Community Letter: A Note from Jennifer Chan

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Mar 11, 2020.

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  1. mikey anchorage New Member

    wheres the update notice? or should we just pack it in for the day
  2. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

  3. NemesisOfSeth New Member

    Guys, I love you guys. Really love this game. Previously back a page or 2 in red letters I wrote :Oh, great job on offering HOT expansion, don't stop there offer the rest of the expansions! We have money which we want to give you for them, take our money! Take it! I have a lot more to say but, for now let’s see if you respond.
    There was a hole paragraph and in turn you guys added a new expansion for sale. Love it went to go buy 3 like just like HOT expansion at 40 bucks. Was super excited, then i realize its is station cash only. So i am like oh, i don't have enough. To bad i can't pay cash. Okay let me check SC price... I need to pay 85 dollars to buy 1 expansion. To be honest that killed it for me. instead of being able to buy 3 expansion's for 120 buck at 40 a piece, i get one for 85 and some left over SC which i don't need... Do me a favor. Think about this, Hot is sold at 40 and the next expansion is basically 85. That's more than twice the price. I am all for supporting the cause, but change it so you can pay 40 bucks cash money or SC i think it was like 8,000 SC I would leave the 8,000 SC and see if anyone burns there SC on it or lower it. To be honest there are people who accumulate there SC so that may be a great deal for them, since SC comes with monthly subscription. So some folks may get it for free, shrugs. I thought HOT was an amazing deal supported it in game even got other players to buy it. Its affordable. With the corona virus out there killing income, try to keep that in mind and keep it affordable. I would gladly pay 40 for any of the expansion to the game. After an expansion being out for 1 year i would pay 65 for the last expansion. after its been out for a year and a half to two years a 40 dollar average would be nice. I wouldn't make them limited time offers either just leave them up 24 7 365 old returning players log in randomly and may end up buying a few of there favorites. I will say this, I was buying the expansion's brand new when they came out in stores up until Hot i think... and i was, noticing the difference between premium and standard, as i was standing next to the new XBOX. Yeah I passed and bought an XBOX it made more seance when comparing prices. Got Morrowind free stopped playing eq for several months. It seemed rational and i stopped buying expansions ever since. I still pay for subscriptions. Just not for expansions. You haven't taken my money since before HOT came out, I know you need to make profits but sometimes you can sale more used car's at fair prices than you can new cars which instantly lose there value when you drive them off the lot. Most folks might buy one used car in there life time, I personally never will. I have bout 4 used cars and soon to buy my 5th in my 26 years driving. I still have 3 the 4 used cars they run great. 1 car was totaled in the car accident where i was rear ended in the freeway leaving me with permanent brain damage. If that didn't happen i would have all 4 cars. I think i am rambling now, Hope that made seance, God Bless. Oh Thanks for getting the game running today, and everything you guys do to keep this game running.
  4. Skuz Augur

    I had to edit that entire post before I could even read it, now that I have I almost wish I hadn't bothered.

    I am sorry you had an accident, that caused you some brain damage, that went a long way to explaining why this was so hard to read, and I am especially sorry you like using red text when so many people are actually colour-blind to red most commonly & it's a terrible colour choice for this forum as it makes it really hard on the eyes to read for just about all human beings.

    This was the essentially a mother of all run-on sentences, where you aren't happy about the expansion pricing, fair enough, but you also answered your own question, don't like the price then don't pay it.

    Gonna have a cup of tea now, think I earned it after that retinal torture.
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  5. NemesisOfSeth New Member

    Skuz, Thanks for doing that. Oh, and I agree. The weird thing is when, I copy something and then past it. It comes out all dark blue and you cant see the letters. What am i doing wrong here?
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  6. NemesisOfSeth New Member

    Well, crap found the reply button. Well... that answers that. Thanks again.
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  7. Spencer Kane New Member

    JChan, if the last month has been any indication of what we have in store for us under your stewardship, I don't have the highest hopes for EQ's future. So far we have experienced repeated and multiple outages, absence of Universal Chat for nearly 14 hours and now a 24 hour "scheduled maintenance" stretched into 30 and counting. (Oh, yes. Break with tradition and simply tell the truth. What's going on? Being kept in the dark is more frustrating than knowing the surrounding factors.) I really hate being so negative but were I you, I would start with the basics: keep the game and it's functionality up and running. Once we have a track record in that arena, then we can look forward to where you wish to take us. I really do wish you all the best and hope that these glitches would and could have happened regardless of whom was at the helm. Sincerely, Spencer.
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  8. Varux New Member

    Thank you for giving us information about why the down times keep getting extended. You're doing a fantastic job and we appreciate you and your team's effort to continue the fun we have playing EverQuest.
  9. Questoften32 Augur

    Don't know about the guys typing but...People are actually color blind to red, how odd and sad? Its one of my fav colors ''ruby''/satin along with white, black, purple and silver/gold.

