Consider admit kronos bazaar + > to 3million platin bazaar

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  1. Fohpo Augur

    I'm relatively sure there's a Wealth of Nations or "invisible hand" quote to be had somewhere in this thread.
  2. Fanra

    Doing all this work sounds like way too much for the return. It is fraught with possible bad side effects (bugs that could destroy too many things, like all your bank account funds).

    What could possibly be done is adding the option to price items in the bazaar with Nobles. So you could buy and sell an item for, for example, "2 Nobles, 500,002 platinum, 2 gold, 5 silver, 3 copper". And while the players could pay the coins as "500,000 platinum, 22 gold, 5 silver, 3 copper", if they wished, the Nobles would have to be paid only in Nobles, with no exchange done by the bazaar.

    Of course, the idea that Nobles cost 110,245 platinum to buy and sell back to a merchant for 100,000 platinum is crazy (due to code issues) and there are some easy workarounds to make it buy and sell at the same price (many have been put forward by players but the easiest, I think, was to just have NPCs sell Nobles at 100,000 and another NPC sell a Bag of 100,000 Platinum for 1 Noble) but I guess you could consider that a tax.

    I'm only talking about allowing items in the bazaar to buy and sell over 2.1 million platinum. The other issues are something I know little about and care for even less.
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  3. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    I like this idea, but only if the Noble exchange rate bug is fixed. Otherwise it's relatively useless (I know I wouldn't use them).

    I don't remember all of the details about the Noble exchange bug, but I think it was related to Merchant code? If that's the case, why use a vendor? Kronos don't have these issues. Why not use a quest npc that just converts 100000 plat (or even 1 million, for today's market) into a noble and vice versa. She sits in the guild hall and in PoK and that's all she does. They could even just be stackable in our inventory, no need to code any UI changes, except to the /baz.

    I think this should be explored!
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  4. Fanra

    Yes. Merchants can't buy and sell items at the same price. They will always buy at a lower price than they sell.

    So, as I suggested (from other people's suggestions), they can just have a merchant sell Nobles at 100,000pp and another merchant sell Huge Bag of Platinum (click to get 100,000 pp) for 1 Noble each.

    Note the merchant selling Huge Bag of Platinum might have to, instead of selling it, offer a quest where you give him 1 Noble and the reward is 1 Huge Bag of Platinum, or just 100,000pp.
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  5. Bamkan Augur

    I find it hard to believe that the price for Krono on Xegony is only 2.1mil.
    Is this the price you pay your guildies? I paid 2.4mil each just a few days ago for 12 or so of them. I think that is a fair price, 2.4-2.5mil. FV, Bert,E-Marr are all about that price , and most of the resellers are offering to buy at 2.3mil.

    If folks are undercutting in /general. then having a /baz where folks have a 24/7 presence must surely be the best way to have lower Krono prices?
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  6. Thancra Loladin

    It has nothing to do with greed and everything to do with common sense. If the krono price didn't go higher it's simply because people wouldn't buy it for more on your server. You're looking for reasons to back up your statement, making it like a noble cause because you're fighting greed but the only thing you really support is making player's life miserable.

    I'll give you a different example, based on how things are on AB, right now there are none, 0, nada kronos available to sell in the bazar. What does that mean? That means the guy that wants to play with his plats has to be there when others are selling their kronos. You want to resuscribe middle of the night, early morning? too bad, wait for tomorrow afternoon/evening when sellers are there, if they're there. Repeat that process each month, how long do you think that person will last? That person, of course, will pay the exact same price as if the krono was on sell in bazar (and he'll be very glad that on xegony, the kronos are still being sold on baz, no really, it will make his day) but it just made the whole process tedious.
    Also, when you had the item available in the bazar, you have all the afk / sleeping / doing other things people's traders up that means a lot of kronos (that was the case on AB before their price went past the plat limit) were available and you could pick the best price. Currently, if you want to resuscribe, you will have to pay the price the 1 or 2 available seller at that time want to sell the kronos and I can promise you, it doesn't drag down the price at all.

    Finally, yes, there are a lot of items (easily 50+) that would be sold for more than 2m plats, the fact you don't know them don't make them magically disappear.
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  7. Warpeace Augur

    It is not a BUG. Daybreak intended there to be a "tax" when using that currency for rare items off the merchant. Sadly they pushed it live after negative feedback on the viability of it being an alternate currency because of the additional fee associated with using it.
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  8. Millianna Augur

    Who cares about the bazaar? It's archaic. There is no reason a chat channel cannot be used. Until the devs have the time, just chill out.
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Haven't any from a guildie in several months. Always pay them more then the going rate. One reason I rarely ever buy one from a guild mate is I will only pay them well above the going rate. I think in the whole time since krono were added I have only bought 4 to 5 krono total from guild mates and I don't ask anyone to sell me any. Any time I bought some they were advertising that they were selling them. And the last time I ever bought one from a guild member they were still being sold in the bazaar they always got paid more then what the bazaar was selling them for. I run the guild I won't ever take advantage of guild mates. Ever.

