Congrats M&M on server first Vulak!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by AtabishiRealThe, Aug 28, 2019.

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  1. AtabishiRealThe New Member

    Just wanted to congratulate M&M on yet another expansion win as they snagged server first Vulak within hours of Velious launch. Nice to see as an ex-M&M member, while I sit over here on Selos server, that M&M has survived the wow classic launch and still managed to best the 200 man batphone guild yet again. Congrats and looking forward to seeing another win in Luclin!
  2. Guzzle Augur

    I wiped 2x on my way to this post
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  3. That0neguy Augur

    LOL since when is Vulak the crowning glory of Velious? Come back and try again once the 4 warders are dead.
  4. qweasy Augur

    In 1 raid, can't be taking days off in between to med.
  5. NoWay Augur

    Can 2 group Sleeper.
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  6. Phinny4Life Lorekeeper

    Welp, I would assume this is being gathered off of the recent progress sites .. - Lists <Wild Treasures> (AoS) on top of the list for killing Vulak first - Lists <The Final Crusade> on top of the list for killing Vulak first

    I wasn't able to track down Agnarrs site ..

    Nothing based off of Warders here

    But hey whatever you guys need to tell yourselves and your member base to make you feel better

    Congrats on server second and not even on launch night .. =)
  7. taliefer Augur

    this is the exact reason all these websites are silly. aint noone who actually plays eq thinks vulak is the "boss" mob of velious,

    if you actually need one its clearly Avatar of War, not vulak, not 4 warders
  8. Ohfuggle Elder

    Congrats to Atabishi for trying for hours to disrupt raids but failing.

    Think he was also visited by a GM, go figure!
  9. NoWay Augur

    Lol been vulak every server. butt hurt much?
  10. Moneyshotz New Member

    Lol server first in a dz smh
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  11. Xeris Augur

    we got aow + vulak in open world today, but who's counting.
  12. AtabishiRealThe New Member

    You of all people should know that one mob being harder than another doesn't make it the end boss of an expansion. I literally should not have to explain this to you. In most expansions, the end boss is not the hardest. Eye of veeshan, phara dar, vulak, aten ha ra, quarm, tunat, omm etc are all not the hardest raid mob in their respective expansion. There is little to no build up to killing AoW, it can be done within an hour of expansion launch, it doesn't have the best loot, it doesn't have a plethora of resist check/dps check bosses + trash to go through to kill. We all also know that ST can't be the end zone of the expansion because for one the loot is trash compared to ntov, and secondly the entire place can be 3 grouped.

    Vulak has always and will always be the end boss raid mob of velious, everyone knows this going in. There's also no point in arguing that you were prioritizing something else which is why you didn't get vulak. AoS on phinny, arguably the most competitive TLP to date got AoW + Vulak + the majority of ST key mobs on opening day of velious all with half the numbers bloodthirst went in with and with us in OGC as well as multiple other guilds breathing down their throat.
  13. TLP Addict Augur

    Grats MnM

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  14. Moneyshotz New Member

    Also didn’t bench 90 members of our raid on a launch day
  15. DarkDefender New Member

    I don't really have a horse in this race, but I'm not sure I understand why that should lessen a server first. You give up the extra loot of getting it in OW and DZ, sure, but that's a separate kind of win from a server-first, launch-to-kill race. I wouldn't exactly call OW harder or slower, since it can be zerged with 100+ and a single guild may not even be solo-killing all the Vulak blockers. From a time perspective (launch to kill), I would say DZ actually has a slower top-end speed, just more consistent with no trains or leapfrogging.

    People just have different priorities (more loot vs. first to kill).
  16. rocs New Member

    I am new here, but I have been looking for the best guild to join.

    I heard that Bloody RaThirst has over 1600 members from lots of guilds combining. I can't believe they couldn't be the server first. I am going to apply to the smaller, server first guild, Magic and Melee.
  17. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If that sleeper aint awake then you shouldn't sleep!
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  18. Guzzle Augur

    This may come as a shock to you, but we don't need over 200 members to accomplish our goals. We had, maybe, 6 to 8 people sitting out last night.

    How many races did you lose last night? How many times did you wipe on trash in ToV with half your raid force? If 4 warders are your measuring stick, Europa Mangler made the most progress on launch night.

    Anyhoo, congrats on zerging down AoW with 200+ and still almost failing on that.
  19. Phinny4Life Lorekeeper

    Yea, hear they (M&M) did server first in a DZ with at least 100 less people than Bloodthirst was running around with.. Also hear Bloodthirst wiped to a couple random trash mobs with their 140+ people.. Word on the street is M&M, not a single wipe and cleared everything in less than 6 hours with 72.

    This is probably a prime example of what happens when your guild absorbs a bunch of tier lesser guilds who aren't geared, and you yourselves spent an expac and a half selling all your gear to the server for Mabbu's kronie collection.

    Was kind of funny to sit in ToV last night with Vulak targeted and watch your tanks take SOO much damage. Why y'all so spikey? Need some gearing tips? Or just need to go back and farm the old stuff a bit longer?
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  20. Moneyshotz New Member

    Lol dz has never counted as a server first feel special however you need
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