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  1. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Definitely kept rezzing them, but with more 0% rezzes involved /evilgrin, automation has an inherent flaw.
  2. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    0% rez every time. If they accept it, it's their fault.
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  3. WarpedJester New Member

    wait.. but.. really man.. you leave off there........
  4. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    I want to know whrere one can drive by randomly sight caped neckbeards (Irgwe than the WWE or Renfest parking lots).
  5. GoneFission Augur

    Question for original players: did EverQuest time start at Day 1, hour 1 when the first server opened? Or did time start in-game at a random point in time?

    Obviously, there’s a back-history with pre-player events, but I wonder what the clock was at launch.
  6. Kelset Elder

    Pretty lame but running around newbies in freeport typing /em pickpockets 2pp from you...
  7. KrakenReality Augur

    I use random name generator for my character names. I lack creativity.
  8. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Its better than people who name their boxes "Playernameheals," "Playernameslows," and "Playernamenuke" at least.
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  9. eqzekisdead Augur

    20 years ago I ninja looted guardian armor in skyshrine on an alt. I was suspended for this. It was on the RZ server before augs so nodrop gear was valuable.
    I still feel bad about it.
  10. Qimble Augur

    I ninja'd things a few times on SZ, but it was completely legal there. no ragrets
  11. bortage spammin lifetaps

    I have done nothing but spam lifetaps for 21 years
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  12. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    I hate dueling, I see no point in it.. but I did do it once, long long long ago.. when invis could still poof pets.
    a BL friend of mine got a new kitty, and begged me for days to dual his kitty.. so....... one day when we were out adventuring, I said, ok., fine. let's do this. he goes wait wait, let me rebuff him. ok.. fine, you rebuff him I sit down and load group invis song. and I sit there waiting til he is all done.. then he finally goes ok, lets Duel, and challenges me.. Before I hit accept, I said are you sure, everything's ready, you didn't possibly forget ANYTHING? he says nope, all good, lets do this.. I hit accept, and invis, and poof, buh bye kitty.. then I mezzed him, and said you forgot I hate duels, and am a bard.
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  13. Tsolaes Elder

    I purposely never invested in Spellcasting Subtlety so I could draw more aggro and tank much better.
    It did save a few people from death, but also resulted in me going splat a lot and really annoyed group-mates!
    I just want to be the best Shaman/Warrior/ShadowKnight/Monk/Druid I can be!
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  14. Wulerdar Gnome Slayer

    I have NEVER hit area taunt to flip an Enraged mob around to kill most of the melee dps on a raid NEVER
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  15. Filter Augur

    I've played with Hayzeus on Xev way back when. I don't recall which toon I played at that time likely my necro Filter of Filterx after the merge. I honestly don't recall much about the adventures but I remember they were fun. More than likely we were in some place we shouldn't be but can't remember that many years ago now. On The Rathe now playing a zerker main.

    I have definitely taunted a mob (as a war raider) on enrage to see how many people I could kill.

    I may or may not have pulled named mobs all the way across the zone back many moons ago.

    KS'd a group of people in Seb trying to get a lammy. People that just automatically assume you're up to no good calling you out for just standing there deciding where to go. They were freaking out so I proceeded to go down the tunnel to kill their named and destroy the Lammy for giggles. I made some friends that day.

    I would pull guards in Kelethin to the Crushbone zone where there were a ton of evil races exping and collecting belts. They were sitting in tunnel medding and I dropped a few on them. These were from the same small guild above. Still makes me laugh.

    I killed A LOT of sharks when they were dropping a lot of plat way back when so I exploited that. Can't remember when that was but gez ages ago.

    I sac'd many unsuspecting souls waiting for a rez back in the day. They would call for rez in a zone, I would invite them and then sac them. They never asked why they needed to group. /shrug
  16. Evye Augur

    sometimes i wish they would make auspice of the hunter group only
  17. GoneFission Augur

    The thing to do is wait until the raid is over and cast sacrifice on someone right after the wizard announces the port out. See who is paying attention versus clicking on OK.
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  18. Windance Augur

    I haven't seen this done in years ...

    PoWater raid mid 2000's, pick up raid has downed Coirnav and someone says in raid or shout that every should check out their raiding experience, you know /ex ...

    Half the raid poofs a couple seconds later ....
  19. Svann2 The Magnificent

    /ooc dont forget to talk to Tserrina.
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  20. Jennre Band Leader

    We would haze new guildies in Solteris by having them click the lava stream to port to the next event.

    In RoF, we would tell people to remember to say "willing" to Grelleth start the event /laugh.