Congrats M&M on server first Vulak!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by AtabishiRealThe, Aug 28, 2019.

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  1. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    Why you splitting for keys? I though Vulak was the final boss of SoV with all the good loot. Shouldn't you be cashing in and getting that sweet BiS AoW loot over the totally trash ST loot?

    Big yikes to Mangler wiping to AoW with 50 mains and your one of the "top guilds" on the server. That's pretty sad dog.
  2. NoWay Augur

    The salt from the other guilds crack me up, its starting to get in the jelly. Push on.
  3. Guzzle Augur

    I mean big yikes doing it with only like 60 people per raid, yeah. Ambitious? Yeah, but we figured we would give it a good shot after getting good loot and keys. Yes, Vulak is more important (but Vulak is on cooldown because we killed him in instance, making your argument invalid.. GGNORE), but if Sleeper is going to keep sleeping... we'll go get some keys for our members :)

    We are the top guild until someone dethrones us. Back to back expansion champs. See you in Luclin!

    I'll bring the peanut butter to the next thread.
  4. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    60 way more then you need dude. Our first on Selo had like 52 total with tanks in summoned mage gear and a cleric in the rot that wasn't even level 50. It wasn't even just us doing that it was all decent raid guilds. 3rd best guild on the server was killing AoW with small cloth cords on their MT.


    Like how is even possible to wipe with that many people when you have epics and ? Like was everyone AFK? Your warriors don't know how to press defensive?

    Are guilds really just that bad on Mangler?
  5. Guzzle Augur

    Cool story bro, grats on your achievement!
  6. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    Thanks bud. Maybe next time you can kill AoW with 20 more then you need. Good luck dude
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  7. Guzzle Augur

  8. AtabishiRealThe New Member

    Someone must have really hurt this waitingformoreEQ guy. Comparing an AoW kill on selos to mangler considering Selo's launched with AA's and the first successful kills of AoW were zerg fests and dps races.
  9. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    Imagine being so mad and bad at a 20 year old video game that you need to make up to protect your bruised ego. Here let me help you, have your Clerics watch this maybe next time you wont wipe

  10. Machen Augur

    I am going to go out on a limb here and ask (since i've never seen chat lag in ooc or shout in all the years I've played this game)... Why weren't you using ooc or shout for your rotation? In a DZ this should be a no brainer.
  11. AtabishiRealThe New Member

    What bruised ego? I don't play on mangler, I literally play on selos lol. I have played mangler a total of 4 hours in months. Are you forgetting that the first AoW kills on selos were streamed by multiple people? lol
  12. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    I remember Bobbybick swapping sides and getting to watch us kill the last 10% of the first AoW.

    Or did you think that KT race when 90% of the raid was level 55ish was AoW.
  13. Phinny4Life Lorekeeper

    Machen, since Mangler launched it has been VERY noticeable that anytime a system-wide kill is about to generate, chat lag happens .. We use /auction like most every other guild and its still pretty brutal as far as the lag goes. Quite literally everything grinds to a stop for at least 5-7 seconds before the system wide comes through.
  14. Ceffener Augur

    Your not playing the game if you haven’t noticed the chat lag problem.
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  15. AtabishiRealThe New Member

    I've wondered if DBG downgraded their servers before the Mangler/Selo's launch. The lag on Mangler when I played was unlike anything I had seen on prior TLP's. Constant chat lag, zones crashing just from having 72 in it, delays on using abilities. I can remember on Phinny having 100-200 person DPS races on Trakanon before they changed the bard epic with no lag, or in Velious when OGC + AoS + IVAS all had their raid forces in the same zones and not having lag. On Mangler though (I've heard this was also the case early in Selos too when the population was still high) when two raid forces would DPS race the same raid mob, you either couldn't use any of your spells/discs or the raid mob would just stop attacking entirely. We had a DPS on trakanon once where trak just stood there and never hit anyone. On velious launch in Kael, just from bloodthirst having their entire guild in there it took like 5 minutes just for a mob to go from point A to point B if bloodthirst was engaged on a target.
  16. TLP Addict Augur

    I've noticed that even tells can take 10+ seconds to go through on raids sometimes.
  17. Guzzle Augur

    No bruised egos here friend. We are having a great time in Velious so far. Keep hating from the sidelines though!

    Good luck in Luclin everyone!
  18. Machen Augur

    You're right, I'm not playing. Haven't played since Selos launch.
  19. RealityCheck1 New Member

    Does having a great time include taking 4 hours to do tunare in a DZ?
  20. Guzzle Augur

    Yup! I've had a blast so far in Velious. Great loot, definitely worth the time investment. We were pretty overly conservative with Growth, sure, but the full clear was pretty fruitful. 2 Tunares chock full of great loot, what a time time to be alive! One split got it done in 3 hours, though, so 4 hours and 2 full Growth clears? No cheesing? I'll take it!

    Thanks for checking in, RealityCheck1, I appreciate you caring about our progress. :thumbsup:

    You can come in and try and take digs at us all ya want, but considering we're splitting everything week 1 and pushing ourselves, you take the good with the bad.

    I don't mind the hate, but you're really looking sad with your feeble attempts to disparage us here. All through Kunark we 3 split everything in like 4 hours a week, including a few times where we split naggy 6 times for funsies. Classic we 3 split everything as well for 2.5 months of the expansion. We're striving for the same goals here, and while it does make things take longer, the level of gearing we are able to appreciate speaks for itself.

    Thanks again for the shade, it's getting pretty hot in here with all this loot.
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