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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Senek, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. IblisTheMage Augur

    I am happy that Zek eksists.
  2. Caster Lorekeeper

    Yea, none of that happened. I had the leadership tag from Scowl after he quit. I sold it for like 5 million plat plus all of the rare casino droppable items.

    It was hilarious anyone cared about the leadership tag of a dead guild lead by a hair dresser.
  3. eqzekisdead Augur

    It's dead. I would be surprised if any gm or dev even knows that zek still exists.
  4. MoveFastRZ Augur

    Wow, this story is even better. Too good to verify, in fact. Thanks for providing.

    That's crazy they paid you 5 million plat and all the casino items just so they could swing from the nuts of the guild's former reputation.
  5. MoveFastRZ Augur

    Who was the hairdresser, you or Scowl? In the latter case, I guess his occasional claims of being a heart-surgeon in training turned out to be less than factual.
  6. IblisTheMage Augur

    Scowl actually donated the guild tag to Berkeley, which is using it to study online behavior. A paper is coming out later this spring. Will be fun to see our game through anthropologists' eyes.
  7. Caster Lorekeeper

    Scowl. He cut a killer hi-top fade.
  8. MoveFastRZ Augur

    Can he shave a picture of him and Regis camping the Nexus zoneline into my crew cut?
  9. Derd Augur

    This thread is why most players avoid your server like the plague... keep it up.
  10. eqzekisdead Augur

    Can you please shut down zek so I can get a free transfer off.
  11. MoveFastRZ Augur

    You sure are giving this thread a lot of credit. Could be that they partly avoid it because the PvP mechanics have been a pile of dog turd for more than a decade now.

    If what you mean is that the community isn't EQ's best, then trust me, you're not breaking any news, and this thread is the very tiniest tip of the iceberg. EQ PvP is 20 percent the best players and most interesting people around, and 80 percent the absolute trash of the trash. Sometimes the two groups overlap a little, but only sometimes, and only a little.
  12. Derd Augur

    Reading your post I'm still trying to figure out which percent you fit in rz, but I do agree. I tried one of the pvp servers quite awhile back. Met someone in one of the evil starting zones and had quite a bit of fun. Then I tried to move my warrior to a new xp zone ( I'd picked warrior thinking it wasnt a highly played class and I might find a raid spot when I leveled up) first zone I tried to get thru, boom dead. Hadn't seen anyone but still dead lol. Fun stuff till the 2nd 3rd 4th time , still never seeing anyone close, but those arrows saw me. I attempted being friendly and gave my whole hey I want to level and hopefully raid someday speel, to which I learned the other guy didn't care and every time I zoned in he was going to kill me. I went back to normal servers and never looked back. Rubemout the ogre warrior never got to help a guild raid he just sits there sad and ugly.
  13. smash Augur

    Basically pvp will always be bad. As some will always get an edge, and as soon that happens he/she will use it max. And well if can keep others down then that will be done.
    And can you honest say you would not do the same?
  14. Kierrah New Member

  15. Kierrah New Member

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