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  1. Leloes Lorekeeper

    Sorry, that pic doesn't open.....

    Did all that and still does not work.

    I have played other games so I am quite familiar with how to create a character. I have done all that has been suggested. There just seems to be a problem.
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    Ok what do you see on the lower right side of your screen? Under Diety then City then appearance then another window says Heroic Character - do you see any thing under that?

    If not then Please try Alt Enter (Not just Enter). In FULL SCREEN MODE you should be able to see all the buttons
  3. Leloes Lorekeeper

  4. CatsPaws Augur

    so you see nothing under Heroic Character box on the right?
  5. CatsPaws Augur

  6. Leloes Lorekeeper

    I found what the problem was. I can't see it when I'm fullscreen. How do I go out of being in the first person mode?
  7. Qbert Augur

    Full-screen vs. windowed mode = ALT + Enter.

    First person mode is a separate thing, that's in-game only so not sure you are quite there, but, F9 cycles through the camera angles and/or you can use your mouse scroll-wheel.
  8. CatsPaws Augur

    mouse and scroll
  9. Leloes Lorekeeper

    Found that out. I keep forgetting the age of this game.
  10. Leloes Lorekeeper

    Is there any way to make it look less "dull"?
  11. Spirithief Journeyman

    Did you get character in game after switching to windowed mode. You need to match you game resolution to monitor resolution if things like the right side of character creation are getting cut off. Not sure but default might still be 600x900 or some such thing.
    if you got in game and you want out of first person you can simply scroll out with mouse. Also a hot key for different camera angles but I’d have to look and see. You can lock your camera to a certain viewpoint as well.
    take a screenshot of what you’re seeing and post it here. Might help people more if they can see what you’re seeing.
  12. Spirithief Journeyman

    How do you mean?
    The original graphics are from 99 but there was an update with new character models somewhere along the way. Used to be able to switch between the two; possibly still is.
    you're not going to get the vibrancy of modern games. Maybe newer zones you will, I haven’t played in many years so can’t say. In EQ when it’s dark out or in caves ets, it’s dark! Not like most games that you can still see where you’re going without a light source.
    you can go into your in game graphics and adjust settings and if that not enough you can adjust settings on your monitor depending on what capabilities it has.
  13. Leloes Lorekeeper

    It could just be the age of the game but it just seems that the color looks faded.
  14. Leloes Lorekeeper

    Hmmm....can't seem to get screenshot to show....
  15. Spirithief Journeyman

    It’s probably just the old graphics and imo EQ still uses light and darkness better than any other mmo I’ve played. Was going to send you pic of what mine looks like but looks like I’d have to upload it somewhere etc. If you’re on the EQ discord I could send it to you there.
  16. SunDrake Augur

    I believe you can put an image directly into a forum post without it being hosted on an external site.

    Edit: Hmm, no. Doesn't look that way. Sorry.
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  17. Scorrpio Augur

    Well, you are most likely in the place called GLOOMINGDEEP. It is deep and gloomy and kinda drab. Once you leave the tutorial and head outside, things ought to be more colorful.

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