Consider admit kronos bazaar + > to 3million platin bazaar

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  1. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Well if the talking means starting with an objective then making up facts to support it then yes. :) Like raise the baz prices or the economy will be ruined as nothing can be sold for over 2 mil then things are being sold over 2 mil so the cats out of the bag and the limit doesn't matter.. can't have it both ways :)
  2. Caell Augur

    I'm not backing into any position; I'm restating what I said in a different way in the hopes that you would understand what I was saying; instead of having you try to twist my words to say what they didn't say.

    By your line of reasoning the Bazaar when first opened should have been capped at (some random number smaller than 2,000,000 platinum) say 100,000 platinum, because that should be the most anyone should have to pay for anything. It's a bullheaded and stubborn viewpoint and ignores how an economy works. Now you have the right to that viewpoint, but I have the right to disagree with you as well.
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  3. Thancra Loladin

    This is not what I wrote.

    Do you have such a huge playtime daily over months you can be sure this is what happens and not a feeling that conveniently fits your view on how things will turn out? Are you sure it's simply not the market increasing the price without any particular speculation? Can you come up with facts other than "I've watched a couple times and I now know the truth"? How can you come up with the knowledge that it behaves the same on every servers and therefore, that it would be a good idea to limit the bazar price on ALL servers to prevent that? You also failed to explain why it would limit the prices based on what I brought up in my previous reply.

    This has nothing to do with what we're discussing. Again, you're mixing arguments for your cause and noble intentions...

    That doesn't make sense, couple lines above you're explaining that it's all about the rich vs the poor, now it's the casual vs.. the hardcores I guess? I'm not going to argue that casual doesn't mean poor in plats really because that's another story.
    Right, it's about the casuals then, so that means the people with the least playtime out of the 2 categories of players. So tell me, how convenient is it for your poor casual, with limited playtime to purchase his kronos out of general chat (I guess?) since the kronos are not sold in the bazar anymore due to the platinum limit? In the case of limited playtime, do you think that person will be able to buy the krono at the best price or will be forced to grab whatever price the seller gives him because well, if he wants to play, he'll have to resuscribe and he doesn't want to spend his limited amount of time on being picky?

    That's the problem, you have feelings but I don't think they're really backed up by any facts. Your defense of the poor little casuals against the mean world may have biased your views on this fact. I don't think anybody really knows what affect the prices on all servers. My guess is it has to do with the progression server and the fact the kronos were from the beginning very under priced and they finally reach their true price, set by the market.
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  4. Caell Augur

    A transparent market will see prices drop, because people can see what others are buying and selling an item thus generating competition. A grey market or one that is semi-closed i.e. one where buying and selling occurs in general and tells, will tend towards higher prices. Because what people end up paying for an item is not clearly visible to all. If not now, at some point capping bazaar prices will likely sustain a higher price on Kronos than if those transactions were more visible by being transacted in the bazaar. I would argue that Krono prices are already 10-20% higher now than if the bazaar didn't have a price cap, due to lack of visible competition.

    We saw what competition would do all the time back when Krono's were introduced and they were going for much less. We can see this behavior now, by watching other items go up for sale in the Bazaar. If only one of an item is for sale and seen as valuable, it will be listed at a high price, then someone else puts one up but for just a little less because they want to be sure their's sells before the other guy, then someone else lists a little lower, etc. This will continue until the seller feels the asking price is the lowest they want to bear, the seller then gets to find out if that is true by someone buying at that price or not. If not maybe the seller will drop the price some more trying to find that price where the buyer agrees.

    The economy is hurt or loses when this transparent competition disappears into general and tells, because of an artificial limitation being imposed such as a plat cap in the Bazaar. The economy is also hurt when there aren't enough plat sinks or when plat becomes too easy to acquire for some. Thus begins inflation.
  5. Millianna Augur

    there is no competition in buying out all Krono and selling them at higher price.
  6. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    The market is transparent on my server. People advertise krono for sale at 2.1 mil mostly and they go for something between that and 2 million the barter price. Whatever they advertise on other servers it will be between that and barter.

