Community Information not very good for TLP

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  1. uberkingkong Augur

    The EQ community sites are not very good for TLP.
    A lot of the info is from 2004. Not many people contribute 2020s
    When those that contribute 2020s their information is ignore even though it is correct.

    Goods maps and Brewalls need to do better.
    I went to the location here,
    one eyed gnoll spawns there. Goods and Brewall says some other named is there.
    See this,
    one eyed gnoll
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    The escaped Splitpaw is NOT the placeholder for the one eyed gnoll, because I saw them up together several times today. The escaped Splitpaw is the placeholder for the scribe.
    That is CORRECT information, Allakhazam did nothing, it shows FALSE information.

    I do NOT TRUST brewalls nor goods when it comes to TLPs.

    I do NOT TRUST allakhazam when it comes to TLPs.

    1999 P99 site, outperforming allakhazam out performing Brewalls outperforming Goods.

    This is accurate information. WITH map, shows the location. Allakhazam does not do this.

    Allakhazam saying these mobs are in South Karana? DEAD WRONG.

    Think about newplayers think about returners, they using bad information bad information leads to bad experiences.
    EQ can do better.
  2. Zish Elder

    Nah, you just suck at finding information.
  3. Rothj Augur

    The biggest thing I realized when looking at allakazam is anything obscure historically there's no information on. Try looking up info on shield of the dark for example, there's not a lot.
  4. fransisco Augur

    EQ has never had a single repository of all knowledge. There is just too much to put in one place and properly curate. It necessarily requires alot of community input because no one person can ever hope to discover/know most the stuff.

    If you think you can do better TLP maps, please do! Thats how these things work. A fan dedicates time and improves the info out there. Brewall isn't a multimillion dollar business sitting in the carribean while people use his maps. Thats just a fan site that wanted to contribute to the game. You've found a great niche - make improved TLP maps. Go for it and people will love you.
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  5. Fizon Augur

    The self entitlement of EQ players never cease to amaze.
    "This fan made map that someone to time to make then provided free of charge needs to be better!"

    Info is out there especially the first 7 expansions you just gotta dig sometimes.

    You can do better
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  6. uberkingkong Augur

    Lets look at more facts why community information is not very good for TLPs.
    Chief RokGus38 - 38 Monster Temple of Droga 1.0

    Soothsayer Dregzak35 - 35 Monster Temple of Droga 1.0

    Those are hunter achievement mobs, they are Rare nameds not just monsters.
    I've got their loot on other nameds which means its on a rare name table.

    I look at Goods maps, I look at Brewalls maps,
    tons of nameds, INCORRECT.
    This is more accurate than Goods OR Brewalls.
    Ctrl + F
    48 – 60Temple of Droga (Revamped)

    Thats it. EQProgression, does not have Droga that is in Teek right now. Community information is NOT good for TLPs.
    Looking at the map, he's in a room by hiself.
    Allakhazam says different than Brewalls and Goods.
    This mob spawns at 330, 1790, -270 in the same room as Magic Adept Xabok, Bone Trooper Grolin, and Whip Cracker Krazzim.

    Whose right whose wrong.
    Inconsistencies everywhere.

    Newplayers, returners have to deal with this.
    Bad information, not very good information is a huge turnoff for newplayers and returners.

    Ok, now imagine this
    Newplayers, returners have to deal with this.

    You think they any better? They probably don't even know about zones can change and what not. Zones change later on, and what not.
    Now think about newplayers and returners.

    I agree with you.
    Now consider newplayers and returners.
  7. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You do have the option of contributing to those projects in order to fix what is wrong.
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  8. Gheed Augur

    That isn't as fun. He prefers massive walls of text for our viewing pleasure.

    Not sure if he realizes all the information sources are community made.
  9. Zansobar Augur

    Young people these days expect to pay nothing for a game that gives them a hundred hours per month plus of entertainment, which leads to them also expecting community sites to provide them with all the information they want, for free. They expect to live off other people's labor and never do anything themselves.
  10. fransisco Augur

    Whats your point UKK? If you can do better, do so. I'm sure everyone on tlp would love updated maps. All these maps and sources you are upset about are all FREE. They were made by other players on their free time FOR FREE. All of it is FREE.

    Who are you raging against? The kind people who did this for FREE on their own time?
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  11. Knifen Augur

    Your arguing with an AI thats still learning how to post things. Youll never get a normal response.
  12. Pizzanomicon Apparently from Grobb

    If you want new and curated information sources/tools that already isn't available ( eqprogression, eqitems, etc ) you need to do it yourself.

    That's why I curate my own custom UI.

    I don't get on the forums expecting someone else to do it for me.
  13. Turnbull Journeyman

    The EQ
    Right there is the issue. The mobs, commonly on a tlp, aren't outside Splitpaw and those two have set spawn points. I've always managed to spawn both by killing the escaped in the northern part of the zone. As for the maps, the only solution i can see is separate ones for every expansion. There is one brewalls, nek forest i think, that everything is out of place and beyond the ingame borders. it looks like its for a later expansion.
  14. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Why are you expecting a player who plays on live to do maps for TLPs?

    No idea if Brewall plays on live or TLP, but I know Goodsmaps are created by live players.

    You want TLP maps create them yourself.

    Zam is also more for live players than for TLPs. While there is a small section on TLPs. For TLP stuff you need to be looking at the various other sites for info.

    For example
  15. Twistingtime Augur

    I'm going to go with everyone else here and say the volunteers doing volunteer work helping out with a game they love for FREE don't need to "do better" at literally anything. Holy schneckes the entitlement oozing out of this post.
  16. TheDohn Augur

    "I'm bad at google and that's bad for this game"
  17. pipo Lorekeeper

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  18. uberkingkong Augur

    Newbie guides?
    A list of websites?

    Let me remind of what the topic is
    So you listing all those sites, doesn't do anything, if the information is bad, and one of those sites relies on another and another site.

    All those sites feeding bad information.

    This is in the TLP section so consider that as well.

    Let remind of this too.
    Whats your goto site for epics? The site you goto.
    Like eqtraders for tradeskills, etc for this etc for that.

    Don't do it the long way.
    Do it the long way.

    Again, community information not very good for TLP.
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Sounds like you should be contributing to making them better
  20. Allworth Augur

    A few years ago Daybreak hired a couple of contractors to curate all of the existing lore. Blizzard has full-time lore masters for World of Warcraft. It would be nice for Darkpaw to have one central location so that players could view the lore. Many non-official volunteers over the years have made great contributions to the lore of Norrath.

    The bottleneck here is Darkpaw. They need to hire dedicated people to do this or at least manage the volunteers. Leveraging the volunteers into something like the guide program would be a smart idea.

    They're going to need an official lore master for EverQuest 3, because modern fantasy MMORPG players will expect a polished AAA experience. So they may as well start working on an official website and put all the work they've done so far into a useable form for existing players.