Companion's Fury AA: Rank 15 and Rank 16 Identical Descriptions

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dahaman, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. Dahaman Augur

    Typo or Missing Info:

    Companion's Fury rank 15 and rank 16 have identical descriptions. Checked three times, but still couldn't see anything different looking at the Current Rank vs. Next Rank descriptions. I think rank 17 has an identical description too.

    My guess is that the AA gets extended an additional 12 seconds for ranks 16 and 17 and it is simply a typo on the duration or the extension amount.
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  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    You'll want to identify the class, as there are multiple versions of those ranks which are class-dependent.
  3. Dahaman Augur

  4. Karm New Member

    Just unlocked on Mangler and ranks 15+ show exactly same description. Is there actually an upgrade ?
  5. Qbert Gallifreyan

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  6. Karm New Member

    I appreciate that. I did see the raidloot so wondered why I did not see the description change. It seems to have fixed itself either by zoning or relogging. So Fury 20 shows the right effects.