Community Letter: A Note from Jennifer Chan

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Mar 11, 2020.

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  1. Fightmilk Lorekeeper

    This is pretty commonplace in a lot of sectors of employment in America... and it's a fact of life in our country. If you've managed to be sheltered from it, good for you, but if not go spend a week as a server - if you don't feel the need to "HELP" or "FIX" the system... You're doing it wrong bud.
  2. Dragoncommander New Member

    There Was An Issue Earlier With My Username And Password If This Happened To Other People Then That Might Be Why The Servers Are Down
  3. Fightmilk Lorekeeper

    EQ had over 20k people in the server select chat channel during this launch. Assume 1/5 of them bought 1 bag. This equals $1,000,000. If you cant launch a ~50k concurrent connection server for even as high as $30,000 in operating costs, you do not deserve to be in business. There is absolutely NO way that 97% of their top line costs minus server hosting is expended, even with paying a board. This is one game of MANY that they host... at the end of the day, they're just milking us and don't care.
  4. ghost27m New Member

    I found the problem!

  5. Shamanama New Member

    I would like to provide the extremely unpopular opinion that this server crashy crash every time they tinker with anything or even just because someone sneezed in the server room is just part of this ancient and totally broken (but equally awesome) game, and like the easily controlled sheep I have been programmed by my culture to be, the extra wait makes me even more excited to play on Aradun :D
  6. Rowanoak Elder

    Surely it cant be lack of revenue with the numbers of accounts trying to log in today. It would be refreshing for some of the money to go back into the game, this milking has been so apparent for so long, truly disheartening for those who have invested so much. It cant be that expensive to just run the servers lol.
  7. dreamweaver Community Manager

    since this thread has veered of course like quite a few others the thread is locked. Thank you to everyone that contributed.
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