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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by VixenRage, Sep 27, 2018.

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    Your link is for the latest expansion variations that are now on sale.
    This link will explain Hero chars.
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  3. CatsPaws Augur

    The free accounts are spammed with pop ups in the game that want you to buy an ALL ACCESS membership - monthly fee.

    Then when you sign out of free accounts you usually get a redirect to a browser pop up that wants you to go all access also but has the prices listed. Looks like this

    I think there was a hero upgrade but haven't seen it in a while. Not really making sense cause you can buy the upgrade to heroic on your character for $35 but not really worth it since your stuck at that level on AA's until you go all access.
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    Wow, We played from the beta in 1999 to 2008 when it became clear EQ was all about the new version EQ2, so we quit.. Seems that now EQ has adopted Direct TV pricing, Make them pay until cut the cord kills us. Many thanks . this is still a nightmare as they can't package features in a honest and fair way, I'll stick to free EQ till Ring of Elysium gets sorted out.
  5. yepmetoo Augur

    LOL, what?

    Until like 6 years ago you couldn't even log in without a paid subscription. Now they let you log in and play, just under the FTP restrictions. Most of those restrictions only matter if you are max level or want to raid (in which case stop being cheap and pay for the darn game). And all they do it hit you with a little window at the log in saying, "hey, here are some things you might want" and when you log off a pop up saying "hey, try a paid sub, here are the benefits".

    FTP is a teaser to get people into the game to get them to PAY them. Its not a darn charity.

    Want fair and honest? Pay for a subscription and have everything included. Heck, they even give you all expansions for the price of the latest now, AND give you the first 20 or so expansions for free.
  6. Defjam1 Journeyman

    Minimize the window... don't close it and voila no spam

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