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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Risiko, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Risiko Augur

    First and foremost, the obvious reason the rules surrounding the Vaniki server are a little vague is because they are still hashing it out. I guarantee you that your feedback on the forums is being observed.

    That being said, they are not going to read nor give any consideration to non-constructive discussion. Keep that in mind when saying what you want, why you want it, and why you think that something currently stated by DPG is not in the best interest for the new server.

    Let's use this thread to discuss what it is we like, dislike, want, don't want for the new Vaniki server ruleset.
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  2. Rcbauer Augur

    Do you know this for sure?
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  3. Corvo Accidental Puller of Dracoliche

    If I could change anything, I'd prefer the level cap be raise to 50/51 at launch, to prevent boredom and to possibly allow for AAs.

    At first glance, that's the only thing that stands out to me as a detractor.
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  4. Hekkthebank Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

    With level locking already implemented into the server, the server should also be flagged red.
  5. Ariana Augur

    • I like that all classes will be available at launch.
    • I don't mind that GoD will be open at launch.
    • I like the level lock/batched content release concept.
    • I'm skeptical about the level caps, would prefer -5 if not at level for unlocked era over -10. I don't understand the thought process here.
      • I don't get why we're messing with the level cap, spell resist, and equippable gear mechanics on the first level locked server. Just leave those alone and remove the level cap penalty.
      • If we're stuck with -10, MotM should be removed.
    • I like the pace of the server. I would have trouble committing to any server for more than two years, and if reaching live is a goal for the server then this is ideal.
    • I don't want it to be Truebox. I think Truebox needs to be replaced with a better solution across all servers.
    • I want Selo's XP rates.
  6. Karrbon_175 New Member

    With the pace of the server my only concern is xp rate which wasn't explicitly stated. This server is very fast paced.
  7. a_librarian Augur

    It's perfect ship it
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  8. Risiko Augur

    Here are my concerns.

    Level Locks
    The start level lock is impractical to sustain a one month unlock. I believe that the level locks should match the natural level locks associated with level increases through out the years. In other words, I believe the level lock should be 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, etc.

    Starting with a level 40 lock is going to be rather problematic because the raids will simply bind rush raid targets that will one shot everyone repeatedly until they win or give up. This is going to lead to a lot of very frustrated gamers that are going to probably walk away from the server before it ever hits the level 50 unlock.

    Expect a very toxic environment full of boxers cheating
    Also, this creates a very potentially toxic scenario because the average player will be more than willing to skip ahead of bashing their heads against the level 40 wall by buying raid loot from 72 man boxed raid teams. Mark my words, there will be 72 man boxed raid teams out there using all sorts of "tactics" that the average player will not be using.

    Even if this is a truebox server, there WILL be 72 man boxed armies being botted. The reason is simple... The loot will be exponentially valuable because the vast majority of players will be stuck with crap gear at level 40 for a month with no possibility of upgrading.

    The take away here is that anytime you increase the difficulty for the average person to keep up with the Johnses, you increase the willingness of said person to go out and pay for that upgrade. That creates a black market boom.

    Beastlord and Berserker at level 40 are just meh:
    Also, while people are excited about playing a Berserker or Beastlord on server start, they are quickly going to realize just how under powered they are at level 40. Beastlord and Berserker do not get good for a long time. All of these people that "have wanted to try playing a beastlord or berserker" at server open are going to be sadly disappointed with just how below average they are at 40. When the typical casual finally reaches level 40, and gets depressed with their choice in class, they are going to say screw it and just stop playing because they wont want to put the time in to leveling up another class at that point.
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  9. Rcbauer Augur

    You gotta remember that every other class won't have all the extras that come with SoL and GoD respectively.

    I suspect a beastlord dual wielding SoS will do some good work.
  10. Risiko Augur

    We changed the ruleset for Mangler/Selos back when it was announced by having a constructive conversation on the forums, so yes. I am sure they are watching. They tend to give more credence to discussions that don't spiral in to a flame fest.
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  11. Rcbauer Augur

    that was from people screaming about it in 2342342342323423 threads.

    nothing constructive about it.
  12. Truetotheblue Augur

    I wouldn't be as concerned with the XP rates. The way it's portioned out now until ToL a vast amount of your AA will be gained through Autogrants the moment you level. Unless they come out and explicitly say this won't be the case up until 110 the amount of AA you'll need will be vastly lower than what it would be on a typical TLP.
  13. Digler Elder

    I'd 2nd this. Unless there is something specific planned for the lev 40 cap, I don't really see the reason to cap the level at 40 for a month.

    I'm just trying to think of what you'd potentially be raiding at level 40, and my mind immediately goes to Hate/Fear/Vox/Naggy. However, Hate/Fear will be 2.0 versions. I don't think level 40's can handle Inny or Cazic 2.0.

    Potentially, you could handle Vox/Naggy since MOTM will be removed. But do we really need 4 weeks of Vox/Naggy? I saw the notes that "spells will be able to hit higher levels", but are they actually suggesting that a level 40 will be able to land spells on a level 52 dragon?

