx Journeyman

    They didn't, the top 2 progression guilds are confirmed starting on Selo's with recruitment posts already. Expect warzones with trains, overcrowded camps, fights over key parts(especially VT shards) and progression races all over the ultra casual server on release.
  15. Jezzie Augur

    Casuals are not going to play on a competitive server. Selo will be competitive.
    Everytime SOE/Daybreak has released a TLP it's been ultra competitive and all the casuals jumped ship as soon as the 2nd servers were released.
    Look at Fippy/Vulak
    Look at Ragefire/Lockjaw
    If you're casual why would you want to roll on the server with the highest hardcore population?

    The Hardcores would love to have all the casuals on their server. They'll just run over everybody like they usually do but if you're a casual then you roll on Selo, and I'll see you a week later on Mangler
  16. LittleBrumski Augur

    I agree with this, but also think that those who are calling for a 4 month unlock (with double the RF XP) are unreasonable too.
  17. DarkerArts Lorekeeper

    Just like "Normal" EQ? Oh right, before HUGE damage adjustments that make off healers just as heavy on the DPS as casters, melee only augs and adjustment to melee damage that make them heavier on DPS than casters while retaining their much higher AC and HP as well as their utility, all while adding QoL things like Origin which also diminishes the perk of the gate spell for casters. The utility of corpse summoning is nearly gone, replaced by nothing, pets were nerfed into near worthless on raids, utility of porting is diminished with origin and nearly gone with PoP instant gratification travel mechanics, mana spells like mod rods and twitching might as well be done by a box and are nearly inconsequential when AoE mana song is added. Classic through Velious were the only expansions where DPS casters could make a good showing on parses, so let's do away with that and have them suboptimal from the start so they aren't completely disappointed when they see they do half the DPS of melee from Luclin onward?

    I'm with you 100% on everything else, but apparently you haven't seen the "balancing" this game has gone through in the past 10 years. You'll get a real kick out of a single shaman dot doing more damage than three necro dots, or druids that aren't needed for off healing just smashing caster DPS on parses.

    P.S. An intangible that focus effects added for casters in Classic-Velious, that you can tell the devs had in mind when adding them, is that it balanced the loot choices. Casters had to compromise FE or stats, making the choices more dynamic and spreading the demand.
  18. Castekin New Member

    Hello Thalliius

    I am in sort of a similar situation to yourself and I can understand your frustration, however everquest has always catered to the more hardcore gamer. I really don’t think they will ever release a casual server the hardcore player base which this game it built around would abhor it.

    Have you thought about tying everquest 2 they have a new TLE coming soon as well
  19. Stagentti Augur

    This is just wrong. 100% wrong.

    There are casual people who want Classic and asked for it.

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  20. Thalliius Augur

    Selos Is not a hardcore server, it’s been clearly defined as a casual server

    Hardcores are just making it their playground which anyone with a brain saw was going to happen weeks ago from all the threads

    They’ll be a small percent of hardcore raiders that try to do everything within the 1 month timeframe for each unlock, but within 2 months they’ll be far enough ahead where they won’t really impact normal players at all.

    Selos is the perfect casual server. The XP rates will allow you to level up easily and experience all the expansions. You’ll be able to raid casually as well and with less people since you’ll get better group gear just from leveling in new expansions and can go do older content. Twice the XP of LJ/RF means that you will easily be able to level up, and when you do get a few hour window to grind, the session will be incredibly productive

    This idea that you have to have everything completed within 1 month before the new expansion comes out is insane. I can’t imsgine having fun for an extended period of time doing that without burning out. I enjoyed that 20 years ago when I was a teenager, but I have a wife, baby and a career so obviously those days are behind me

    Hardcores just look at it thru the lens of “omg 1 month unlocks!?!? That means everyone MUST have all their levels, AAs, Keys/flags and BIS gear before the next one!!!1!”

    We still raid Kael occasionally on Coirnav, we still do older content with regularity because people can still use the gear and we have fun doing it. This idea that you have to have it all completed within a month is just nonsense being thrown around by people that want to have their cake and eat it too
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