Congrats to the Zek server!!

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    Congrats on the collaborative effort of Ascending Dawn and PRTS (Pegate Runs this Show). On the evening of August 27th, 2020, both forces decided to put aside their rivalries to achieve something that hasn't been seen on Zek in YEARS! We have successfully brought raids back to Zek! The Summoning of Droga has been downed by Zek which is the first raid in years and the highest progression Zek has ever seen.
    A special thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible, and look forward to what we can accomplish on this server.
    If you are interested in coming back to Zek (Free 50% exp bonus and Free server transfers to Zek) and looking to get into raiding, please reach out to members of Ascending Dawn and Pegate Runs this Show.

    Congrats Zek!
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  2. Buster_Shruggs Augur

    Thats cool, good luck folks! Cooperation= longevity+life to the game! /cheers

    And congratz!