    You say so many of them are?

    I never heard of that do you mean new young people? Is this a thing now ''developing abnormality/concern''? I did have a relative that confused blue with green, and I thought that odd!
  10. Masomenos New Member

    Do they pause subscription times when having servers down for multiple days?
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  11. Bubossi New Member

    Roughly 8% of white men are red/green colourblind. About 30% of asian men are. It can vary by degree - some cannot see green or red at all, others have difficulty discriminating between shades (like your relative), and everything in between.

    I am mildly colourblind. I can see there's _something_ there, probably in red (it's a *very* dark, muddy brown) , but in no way can I read it. Some websites allow you to change to a more colour-blind friendly pallette, but very few. A lot of games use shades that are easily confused, which is annoying.

    I've gone through my chat text colours in EQ to try to make everything readable - I expect most colour blind players have done the same. The ability to do so is one of the factors that keeps me returning to EQ
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  12. Pappaw LeeMarvin New Member

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  13. Masomenos New Member

    Well that seems unfair...
    Where is their incentive to keep servers up?
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  14. Bitten New Member

    If the majority of the server population, or the subscribers, generally, think that server downtime is excessive, the company will hear about it, and if it continues, paying customers are welcome to take their business elsewhere.

    So far, that has not been the case, afaict, and "so far" is now in year 21.

    Please let me know when you have designed, produced, published and supported a similarly successful MMO for a few years, and let's compare notes then.
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  15. Redeemed New Member

  16. dreamweaver Community Manager

    I don't believe it's available but it's been asked quite a few times so I know they're aware of the demand for it.
  17. rickrodent New Member

    While it is quite the accomplishment to operate a game as complex as EQ it is still important to work harder to maintain that accomplishment while it goes through so many changes. I believe your comment that so far paying customers are not leaving is in accurate. Part of the reason EQ merges servers is low usage. I know many people who have given up on this game & have taken "their business elsewhere". It saddens me to see so many friends leave. I myself have gone from 4 paid accounts w/ all current expansions to 1. The expense of maintaining the other has not been justified by the performance of the product. When the current membership expires I will be carefully considering whether I will pay for any more. This saddens me as I have been playing since the beginning.
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  18. Redeemed New Member

    How can I obtain a wall mural map of Norrath you're sitting beside? It would be the perfect addition to my "war room" :)
  19. Zinlakin New Member

    Instead of acting snarky and basically telling people to deal with it or leave, you could take a moment and realize that most businesses prorate bills if unable to provide service that is paid for. For instance when my internet goes out for more than a few hours, a simple phone calls prorates my bill for the time the service was unavailable. Does my internet provider need to run an MMO and reconsider that policy? I'd wager they are a much larger, therefore more successful business than Daybreak. They also basically have a monopoly on their service and yet they still provide what should be basic courtesy to their customers.

    Also, who are we comparing notes with? You? Did you build a similarly successful MMO? If so, by all means share it with us. If not, why are you touting some achievement you've yet to accomplish? You likely have the same level of credibility as anyone else in this thread since I don't see anything marking you out as a Daybreak employee.

    Calling out poor customer service should be expected, someone like you who acts holier than thou just to be contrarian always seems to pop up though.
  20. CatsPaws Augur

    Having worked for the first major internet provider back in the 90's when people would call in and ask for a refund we would break it down for them exactly how much that was. The monthly rate for that ISP was $15. We offered them 50 cents a day they were out and it had to be a full day. One customer in the 7 years I worked there took the offer.

    Now you have upwards of $100 a month or more for ISP(cable - DSL) or phone or electricity bills etc. and yet EQ is still $15/month just like it was most of the previous years.

    If I were paying $100 a month for EQ then yes, I would ask for a refund for down time. They could probably afford it if they were still in business. That is the main reason the other providers can do that - they are huge and have millions of customers so a refund of $10 is a drop in the bucket to them.

    However get ready for changes because now when I call my DSL company, their response is "we only have to provide 80% of the speed rate we quoted and we do not guarantee uninterrupted service" And this is one of the major ones out there.

    EQ is still 50 cents a day.
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