Constructive Conversation About Vaniki Server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Risiko, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. lansopraz New Member

    I would say few minor things would make the server fun and realistic.
    1. Start 50 to 55 cap
    2. Have 5 level below content cap not 10
    3. Free trade.
  2. barrt New Member

    1 55 or 50 start
    2 Unlock tutorial
    3 Free trade
    4 5 below content cap instead of 10
    5 High xp rate
  3. Kahna Augur

    I think a lot of you guys are missing the point. This server isn't about completing everything before the next unlock, hell, most stuff won't be completed before the next unlock. It's about seeing how far you can push within each limit. I suspect the group/small man raid scene will be far more robust than the 72 man raid scene. Sure, there will be a zerg guild pushing higher level stuff, but most folks are going to be better off taking a small force to kill higher level group content for upgrades than killing raid mobs. Though I suspect it will take EQ players a while to realize this. Hard to change the mindset of big raid guilds.

    It's about approaching EQ in a different way. Having the level cap higher would defeat that purpose. There is supposed to be more content than you can tackle. The slow opening of expansions helps to limit player power. If all the expansions were open and there were just level caps all AA would be autogranted, as it is now you will still have to do some AA work. There would be defiant gear early on if everything was open, this way you will have to go hunting for gear upgrades, not just getting them off random mobs.

    They have done a good job with this server. Now we get to see if the EQ players can adapt to it.
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  4. Neuro Elder

    1) Lvl 40 is fine. It gives people a chance to level up and try to do the challenging achievements.
    2) Tutorial, I can't comment, I don't recall when it was released originally.
    3) Free trade is a hot mess without random loot. Box armies would lock down every decent drop to resell. Heck even *with* random loot (like on Mischief/Thornblade) many of the camps that were in the "correct" range were locked down for items. All free trade does is incentivize krono farmers.
    4) I think 10 is a good challenge. It gives you room to see how good you really are. We all know the bosses in Classic can be cleared in 2-3 days, but how about with all lvl 40s? And can you do Kunark and Velious bosses then? How good *are* you and your crew? How far can you push while underleveled/undergeared?
    5) I think it already does. GoD unlocks higher XP rates, so I think it'll be high to start with. That coupled with the lvl 40 cap, I think we will be XPing *too* fast.

    The key thing is that "in era" doesn't mean whatever the last expansion is, it's whatever the cap is at, +10. By adding in GoD from the start, they are allowing all the extra content from those xpacs to be used, like spells, zones, and most importantly races/classes. I expect an extremely high number of Iksar Monks/Necros from the jump, not to mention Beastlords and Berserkers.
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  5. Mattling Lorekeeper

    If people accept that mindset going in than the server will be successful.

    But people need to understand what they're signing up for, we agree that this is a server that is going to be group content heavy but it's also going to be extremely grindy. As someone pointed out earlier, 96 hard LDoNs at 40 to get a taunt aug, it's either that or wait 2 months till you can kill AoW or Cursed.