    It would make more sense to have the initial level cap be 50.

    Or, at a minimum, raise the cap to 50 after one week, maybe two instead of four. Then push the time frame for 55 back by two weeks. Level 50-55 you can theoretically hit Velious.

    The other thing that concerns me is if there is enough time in the later unlocks. I know that various AA grants will be occurring to remove the pain of AA grinding, but you'll still need to grind some. Also, there are several sets of unlocks where you've only got 4 weeks to get 5 levels, while others have 8 weeks.

    I'm not familiar with those later expansions, but I'm a little confused by the inconsistency in that.
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  14. Aziuno Augur

    -GoD launch means classic bosses won't have MOTM, so expect Mage pet wall's for early era content if if only lvl 40
    -Once level 60 unlocks, you really never need to AA at all? Auto-Grant and PoR unlock means up to .. is that PoP? is unlocked... and then each tier of levels beyond that is going to just autogrant as you level up
    -Time locks are too long if you are taking away the AA Game
    -We don't know enough details about the goal of 'less restrictive items', but with the design of the game, group gear content of later Era's will be stronger than earlier Era raid gear.
    -2 months for level 60? What for, go get group gear in DoN or multiple other expansions which will be leaps and bounds better than Lvl 60 raid content
    -I think Rogue poisons were tied to TSS? So they will be OP again in Planes of Power, like they were on Phinny
    -Tutorial is tied to PoP or GoD I can't remember.... so Newbie yards and crushbone will be pointless
    -Not a PVP Server

    This server is unique, and that is great. I think Dev's need to think about all the stuff that gets unlocked by era's when deciding the expansions that unlock with the levels.

    If you guys are going this route, why not just do a TSS Launch w/level locks and utilize the whole 'catch up leveling quest arcs' you designed and never gets used.
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  15. Ariana Augur

    I'd prefer to grind levels/AA at Selo's rates and not have them autogranted over slow experience. This goes hand in hand with preferring level caps to be era appropriate, not -10 levels.
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  16. Digler Elder

    Any word on if this will be free trade on the loot?

    At this faster pace of unlocks it would be helpful to spread gear around.

    Or, would there be increased drop rates on mobs?
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  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    100% aware of that, and I would take that any day of the year over having to catch up with the rest of the server 0-65 very rapidly to have any chance whatsoever of seeing GoD raids in era which I had to do on Phinigel.

    I would much prefer if the devs launched a classic start server with Berserkers & Beastlord IN from the very start, but since we probably will never get that a GoD-Start server (or later like TSS for example) or an LLP is the only way I think players will get to play a BST or BER day one of a new TLP* (ignoring Miragul that is).
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  18. Fhiele Augur

    Everyone should give it a try, and if its not for you, offload to Yelinak in time for the Kunark release to play Iksar master race. I'm excited about the level limit for casual players. It will help them keep up. Many raids just won't be doable, and that's ok. And when someone does kill KT at level 40, let there be awe and rejoicing.

    I'm imagining I join a "softcore" raid 2-3 times a week guild, and starting week two, one night we do Vox/Naggy/Fear, the next night we do Hate, Phinny, Lodi, and then Kunark Dragons/VS. And the guild leadership assesses how it goes to determine what to do next week(week 3). If all went well, we might be good to do Vindi(love me some vindi boots), or we might not.

    By week 5, all Classic/Kunark/most Velious/some Luclin content should be somewhat doable.

    Changes I'd want to see:
    1) Autogrant modified to NOT give free AA's so soon. Eventually, sure to help less active players keep up is fine. If it could be tweaked to 5 expansions back instead of 3, that'd be great. When I ding 55, It'd be nice to grind AA, not just enjoy my almost complete set of AA instantly granted.

    2) Clarification about "relaxed level restrictions". I'm guessing -5 or 10 to zone entry requirements and hopefully -5 or 10(or more) to recommended/required level on gear.
  19. Overcast451 Augur

    Would be interesting to see this ruleset with much MORE gear marked no-trade. Kinda the opposite of Free-trade, although restricting it all would only serve to widen the gap between the more 'hardcore' and 'casual' players. Of course.. that would be interesting in and of itself too. Some hardcore guilds way ahead and others at a very casual pace for sure.

    I suppose that could quickly turn into selling loot rights.. but that could potentially be mitigated with locking the loot to players who were in the raid during the actual kill. Which would still allow some loot right selling, but it would be more random to what drops and reduce the number of players in the raid actually contributing to heals/dps/etc.

    Could even add that the player HAD to be in combat on the specific mob that drops the loot or no dice.. literally. Add just a bit of code to have both trash and the boss instant agro/summon players a certain percentage under the average raid level and it would get interesting for sure.. :O
  20. Corvo Accidental Puller of Dracoliche

    As always, to be taken with a grain of salt (or several), but providing feedback and constructive criticism works.
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