Constructive Conversation About Vaniki Server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Risiko, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Fhiele Augur

    Remember Trivial Loot Code? haha. Is that still in effect in the Warrens?
  2. Hekkthebank Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

  3. Digler Elder

    Another point in favor of increasing the first level cap from 40 to 50 (or even 46), would be to gain access to Hate.

    Those wizzy ports are level 46.
  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Might not be needed, depending on how things are done.

    Zone level minimums are likely to be relaxed, and perhaps some spells will be usable at an earlier level - or an npc may be able to port a group up as was done previously.
  5. Neuro Elder

    My biggest constructive criticism would be to allow character creation a week or two before the launch of the server. Server starts are always a sh*tshow because of it, and I think it would be nice to have a smooth launch for once.

    The other thing is that it is hard to give constructive criticism without knowing some more information. Will MotM be removed from the start? I was never truly sure about how MotM worked long-term. Also, will the anti-pet code still be in place? I almost never played a pet class before so I'm a bit lacking of knowledge in that department.

    Also, will Hot Zones be active from the get-go? Not sure this would be needed, to be honest, at least not to start with.
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  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'm pretty happy with the server as it stands now, would have prefered a TSS unlock so we have all the low level content to play with at the start.

    Happy if the tutorial is in, especially if I can talk a few old timers to return, they will need to relearn things. :)

    I'm happy with the level 40 locked start if that changes to 50 the time needs to be extended to 6 to 8 weeks. But this is all subject to how many challenges there are. The more challenges there are (especially if they are group ones) the more time we need to complete them. Excited to see what the rewards will be. :D

    Happy to have most of the AAs auto granted. EQs biggest problem is the AA mountain and once people start getting behind it can become very difficult to catch up, especially on a fast moving server where 2 weeks vacation could be half the time you have to level up before the next unlock. :rolleyes:

    I'd prefer non truebox, but if we did go the truebox route I'd like it removed on or before SoD unlocks and we get mercs, I very much prefer to box my own healer than use a merc healer. Mercs never do as they are told! :mad:

    I saw on discord a request to change the date, I'd prefer it stays where it is, the week before would be patch day and the week after puts it in June! Patch days are always unpredictable! I could go for the Tuesday after or the day before, then it would never have an expansion unlock on patch day unless its the anniversary :p
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  7. Fluid Augur

    Could be DB is less afraid of this then people that just play the game. It could even be a suggestion by a bean counter to increase revenues. Just as a for instance, for a long while I have pointed out if you want to keep up with the box & 24/7 crews on a tlp, buy experience potions, SoW potions, etc. Some stuff like Focus items have been taken out, but I've never had a post deleted by the powers that be for suggesting you send more money DBs way to keep up. Most companies like it when they increase revenue.
  8. Triconix Augur

    Who would even bother killing classic era raid mobs? The gear is easily outmatched by group gear with the expansions that are unlocked.

    And you won't need mage walls to kill classic raid mobs. 32k hp Naggy is going to go down like a sack of potatoes.
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  9. Leifer Augur

    I really like that they made some changes. I will definitely play on Vaniki if the server is NOT truebox. I'll never play on those toxic truebox servers again. I played on most TLP's since Fippy, and Rizlona was by far the least toxic and most fun. It would be fun to start fresh and play with this new ruleset if I could play more than 1 toon on 1 computer again.
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  10. Draztic Journeyman

    Overall I like it. I would really like it to be free-trade (no random loot) and non-truebox.
    Also, maybe they didn't specifically say true-box or not on the producer's letter because it hasn't been completely decided yet. If so, all the more reason to make your voice and preference known!
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  11. MischiefTLP Elder

    Mischief has GoD unlocked and no Tutorial zone. PoP has an NPC that ports a single player to PoHate by handing in a Stone as well as the AoC not requiring a Stone. A lot of things that are available come down to re-evaluating old quests and tradeskill items. The 14/23 req45 weapon from Natimbi is generally considered a pointless quest, many TS items out of Cazic Thule zone were vendored or thrown on the ground once the recipe was learned.
  12. Aeonblade Very Hungry Vah Shir

    I love it. It will take the people off Mischief that need to go for the health of the server chasing the new shiny ruleset, and keep the ones that want to enjoy a unique ruleset that has a healthy following on its own.
  13. Celatus Augur

    Honestly if they want to lock me in hard. FV loot system. No tlp should be with out it. 2x or 3x loot drops NOT faster lock outs I dont want to raid everyday none of the random stuff like mischief. We have been asking for xpac batching for a long time, I'm glad they are finally doing it, lets hope they do it right.
  14. Ballamur New Member

    Questions I would like to see answered about Vaniki....

    1. Spell research since GoD is open at start is it going to be useless if all spells available in PoK?
    2. Tradeskills at what era?
    3. Yes, I know its been somewhat implied but I would like confirmation on if its Truebox?
    4. DB store...are you following the standard release of potions etc for this server?
    5. Are there any zones not available, or not being moved to their new setups like paw etc at the start etc?
    6. Are your long term plans to merge this server into live with such a fast unlock cadence?

    Please, keep this thread on topic and lets get our questions answered and give them feedback that does us some good.
  15. Protagonist Tank

    Sucks to be a dps caster. Sucks more on this server.
  16. Celatus Augur

    most will leave mischief just like most have left for every new tlp. its their business model. Does it suck, yeah I would like to do stuff past tss but 90% are gone by then. Is this ruleset the answer IDK but i left Mischief already and I wont be the last.
  17. PotatoPowa Elder

    Sorry if off topic but when do these new servers go live? 25th of May?
  18. PotatoPowa Elder

    Also will AAs be in game from launch? And at what level will we be able to start directing exp to AA?
  19. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    No, but....
    The Serpent's Spine - Level 65 and lower level hotzones will unlock
    Secrets of Faydwer - Level 70 hotzones will unlock

    & considering...

    Once TSS/TBS Level 65 are open we should also have L65 Hotzones.
    Once SoF Level 70 unlocks we should also have L70 Hotzones
  20. Rebelicious Augur

    I hope we get new bags... on sale even :)! And I remember how much fun Agnarr was on noobs with marketplace mounts...and clarity pots, etc... stuff that for some godforsaken reason nostalgia huffers wanted removed... it's not like we haven't played this game for 20 years and wouldn't mind a server with some fun benefits for a change.