Confused about DoN cultural

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    You can buy augments with a focus from the DoN vendor for the respective faction crystals, or use other type 7 augs with a focus (LDoN augs).

    This was an era where everything didnt have one or more focuses/combat effects built in.

    There are also craftable slot 7/8/12 augments with focus effects using dropped gems and marks of x that should be from the omens/gates/dragons era.
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    Excellent, I'll look in to them. Many thanks.
  4. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    The DoN didn't have focii and effects tied to specific slots yet, and the focii for DoN Cultural is found on the Type 12 augs, aka Seals, that are made using raid drops (Chronal Stone[65], Discordant Stone[65], Bazu Stone[70], Last Blood[70], Serpent's Essence[75], Faceted Sunshard[75], or Prismatic Faycite[80]). With the change to UF Cultural, the added group type 17 Seals as well as Raid type 17 Seals; with the type 17s replacing the type 12s.

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