Community Letter: A Note from Jennifer Chan

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Mar 11, 2020.

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  1. lockjaws Augur

    Per account.

    It would be sensible to pause the countdown of time when server downtime happens. This is something completely within control. Or be like Magelo, and add 3 days to all subscriber's accounts to compensate for the service not functioning.

    If TimeLeft > 0, then TimeLeft = TimeLeft + 1

  2. Entice New Member

    Simple fact is, EQ is in competition, competition for the user's time, enjoyment, and money. If you are not providing what they need/want, they will inevitably go elsewhere.
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  3. Irritated New Member

    I understand what you are saying, but these are different times. How many people are locked down in their homes? People need things to stay sane at a time like this, but also it's about more then the daily cost.
    I think it's more about our time. This is how I unwind and enjoying spending my evenings. Since I have been back (@ month) there have been so many times I have logged in to find the servers locked. I have yet so see a maintenance (scheduled not emergency) complete on time without 5 emergency maintenance lockouts to fix the schedule maintenance.
    You can go out to eat lunch and not like the delay in serve, so you leave. That is your choice, but that time is gone and now I have to get back to work without lunch. Sometimes if you stay they comp the meal,give a free desert, or give you a free meal next visit. Not give you 50 cents for waiting so long.
  4. Stout New Member

    Credit accounts with time, not cash.
  5. Metanis Augur

    I think it was a gutsy move getting these server merges done now!

    Jennifer just tell the folks the servers will be down as long as it takes to do the job right.
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  6. kdor57 New Member

    I think that if this downtime is a hardship in any way for someone, then perhaps they need to re-evaluate their priorities.
    I have a difficult time believing that the money "lost" for the downtime is a concern for anyone.... that mountain dew you're drinking cost more than you lost. If you claim that its the principle of the thing, then I would ask that you untwist your panties and understand that not everything is going to go your way or even be fair... its called life. Adults learn to deal with the important issues and not sweat the small stuff.... not being able to play a video game for a day or so, doesn't even meet the small stuff level.

    Can't we just be happy that we still have the game we all have played and loved for so many years, and that they are still putting resources and energy into it? Updating a system that is supposed to be live 24/7 is tricky at best and a nightmare at worst. Let them do their thing and quit whining like a child who dropped his lolly.
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  7. Natal Augur

    If the issue is the scripts for merging servers messing up, then lock the servers involved and open up the rest that are not being merged. There is no reason why everyone has to be locked out.
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  8. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    Wish I knew which 'rant' er comment you were replying to.

    That wall map is pretty awesome isn't it :)
  9. Irritated New Member

    Thank you your input. Just like you pointing out what you feel is relevant, the need to re-evaluate our priorities, we can too. We should be able to complain about the down time and the extension. I have been off the last two days, and I was bummed they had a 24 hour maintenance scheduled (that's me being and adult) I made other plan. When I saw they extended the down time I got irritated (dropped my lolly). My son has been waiting for a week or so to play EQ together. So yes my panties are twisted and I think they could have been smarter about the maintenance, and that's partly due to how the last downtimes have been. I don't drink soda and I don't like people that think their way is the best way. Let people rant and do what they will. This has been a disappointing return, but we will seem what the future holds. FYI if anyone of importance reads this..... overestimate your downtime so if you need it, it's there. If you don't need it, I'm sure people will be happier that you unlocked servers earlier.
  10. dreamweaver Community Manager

    That's odd it showed as a quote on my post... The one you have quoted right below me.
  11. dreamweaver Community Manager

  12. Buster_Shruggs Augur

    I expect downtimes and try plan accordingly between work and free time. I tend to leave my accounts logged in and sitting in the guild hall or lobby in order to save time from those few moments I spend logging into the game. I don't expect them to compensate me for the hours or ,in extreme cases, days lost due to maintenance or whatever the case maybe. I certainly wouldn't send emails or stay on hold for CS demanding 50 cents/day be returned to me, BUT I would definitely appreciate it if they credited my accounts for the time lost. I think that would be a generous gesture on their part and would go a long way to ending some of the complaints here. If the 50 cents/day is no big deal then why is crediting accounts for lost time a big deal considering they both amount to the same thing?
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  13. Lachnar Elder

  14. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    Only think I see is "

    And you can see, I clicked reply on your above post where you quoted
    and the persons quote you replied to.

    Something is buggy. You are the only one it did this to me.
  15. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Oh.. well.. that's just...awesome..
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  16. ManglerNecro Journeyman

    Them can just reward all with some extra DB coins, or extend bonus exp next week I think.
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  17. mikey anchorage New Member

    I think they would be better off not over promising and under delivering.
  18. Zandy New Member

    yep, specially for the krono's users ;)
  19. mikey anchorage New Member

    Deciding whats valuable to someone else is pointless. You like alcohol, you like marijuana you like cocaine, you like hookers. WE decide what we value, not some holier than thou person. Fact is, if im paying MY money for something i expect to have it. IF you dont, then YOURE the idiot.
  20. bebeto New Member

    so any update? 48 hours or 72 hours?
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