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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Senek, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Senek Journeyman

    OMG what has happened to Retaliation? there are few to be seen day to day, no more raiding, i miss our little chats and banter in PoT while assembling our MIghty Wudan Raid force to farm the raids? but no one to be seen lately? i am left wondering, could this be the begining of the end of Retaliation? will they Disband soon? will there be a worthy Guild to rise up and take over PK ??? who can tell....RIP Retaliation :( the hackers ruined you in the end :( super sad face :(
  2. Kierrah New Member

    Things beyond this game are at hand. Rest assured you have plenty of dying in the future :p
  3. Senek Journeyman

    Wow this font colour stuff is soooo cool
  4. Senek Journeyman

    Things beyond this game? in other words your running excuse that emo was it put? "on vacation" LOL HAHAHAH vacation....ya right
  5. Senek Journeyman

    and of course we already know what happened to Triz....RIP - KFC
  6. Kierrah New Member

    "Naming/Accusing - Openly accusing another player or group of misbehavior results in non-constructive discussion and is not allowed. You may discuss the type of behavior at issue, but specifically naming individuals or groups is not allowed. In cases of exploiting, harassment or other violations of conduct, please submit a ticket to Customer Service for investigation."
  7. Senek Journeyman

    hmm i did not technically name anyone, read closer
  8. Senek Journeyman

    soo speaking of names, your name Kierrah is that from DS9? or just something you strung together?
  9. Kierrah New Member

    When i made this character in 2001, it seemed to fit a woodelf. At that time I tried to roleplay a bit more ;) Just something that came to mind. The original spelling I wanted didn't work though.(without the h) Most of my earlier characters had some thought put into their names :cool:
  10. Senek Journeyman

  11. Senek Journeyman

    i wish they would hurry the heck up
  12. Senek Journeyman

    this is cutting into my play time
  13. Caster Lorekeeper

    Can Wudan get any more pathetic? Seriously, you're coming to the DBG forums to trash talk because the opposing guild leader hasn't been on in a week... during the week that 75% of the country coincidentally has Spring Break?

    Know how I know Wudan's player base consists entirely of anti-social, regressive shut-ins? This thread.
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  14. MoveFastRZ Augur

    As far as I can tell they let the usual suspects (Vendetta Elite crew) who hack openly into the guild, which is always the beginning of the end.
  15. Kierrah New Member

    Crasssy :rolleyes: Daybreak knows whose hacking let them take care of it. Keep recording and posting rediculous video's so we can get a good laugh. :D
  16. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Looks like Zek is leaking onto the forums again.
  17. MoveFastRZ Augur

    Yep. Believe it or not, 'Veterans' Lounge' includes PvP veterans.
  18. MoveFastRZ Augur

    I retired from my most recent run on Zek months ago, so I haven't been posting any videos. Any guild with Eric (Ssolrac) in it, or other former members of <Vendetta Elite>, later responsible for hijacking the <Hate> guildtag (Sarai, Senjuju, etc.) is hacking openly. Everyone who has been on Zek at any point in the last 7 years knows that. It's standard Zek procedure not to admit to anything, but you know what you're doing. I'm sure Wudan has people in it who load , but they also don't have members who have multi-year reputations of hacking, getting banned, buying a new character--wash, rinse, repeat.

    As I've stated in previous threads about this issue--there's a line with use that intelligent, veteran PvP players do their best not to cross. You've got people in your guild who cross it brazenly. That's not good for anyone.
  19. Caster Lorekeeper

  20. MoveFastRZ Augur

    Somebody got hold of a shared account that was officer tagged and started running the tag like it was their guild. It wasn't. It was a legendary Sullon Zek raid guild, of which none of these people were ever members. (This happened years and years after the real <Hate> had folded).

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