Consider admit kronos bazaar + > to 3million platin bazaar

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    I see the argument put forward that raising the bazaar cap would all of a sudden result in a much higher price for Krono than is currently seen. Like all of a sudden the plat barons will come out in force and buy up all the supply to increase the prices. They can already do this, just watch general chat and anytime somone is selling a krono buy it off them until no one is selling them and then turn around and sell them at a profit.

    The folks who are really losing out right now are the folks (most likely FTP players that don't even see the general chat since they aren't silver and they end up selling their Kronos for the 2 mil plat cap offered in /barter. I've personally probably bought probably 15 to 20 Krono this way and then flip it for 2.3 to 2.5 mil later on when I see someone offering a good price in general. I'd imagine this is happening regularly.

    If the plat cap were lifted these transaction would be much more fair for those folks trying to sell their Krono they just bought from DBG for $17.99. Actually if buyers were getting a fairer price when selling the Krono in game they might be more apt to buy more from DBG. I can only see this eventually hurting the bottom line for Krono sales as the disparity grows between the /barter price and the price you can get in general chat.
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  3. Millianna Augur

    The devs said it would require a significant amount of time to correct the issue. Why waste game development for something is trivial as bazaar plat increases. More or leas lazy people or people who are running illegal software.
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    I've never even bought or sold a Krono, so no I don't play this game as job. Why are you such a cheapskate to expect to fund your playtime with low cost Krono's?
  6. Millianna Augur

    I pay cold cash for my sub.
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    Just put nobles as a currency that can be used alternatively in the bazaar. Problem over.
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    Baz cap is 2 million. Btw asked a gm about it modifying the game files to sell over 2 million is against the rules and suspendable or bannable. So you were saying?
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    LOL ever thing they are actually concerned about others being able to buy reasonable priced krono or is that foreign to your way of thinking?
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    Nope. Baz cap happens to be stuck at 2 mil just because of programming limitations. I simply believe that is a good idea because my observation is that it keeps krono prices lower which I think is good for the game. The vast majority of items are capable of being sold in the bazaar and we are no where near a point of the bazaar becoming useless.

    And yes you have the right to disagree with me.
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    Except krono aren't something some people buy or not when they lose interest. It has a massive impact on their game play being FTP or All Access.

    Free market this free market that. There is no rule out there saying EQ has to be a pure free market. Just saying.
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    Why are free to play toons selling krono? Use a krono then sell in general chat. I fully encourage FTP people becoming All Access good for the game. I also see no reason to change the bazaar to benefit FTP. FTP should be encouraged to become All Access. Kind of suspicious of a FTP who is selling krono and has no interest in being all access... whats going on there?

    The current system makes it harder for individuals to manipulate the krono market. I think that is a good thing but you are free to disagree.

    More people being all access is a good thing for the game and good for those buying krono from daybreak. Botter's run one all access toon and a bunch of FTP bots. They don't care about krono prices other then to be able to sell them for RL cash.
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    I prefer my cash British style and at room temperature :) But yeah I pay for my own subs too. Used to fund some of my nephews' accts with krono.
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    This post is a placeholder for the daily rebuttal of Corwyhn's nonsense.
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  15. Warpeace Augur

    How about No......there is a reason to just say no to Nobles.
  16. Warpeace Augur

    I would not trust that response depending who it came from. You can already see a variety of replies on petitions depending who answers it. So one says yes another says less if someone feels the need to mod their file to squeeze out a few more plat.
  17. Millianna Augur

    My guess is they are 'washing'