Congrats M&M on server first Vulak!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by AtabishiRealThe, Aug 28, 2019.

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  1. Accipiter Old Timer

    I will never understand the mentality that creates a new forum account just to sh*t on someone else's accomplishments. Sad.
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  2. AtabishiRealThe New Member

    99.9% of the people on this TLP forum would never post under their char name or list their char names they currently play in a signature. 99.9% of the people on this forum doesn't want everyone to know how big of an idiot they really are. I know of less than a handful of people who actually post under their char name(s).
  3. NoWay Augur

    Guzzle haters gonna hate, so much salt the jelly tastes like sea water. Got to love the new member posts wonder who they are, lol.
  4. Ceffener Augur

    I’m still not convinced half of them are not in the very guilds they are trolling and just mad they got outbid on an item.
  5. Guzzle Augur

    I like this theory. INVESTIGATION TIME!!!
  6. Accipiter Old Timer

    Even worse, lol.
  7. yerm Augur

    If I couldn't get aow down with 60 max level chars because of chat lag, I would probably hide too. Ch is a 10 second cast, that's plenty of time to squeal "chat lag chat lag" in discord or whatever, have your healers target the tank, have them cast spot heals, and do it until roughly 10 seconds after the messages start back up. 60 people for a mob you can summon kite if you truly want to easy mode is zerg level.
  8. Ceffener Augur

    Curious to know how many attempts you actually think were even thrown at AoW. But not everyone can be as elite as the forumquesters. Must feel good.
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  9. Malmini New Member

    This place is filled with forum questers these days. Almost feels like P99.
  10. Pleefun Journeyman

    So let me make sure everything is correct. On the 2nd of Sep zerg magic went into kael with 127 people. Which put 63 in 1 raid and 64 in the 2nd raid. They wiped in both raids. 60+ is the avg size of a guild. So you basicly have 2 guilds worth of players going in to try and kill AOW. It doesnt happen. Yet a guild called Kursed went into kael the same night as you with 68 people. They killed AoW. They should of had the same lag issues you had? So just so everyone is clear you cant do OW tov because you would lose a dps race. You zerg down TOV in 6 hours...great job. But with your 2 guilds worth of raiders you couldnt kill aow. How are you the top guild? I thought you get the most loot there for your 127 raiders should be better geared than Kursed 68 raiders. At least blood was able to clear everything on 3 guys will take over a week to clear this exp. Top guild....keep dreaming far from it.
  11. AtabishiRealThe New Member

    Why we even talking about AoW still? That's old news ezpz content. The true boss of the Velious expansion on Mangler so far from what I've heard is ToV trash mobs. Even the great and powerful Bloodthirst has had full raid forces wipe to ToV trash mobs 4 times already. I witnessed with my own eyes back to back full BT raid wipes to 2 trash mobs on day 1 of launch. As I only played on mangler the first day of velious, I've only seen screenshots of the other 2 wipes. Has there been more that I'm not aware of? We should really just take all the mobs listed on manglerprogress off there and list out each type of ToV trash mob cause they seem to be the hardest to take down so far. What do you think should be the highest ranked trash mob? I'm really concerned that some of the lower number less organized guilds won't be able to take down a burning guardian or a shimmer drake.
  12. NoWay Augur

    . How are you the top guild? I thought you get the most loot there for your 127 raiders should be better geared than Kursed 68 raiders. At least blood was able to clear everything on 3 guys will take over a week to clear this exp. Top guild....keep dreaming far from it.[/quote]

    Wow hate much?
  13. Scruff Elder

    anyone know what rolandal's respawn time is
  14. yerm Augur

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and presume at least 1 hour of them.

    I mained a cleric on combine and selo in the top guilds. I've screamed about chat lag during serverwides on these forums. I post with my in-game name. It's not just me forum warrioring - if you cannot defeat aow with 60+ level 60 characters, that is your failing. If your healers cannot manage to spot a lapse in the rot and count to 10, that's their fault. What in the world are you even doing with that many people that a no ae ability mob isn't going down?
  15. Ceffener Augur

    2 attempts doesn’t overly translate to something being impossible to do. But hey some people like going to bed, other people like batphoning at 4am in the morning. Enjoy the guild that gives you what you want.
  16. Guzzle Augur

    Are you unable to comprehend how many people are able to access a DZ? We've not zerged anything down. We've not thrown bodies at anything. We've done everything, official, in instances.

    We were, and continue to, SPLIT CONTENT in separate DZ's. We also have 60 characters, not 60 mains. Half our clerics in both raids were boxes.

    Math and reading comprehension iz hard hurr durr.

    I know that pushing content and challenging yourself is a tough concept but why are you so big mad bro?

    Just accept the L and move along. Better luck next expansion.
  17. yerm Augur

    Who cares if it's boxes? The fight is a melee only mob you can pull anywhere. Boxes can be positioned beforehand and never move. Even if you kite aow the cleric boxes still don't need to move.

    There really is no reason to fail aow with 60+ characters, boxes or otherwise. There is just no reason to haul that many bodied in there except for aow; if you were going for max kt splits you could have easily had 3+ instances instead. People here wouldn't mock if you took 4 raids of 30s in, killed tormax x4, and said "we weren't doing aow this time, we split low for kt and can do aow in a couple days" this is great. People understand splitting low for kt and merging to more for aow, just like staying big for ntov and then splitting more later for vulaks. But that isn't what happened is it? You brought almost a capped raid and lost. You guys shouldn't be so dismissive of other guilds if you need 60 for tormax and statue, no aow.
  18. Guzzle Augur

    Quite the spin. Our focus was not AoW. We're cool with it. Kind of weird to be so obsessed with another guild that you spend so much time worrying about them and keeping up on every move we make.

    We don't really care about what you think is acceptable or what our goals should be. We aren't being dismissive, we're just not worried about what your goals for us are. We stuck to our plan and it worked. If you think the plan was bad... well, that's cool too.

    Good stuff though. Keep hating and we'll keep piling loot.
  19. XevBard99 Lorekeeper

    "We're the back to back champions undisputed top guild on the server"

    >> Hasn't killed AoW

  20. Guzzle Augur

    I mean we get the most loot per member and got the end expansion kills first.

    Not sure what measuring stick you guys use.. oh wait, you use "first to clear the expansion" because Faydedar lolololol.

    See you guys in Luclin!
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