Considering returning - Mangler Pop?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by James, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. James Augur

    Does Mangler still have a high pop since the release of the newer TLP's?
  2. Dragnet Sleuth Elder

    Mangler has benefited from the Covid19 quarantine, and was pretty healthy last time I logged on.
  3. Aneuren Tempered Steel

    We were told that the GoD launch had the highest subscriber usage of any TLP server in this expansion. The server was destroyed that night, which was surprising to me vs past experiences in this era.

    OoW launch was much less laggy and I haven't heard anything about subscription usage, but there are still tons of people active in the new zones.
  4. James Augur

    What expac is Mangler at now?
    I'll try to look it up but just in case I cannot find it haha
  5. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Confirmed Unlock dates for Expansions

    Expansions unlock at 2pm PST on the below dates. The in game /calendar should always have the dates of unlocks, should they ever change.
    ExpansionsUnlock DateLevel
    Ruins of Kunark 06-05-2019 (Wed)
    12 Weeks
    Scars of Velious 08-28-2019 (Wed)

    12 weeks
    Shadows of Luclin 11-20-2019 (Wed)

    12 weeks
    Planes of Power 02-12-2020 (Wed)
    12 weeks
    Legacy of Ykesha 02-12-2020 (Wed)

    12 weeks
    Lost Dungeons of Norrath 05-06-2020 (Wed)

    8 weeks
    Gates of Discord 07-01-2020 (Wed)

    8 weeks
    Omens of War 08-26-2020 (Wed)
    12 weeks
    Dragons of Norrath 11-18-2020 (Wed)

    8 weeks
    Depths of Darkhollow 01-13-2021 (Wed)

    8 weeks
    Prophecy of Ro 03-10-2021 (Wed)

    8 weeks
    The Serpent's Spine 05-05-2021 (Wed)
    12 weeks
    The Buried Sea 07-28-2021 (Wed)

    8 weeks
    Secrets of Faydwer 09-22-2021 (Wed)
    12 weeks
    Seeds of Destruction 12-15-2021 (Wed)
    12 weeks
    Underfoot 03-09-2022 (Wed)

    8 weeks
    House of Thule 05-04-2022 (Wed)
    12 weeks
    Veil of Alaris 07-27-2022 (Wed)
    12 weeks
    Rain of Fear 10-19-2022 (Wed)
    12 weeks
    Call of the Forsaken 01-11-2023 (Wed)

    8 weeks
    The Darkened Sea 03-08-2023 (Wed)
    12 weeks
    The Broken Mirror 05-31-2023 (Wed)

    8 weeks
    Empires of Kunark 07-26-2023 (Wed)

    8 weeks
    Ring of Scale 09-20-2023 (Wed)
    12 weeks
    The Burning Lands 12-13-2023 (Wed)

    8 weeks
    Torment of Velious 02-07-2024 (Wed)
    12 weeks
  6. Tweakfour17 Augur

    omens just opened ;)
  7. taliefer Augur

    Mangler is still doing great. it still hits high population pretty much everyday. its 2:20am on a thursday right now and its high pop
  8. SunDrake Augur

    I do not play on Mangler much since Rizlona launched, but every indication I get is that the server is wildly healthy for its stage in the TLP lifecycle. Its nearly always at High population when the other High pop servers are. 4:15 AM at time of posting, and its at High. Aradune at Medium, Rizlona at High. Yeah, boxes add to the count, but its OoW, so you want box numbers anyway.

    By comparison, Coirnav pretty much never hit High pop again after Mangler/Selo launch, and dropped straight to Low at all hours. Mangler is never Low pop.
  9. Byun Lorekeeper

    The population on Mangler is really healthy. There are many different raiding guilds of all styles/types to choose from as well.
  10. SoandsoForumUser Elder

    It might be a little too healthy, if someone wants to look at helping with the PoK lag since OoW hit.
  11. Mrjon3s Augur

    Mangler got super lucky and still has a high population. The main factors are they launched the new TLPs about a month later then usual, Covid quarantine and, Aradune had a horrible launch.
    So this meant the people that usually jumped shipped because they though GoD was horrible and found out it is a good raid expansion. Also less burnout from people playing both at the same time.
  12. Poem New Member

    I'm gonna have to call shenanigans on this one. Mangler had 13 guilds clear gates of discord, in Era phinigel had 21 guilds clear gates of discord. That's a massive population difference if you ask me
  13. Aneuren Tempered Steel

    Only applicable to launch night. I do not know how quickly that population dropped off. I believe the person who told me based on character of the individual, but who really knows in the end eh?
  14. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    Depends on when you left, Mangler still has a decent pop but it's super top heavy. If you have a level 65 with time/ep gear, then sure you can still come back no problem. If you're starting fresh forget about it.
  15. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Is that happening on Mangler too? Thought it was part of PetitionQuest on Aradune only
  16. a_librarian Augur

    What even is the check list of catching up to a server at OoW? What generally do you have to do to get a new character to be viable in current expansion raids for Mangler?
  17. haaaalp Augur

    don't join mangler. it will become a dead server in 1 month when everyone realizes anguish is going to be the only enjoyable part of eq for the next 3 expansions.
  18. SoandsoForumUser Elder

    I mean as someone who main changed to a berserker for GoD, Level to 70, get about 200-300 AA's and join any raid guild to roll in the rot gear. Even with a dkp reset I ended up with worn attack cap,fero/cleave 3, and BiS weapon+aug a week or two before the end of GoD (an 8 week expansion since no level bump). So about 80-100 hours of play time then raids. Note that this depends what class you want to play. Tanks are going to require bigger commitments, healers/dps are much lower and bards you need a pulse. You can still do the tank thing (We had a new paladin and warrior in the GoD time frame) but man it won't be easy.

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