Consider admit kronos bazaar + > to 3million platin bazaar

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    Sorry 50 items is not a lot. I've watched the bazaar and krono prices pretty closely. You raise the limit the same people buy up all the krono for whatever reasons selling out of game, whatever and the price ends up at the new bazaar limit. It is not rocket science. All it mean's is that the rich can afford kronos and the poor cannot. I think more players will use krono to play by purchasing them in game if the price stays close to the baz limit. I think higher krono prices would encourage more RMTs. I think higher krono prices will mean fewer casual players will be able to use them to pay for their eq account.

    You have the right to feel otherwise. I disagree with you that is all.
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    Let me clarify here is the stupid part "America doesn't have a "Pricing Limit" on our items and yet 95% of items are being sold at a market price available to all consumers."

    EQ is not the American economy. It is not intended to be a simulation of the American economy. EQ has price limits in in using the bazaar. That is not a price limit on what you can sell things for. This is a game. Games have many artificial limits. You could argue that we should not be able to be resurected because in America you cannot revive the dead. In America there are no dragons so those are gone from EQ. etc etc....
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    Everquest is a game. Stop trying to rationalize what you want to happen by quoting how things are done in America. And I feel I must tell you this. Everquest is NOT the REAL WORLD. Everquest is actually NOT intended to be a representation of the real world. So I am pretty sure EQ Devs don't lose sleep over the fact that EQ does not mimic the various portions of the US economy that you like to quote. There are many many things that happen in EQ that do not happen in the real world as a whole never mind America. If Everquest was intended to be a simulation of the real world economy you would have a point. BUT IT IS NOT.
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    EQ is a closed system. You have people in the game that can buy up all the krono for sale. One person. For days in a row. You don't see this sort of thing commonly happen in the real world. On my server someone spent weeks just buying up every krono that went for sale on the bazaar until the prices went up to 2 million. So by creating an artificial scarcity prices were forced up. All supply and demand but who cares?

    If the bazaar price limits help keep krono prices from going higher I am for it because I think it keeps krono in the price range of more casual players that are not big money makers etc. And that is not a noble thing I just think it will keep the game healthier. I am willing to sacrifice opportunities to make even more money in the bazaar or the ease of buying higher priced items in the bazaar if it (as I think it does) help keep prices lower then they would be with a higher sell limit in the bazaar.
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    In my opinion, it is way past time to raise the cap on the bazaar limit... 2mil isn't cutting it anymore. So oh GM's, the powers that be... see what you can do about Turning it up to say.... 5 mil... or so...? Anyone agree with me? If I knew how, I would have made a poll about it.
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    I think it is time......
    For people like you to use the search on the forums and post in current on going discussions about a subject.
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  9. Mesc No $$$ Until the Experience is put back on Mobs!!!

    How many of these threads do we need?
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    not no hell no ....................
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    So essentially this shows that the Krono is under priced at ~2mil pp; if one person can go around and buy them all up, or saying it another way, people are hurting themselves by letting them go for a whole lot less than the true value. This hurts the economy way more by trying to keep a lid on the true value of an item, than by just letting the market find it's equilibrium.

    The cats already out of the bag dude. As long as there is an alternate means of buying/selling Kronos at whatever price buyers and sellers can agree on outside the bazaar, it's just a nuisance artificial barrier. Nobody sells Kronos in the Bazaar because they know they can get more pp for them in General. Raise the Bazaar limit and let the market find it's equilibrium. For all we know the price might eventually settle below 2mil. pp. But maybe it will be higher, who knows. I do know it will be what the true value is and not some artificial limitation.
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    It's not really a nuisance to those who don't use illegal software and actually play the game. Doesn't take more than a few seconds to hit a macro and few minutes to drop off the sale. Besides, cross server sales still requires a chat channel.
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    ...get some gina files for my sk :D
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    Sorry for being a complete noob, but how does cross server trade work?
    I get how a krono is account wide, and can be transfered across servers(I assume the krono-seller makes a level 1 alt on the buyers server?), but how does the seller get the plat back to his own server?
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    Nope krono were not under priced there are just people with so much plat they can control the market. That becomes a lot more hassle though when you can't buy and sell via the bazaar so hacking the market doesn't seem to happen so much or possible at all now.

    Nope the cat is still in the bag. My server is fine krono not selling much above baz limit. Don't think the peeps cornering the market want to be running around buying up all the krono so that seems to have stopped too. Its working great from what I can see so far.

    It's funny your first paragraph says it hurts the economy but your second paragraph says the cat is out of the bag. Which is it? What is getting hurt if the cat is out of the bag? Just saying :) I mean you seem to be saying the 2 million limit in bazaar is hurting the economy but then that krono are going for whatever anyway and not being limited so that would mean it isn't hurting the economy. This is what happens when you try to phrase your facts around your objective.
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    What do you think of my idea of making the lowest currency gold or silver so that the top value could be 2**31 silver? Kobayashi Maru if I don't say so myself.
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    Dude read what I wrote again, I'm saying you can't put a stop to the price going up by keeping a cap on bazaar price limit if people can go around the bazaar, i.e. the cat is out of the bag. It hurts the economy by trying to stop it from doing so. You are so wrapped up in your own viewpoint you can't see the forest for the trees.

    So your example of a guy running around buying all the Krono for weeks isn't happening anymore? That just proves my point either people raised their prices enough he didn't see the value proposition or the dude exhausted his plat and realized he was holding a losing position on something he couldn't resell to make a profit or maybe he's sitting on them like someone sits on a position in gold in the real world waiting for the prices to go up. At any rate it became uneconomical for him to continue buying more. Supply caught up with demand. Demand drops and prices drop. The market found it's equilibrium.

    You mean like what you are trying to do?
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    So, like, talking?
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    Nope my guess is it became too much work to buy all the krono so based on that maybe it's a good thing they are out of the bazaar.

    No one is trying to stop anything. Leaving things as they are is keeping krono prices from going up even more in my opinion. So far you haven't said anything that will change that. And your previous post showed me you are backing into your position to get to the answer you want.

    Daybreak has already said it would be too much work to change the baz price limits so I guess we will see how it goes as it is now. And ever since CotF chase loot started dropping things have been sold outside the bazaar with no problems. It is not as if this is a sudden new thing it has been working fine for a few years. So for a few years chase drops have been successfully sold outside of the bazaar. In the last year krono got added to that. Worked before will keep working now.