    It is working fine the way it is and it does provide a speed bump against those trying to control the market. Especially if they are people who have no interested in spending time in the game doing things are are just out there to make RL cash.
  7. Caell Augur

    If someone is able to continue buying all available then one or all true:
    • supply is too low
    • sellers are letting them go for too little, and should raise their price
    • not enough plat sinks
    Leaving the bazaar cap in place won't fix those problems.
  8. Millianna Augur

    Do you really believe your own BS? I certainly don't.
  9. Hiladdar Augur

    The laws of supply and demand are constant both in the United States, and in EQ.

    The only difference is there is meddling within the US economy by government. The economy in EQ is not regulated, not taxed, with no price controls distorting the value of products in the game. There are no protected races or classes, there are no subsidized markets in EQ. All trades are within EQ are voluntary agreements between the buyer and seller, without anyone mandating that something be sold at a certain value.

    In other words, if you want to sell krono for 1 million plat you can. If you want to sell it for 3 million plat you can. In both cases you have to find buyers. Granted it is easier to find a buyer for a krono for 1m, then for 3m, but the profit for the seller of a krono for 3m will be much greater, representing the amount of time and labor to sell something for a higher price.
  10. Millianna Augur

    EQ isn't a representative sample of the US economy. You cannot use data from the US and apply it to EQ.
  11. Caell Augur

    It's not BS it's how markets work. You can wish all you want for something to be sold at a certain price and no higher, but that's all it is a wish.
  12. fransisco Augur

    There is a cost to bring a krono to market.
    If you want a high price for it (above 2mill) you need to auction it - which takes time.
    This time cost makes the market impossible to centralize in eq.
    It also makes the krono market a buyers market. Because the seller needs to appeal to the buyers.

    People who want to raise the cap are saying all sorts of stuff, but basically they want to make it permanantly a sellers market, so that those who sell kronos or have tons of pp can profit.
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  13. segap Augur

    It has a representation of an economy and mirrors common traits with all economies. Just a different scale. You cannot escape the basic tenants of Supply and Demand no matter how much a controlling entity attempts to. EQ's economy works very similar to the US economy, prison economies, black markets, barter/trade tribal economies, etc. Yes, it has some different constraints, but the basics are the same. Every attempt in history for state controlled economies has done nothing but push those that really want to trade goods/services to alternate markets, often at higher prices. EQ is no different. If people can trade things others desire, they'll find a currency and set a price.
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  14. Caell Augur

    Raising the cap makes it easier for buyers and sellers to complete transactions, a more fluid market should help suppress price increases. Right now we have this speed bump where competition won't drop into the bazaar from general, and it's artificially propping up the price. You would likely see more Kronos for sale because there are likely some folks that don't want to hassle with haggling in general, but would easily put it up for sale in the bazaar.
  15. Bamkan Augur

    Considering I was selling out of Krono at 2.149 mil in the /baz back in November , I find it really hard to believe that folks are selling through /general chat for less than the /baz cap.
  16. Warpeace Augur

    Thinking increasing the Bazaar price limit this will suppress the price of a Krono is A$$ backwards. When they raised the bazaar limit to 2 mil what happened to Krono prices? oh that's right they jumped to 2 mil + and were exclusively sold in General chat.
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  17. fransisco Augur

    What about when people who literally have over a billion pp decide to buy every krono?
    Or just enough so that kronos go up in price to 5million. Then they start selling them.

    There are no market controls in eq, which means this can easily happen. People talk about cornering the market on certain items all the time.
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  18. Caell Augur

    Then don't buy them from this guy and reward the behavior. Eventually he'll stop. Also, everyone is clearly selling Kronos for less than market value, i.e. what he is willing to pay. Raise your Krono selling price to a point where he loses interest in buying them. This is how a free market functions, there is nothing wrong with it.
  19. fransisco Augur

    1. Wow, completely ignoring what was said there. Its like listening to trump
    2. Market value IS what most kronos are selling for. Thats kind of the definition of it.
  20. Millianna Augur

    EQ is game and not a source of revenue for players that you can avoid presenting to IRS. You cannot make direct comparisons between EQ and the US. Please go play another game if you wish to turn it into a job opportunity.