    And yes I see multiple people all selling them in general chat for 2.1 million plat each. Was on another server earlier and saw someone selling some for 2.1 million.

    You really seem stuck on this thing about me buying krono from guildmates.
  10. Bigstomp Augur

    So what you're saying is those that wait till the last minute are sometimes too late?
  11. disgruntled Augur

    What if they did away with copper and silver so the bottom increment would be 20 mil. gold? They could even do away with gold, thereby freeing up 3 currency slots.

    I don't hold with the people who call it a 'dead horse' and say it will never happen. If you've played since 2000, I bet you can come up with 5 things that we were told "would never happen" until they did without even having to take a breath.
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  12. AlmarsGuides Augur

    I'm confused on what your argument is. You think that Everquest's economy won't work like a real economy because it's a game and then you bring up a bunch of useless information such as there are no laws or tax system and america doesnt have dragons???

    Everquest doesn't have airplanes and cars or a healthcare system so that means you're obviously wrong. See what I just did there? What I said didn't even make sense. I just gave you completely useless offtopic information and acted like it justified my point - just like you did.

    Look dude, I don't care what your opinion is towards me but if you're going to tell me my argument is stupid you better have at least a single fact to back yourself up. All you did is spew useless information at me that serves no purpose.

    Everquest is a game that has real people trading in its economy thus it would follow the same rules as a real world economy because it is the same exact thing. The real world's economy takes place inside of a computer's server just like Everquest. And just like Everquest it has real people behind their keyboards trading items/services for money. This has nothing to do with america or taxes or laws or daybreak or dragons. THIS HAS TO DO WITH ECONOMIES.

    This is extremely fundamental knowledge of how the world works.
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  13. Millianna Augur

    EQ's economy can never be compared to a real economy. The size already is a huge problem, never mind the other problems. Your argument is dumb.
  14. AlmarsGuides Augur

    I'm sorry. I answered you already but I had to come back because I wanted to screenshot what you said to show a friend and I actually ended up with another good point...

    What is it you're arguing?

    No. America doesn't have pricing limits. *IF* you open a store you can price an item at whatever you want. You could try and sell a pencil for a million dollars if you wanted. America has no limit to what is allowed of its pricing.

    Fransisco's counter argument to this was "the american healthcare system." Which is also null and void considering the american healthcare system is NOT an economy and it is also one of the most widely known corrupted institutions in this country. Essentially what he said was "Because this economy is out of wacks nothing in the world makes sense" and you said "I agree, he probably doesnt even drive cause OPEC barrels of oil blah blah."

    Also, "America" isn't an economy. "America" is part of a economy. Yes, our economy is an economy but it's a smaller version of the larger world wide economy. You can't say something like "Everquest doesn't have a taxation system so you can't compare it" - do you think every economy in our real world economy has a system like that?

    And now for the craziest thing you said...

    What? This is another one of those times you just say something completely random to try and justify your own facts.

    "Because apples are red ravens are black" - yea ok Corwyhn whatever you say.
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  15. AlmarsGuides Augur

    It's not nice to talk about a girl's weight like that.

    P.s - I'm going to go back to playing Persona 3. If anyone here has any facts they'd like to post to back up their claims I will answer your post. No facts = waste of my time from here on out. Alternate facts do not count.

    I never though I would be saying that to people.... Dear God Trump what have you done to this country.

    Here's my fact:

    He literally disproves half the crap people have said here within 5 minutes.
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  16. Millianna Augur

    You can think what you want to think, but it doesn't make it true.

    Anyone who uses illegal software in this game is a cockroach. Anyone who uses illegal software and wants a bazaar plat increase is worse than a cockroach.
  17. Fohpo Augur

    Uh, there definitely are price limits and ceilings on some things inside the U.S... (some) New York apartment rentals for example.
  18. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Yes they exist, but those are hotly contested and many people believe they are worse than the alternative (because the quality of rent-controlled housing is generally terrible in the long run). But let's keep in mind that rent-controls are part of a community's efforts to support their members who can't support themselves. EQ already has this, in the form of All Access.

    If you want to play for free, go All Access. If you CAN earn enough in-game to buy a krono, do it. If you CAN'T, then don't ask everybody else to keep subsidizing your entertainment for you. Besides being desperate, the only other reason to want krono prices to be fixed is to exploit other players.

    You are ignorant of the facts. You refuse to read, so somebody offered you a video. It seems that was also too much for you. Your statements in this thread are mindless and mean. You are perceiving a wrong where none exists, and you have riled yourself up to the point of name calling. Have you tried meditation? Maybe just jerking off? Something to relieve your tension?
  19. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    I believe those are all your posts, showing everything you've added to this conversation? Thanks for the constructive help. If you don't want to discuss this like an adult, nobody's forcing you to be here.
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  20. Blitter Elder

    Another good one of hers.....
    Someone has anger issues
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