Conflag armor on warrior in TBL

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Gommy, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Gommy Journeyman


    Assuming I get to 110 with a decent amount of AA's (all the focus / defensive / activateable agro things) and AC/HP augs, is it worth getting conflag armor? Will I be able to tank in TBL enough to start killing named? I've heard they are a little over the top in difficulty, but I don't know if the people who have been complaining about it are just really under-aa'd or un-aug'd. Or are using a beastlord as a main healer. Whichever.

    Not even zoned into TBL yet, only recently back.
  2. Tucoh Augur

    Whether you get conflag armor is dependent on how good your current armor is and how hard it'd be for you to get TBL armor. If you're a fresh 110 and don't have a means of getting carried through TBL missions, then yeah it's worth getting.

    Whether that will enable you to kill TBL named is dependent on your group and the named mob. But a properly played warrior in conflagrant with a couple other decent players at the same gear level can kill most TBL named. Warriors are very gear dependent, but we've stacked up so many activatable skills over the years that we can compensate for bad gear with good skills.
  3. Thunderkiks Augur

    I use my monk to tank and recently took back up playing my group geared toons I left back in TBM on my old server. I finished TBM, then moved to EoK, and then to TBL to see how I would handle it. It worked out better than I had hoped but is still tough. I did enough TBL progression to get to the Esianti mission and farmed that to get some TBL T2 stuff, combined with GMM non vis in some slots and a couple EoK ultra rare pieces. I only have 2 more missions to do now to finish TBL for them and a few merc and partisan tasks. The better gear was noticeable but wasn't a make or break kinda thing. So I think as a warrior you should be better off than my monk. Good luck, use all the tools you have available too you, tribute, trophies, ect.
  4. aozs New Member

    Conflag should be a fine starting point for TBL. Warrior tanking is very much about cooldown management.

    I recently leveled a 6 box team on FV (war/rog/ber/brd/shm/clr). I started farming the GMM HA with EoK T2 and TBM non-visibles and had no problems even tanking 5-10 mobs at a time with proper cooldowns running. Granted, the mobs in the HA are unusually weak compared to pretty much any other 110 content.

    I started actual TBL progression a little over a week ago with mostly GMM non-vis + EoK T2 and have had no problems defeating Fight Fire (easily tanked the 4 lieutenants with no cc), Trial of Wending Ways, Trial of Three, and Trial of Speaker's Ampitheater. This was with half heroic augs, no tribute/trophy, and about 16k AAs. I think I was around 5.9k ac and ~250k hp fully buffed with shield.

    Now, my warrior has a few TBL pieces and sits around 6k ac with ~270k hp fully buffed in DW stance. Not exactly super impressive stats, but so far it's actually been more than enough to sit in DW stance basically all the time with rotating CDs. Haven't really needed insane healing either, unless I'm tanking 3-4 TBL T2 trash mobs without major CDs running.

    As Tucoh said, your ability to kill nameds will depend heavily on the group and the named in question. A properly played warrior in conflag+GMM non-vis should be able to hold up no problem, but if DPS is too low or healing is very weak, putting together a kill might become a challenge.
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  5. Buds Elder

    When you say the AC number, are you adding the first and last nunmbers. Sorry, I've been away from the game awhile and I see two AC numbers now, like 4000/2000. I guess one is avoidance and one is mitigation?

    Oh BTW, I hit 105 with my SK and upgraded to full Weeping armor and omg it's like a different game now lol. I had like RoF raid armor before(silvershade/dreadweave). The AC/HP upgrade is the biggest jump I've ever seen. I play on FV, so the armor is cheap and easy to get. The group gear for TBL is just about as good as EoK Raid gear, better at 110 and close to RoS.
  6. Brohg Augur

    nah, his 6k is just mitigation AC
  7. Buds Elder

    So the first number is the mitigation ac? That is the number people quote when they state their AC or they add both usually?
  8. Coronay Augur

    Yes just the first number now. The second number is your avoidance.
  9. Skewert New Member

    Many (most?) of the stats in the stats screen actually tell you what they are referring to if you hover over them. If you hover over the two different AC numbers (in your main inventory screen) it tells you what each figure is specifically referring to.
  10. Natal Augur

    Do GMM first. You can get stuff in all non vis slots (other than shields) which is as good as phlogiston raid gear from RoS. Also do the FF mission on HA whenever possible. It is easy and drops the evolving items (which evolve into stuff that is better than TBL raid gear in those slots). Smoke missions can be done as well for the tradeskill armor components to make visible slot items (although they do not drop every time). You should be able to completely equip your warrior with the best group gear in TBL without ever fighting a named, and if you do your gear will be roughly at RoS raid diamond level.

    Named in TBL are tough. You need decent gear AND a decent group to consistently beat them, but you can get fully group geared relatively easily without ever fighting one.
  11. Filter Elder

    I tried to do TBL (not GMM) progression and my war got smoked because he has conflag armor and pretty much all conflag slots. I went to GMM and got all of the Darkness Howls gear and went back to TBL progression. This didn't go well for me unfortunately but mostly it's just a war/zerker/healer merc/healer merc. Now if I had 8K more aa's I would have been better off. I had to cycle through all mitigation discs to do merc quests if that tells you anything. Just my experience from 2 weeks ago.

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