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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Maedhros, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. Maedhros Augur

    Even knowing how much easier T3 raids were this year than last, I think it is perfectly reasonable to throw a shout out to the guilds that are still out there putting in the work.
    Guilds that survived TBL and still have what it takes to finish out TOV in such quick fashion are certainly still deserving of the accolades.
    If we want the raids to be more of a challenge next year, maybe the high end raiding community needs to be the squeaky wheel this year. We saw the boo-hoo posts of the masses last year, crying that TBL was too hard, go unchallenged.
    The result was a very soft expansion in TOV.

    At any rate. Congratulations Valhallah for rounding out the top 5!
    Machin Shin, Inverse Logic, Ring of Valor, Scarlet Tempest, and welcome back Crimson Tempest to the top 10 fastest guilds to beat the expansion!
    Honorable mention to Triton, Symphony of Arms, Shadows of Doom, and Fu World Order as well.
    I know some of these guilds did not even attempt them until their normally scheduled raid times rolled around, but this is the chronological order that things sorted themselves out and thats all I can comment on.
    If anyone has beaten this but it wasn't posted to EGL by now, grats to you too!
  2. Astral64 Augur

    While I would prefer a few challenging raids each year; in my opinion, having the final raid of an expansion be a doozy is a real nice compromise.

    The crazy guilds get something to test their mettle on and no one is locked out of seeing content.

    All of the major raiding guilds rarely agree on anything but their appreciation of Mearatas seemed to be universal.
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  3. Powerful Elder

    Psst. It's Scarlet Vengeance.
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  4. Dhurgan Elder

    Our(Township Rebellion) velks kill was 4/17 19:50 Pacific Time, that website hasn't updated our log yet for some reason.
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  5. farsight New Member

    I think ToV is a great expansion. I think the top end raiders get "enough" and do not "need" to be the squeaky wheel. Let the raiding numbers and such go up again before it starts getting crushed by the dismal promise of more Underfoot/God expansions.

    I am especially happy/appreciative this year that the raid crap was left out of the group game. The group game is much more doable than previous expansions, and I hope the trend continues in expansions to come.
  6. Maedhros Augur

    Ugh I'm sorry about that! Can no longer edit it though so Congrats Scarlet Vengeance!
    If you guys ever merge with Crimson Tempest though, I want royalties for the name!
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  7. enclee Augur

    All the missions are raids...
  8. Cicelee Augur

    Most miraculous thing of the entire weekend was Ring of Valor and Scarlet Vengenance having the exact same time stamp on their Velk raid. Have two guilds ever finished an expansion at the exact same time before?
  9. Lisard Augur

    thats pretty incredible. would be interesting to see recorded footage of both guilds final 2 minutes on that event lol.
  10. Dhurgan Elder

    Updated rankings since our entry seemed to have gotten bugged and we resubmitted it.

    Guild Progression for Seeking the Sorcerer
    Guild    Server    Defeated
    1    Realm of Insanity      Xegony    2020-04-16 @ 14:26:51
    2    Reckless Ascension      Bristlebane    2020-04-16 @ 19:17:28
    3    Return of the Exiled      Cazic    2020-04-16 @ 19:48:44
    4    Silent Redemption      Cazic    2020-04-16 @ 20:11:46
    5    Valhallah      Firiona    2020-04-16 @ 20:46:00
    6    Machin Shin      Xegony    2020-04-16 @ 20:49:14
    7    Inverse Logic      Luclin    2020-04-17 @ 18:12:56
    8    Township Rebellion      Luclin    2020-04-17 @ 19:50:30
    9    Ring of Valor      Bristlebane    2020-04-17 @ 20:24:07
    10    Scarlet Vengeance      Rathe    2020-04-17 @ 20:24:07
    11    Crimson Tempest      Drinal    2020-04-17 @ 21:38:53
    12    Triton      Povar    2020-04-18 @ 17:36:53
  11. Maedhros Augur

    Grats Township Rebellion! Pushed Crimson Tempest to 11 and back to honorable mention though.
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  12. Celephane Augur

    But #9 and #10 tied and only listed this way because of the alphabet, thus both are #9 and Crimson Tempest really is #10...or does it not work that way?
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  13. Maedhros Augur

    When two teams tie in sports, they share the number, in this case 9, but then the next team is 11. At least in most sports.
  14. Adanted New Member

    The rankings kind of lose their importance when 11 guilds beat it the first 24 hours. Rankings have always been and will always be ROI #1, everyone else fighting for #2 but this year is just who already knows mechanics and logs in wins essentially. Takes nothing away from every guild that won just the rankings this year are super anticlimactic.
  15. Badname3245 New Member

    Congrats folks but I feel similar to this:

    The race died a long time ago and what we have left now is nothing close. Used to be most guilds went in blind to some degree. They never got to test every raid and even if they did test something first hand the dev or devs would hold back information or split the testing between a few guilds so no one guild got everything for an expansion or even a raid in some cases. Hell stuff used to meaningfully change after beta. Now people figure them all out during beta or better yet get entire raids explained by a dev so they can test them better while they record it all. They then watch their beta videos the night before it's live and act like its comparable to 5, 10, 15 years ago. It also used to be a marathon and now its a 100 yard dash which are not even close to being equal.
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  16. MrDudeGuy New Member

    Yeah, the rankings lose meaning when you wipe to Velks raid for 5+ hours and fall out of the top 10.

  17. Adanted New Member

    They lost meaning no matter who ranks where when 11 guilds win in 24 hours which i dont think has ever happened before (could be wrong). If we knew the 1 thing that made Velks the most trivial raid of the three we wouldnt have wiped but alas we had to figure it out the hard way. We beat it the first attempt the next day, if we decided to stay up until we win dedication that a lot of other guilds had, may have be different but you win some and you lose some. Guilds that were ranked 10th - 20th and now in top 10 and vise vera, how the cookie crumbles.
  18. MrDudeGuy New Member

    Yes, and many of those guilds didn't wipe to Velks raid for 5 hours. I'm glad you were able to watch better guilds' stream to figure out what you were doing wrong.

    I hope Axxius includes a serverwide 12th on your homepage pictures like he was wont to do for the last couple of expansions. Something tells me he wont.

    Jesus guys, you even finished after CT. Everyone can look at your homepage and see how salty Axxius was WRT CT last expansion. Now you guys finish behind them. What a joke.
  19. Coas Lorekeeper

    Don't think there is any need to turn this into a flame thread.

    Congrats winners! May we all get along a little better, we're all playing the same game together here.
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  20. Maedhros Augur

    I don't know what makes you guys think that guilds learning events in BETA is somehow new.
    Thats been going on forever. There are just more guilds involved these days.
    That is certainly a good thing.
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