Coming Changes to Blast of Anger? Why?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Goth, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Edrick Augur

    If SKs get too greedy with picking up adds, just BDA them. As long as they don't have that buff blocked, problem solved!
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  2. Linoleum New Member

    I'm just saying, they asked for a raid role, agro abilities get reworked shortly thereafter... coincidence?
  3. Brohg Augur

    1 week dev turnaround, that's how EQ works /nods
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  4. Xeladom Augur

    And to think we stood around for 15 years waiting on a raid role when all we had to do was ask :mad:
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  5. Dre. Altoholic

    Phantom Aggressor and Wade into Battle are the culprits. BoA was fine the way it was.
  6. Raidian Lorekeeper

    I'm a big fan of reducing tank classes dps down to almost nothing and upping their hate generation. Seems fair.
  7. silku Augur

    It seems to me that the way they are reworking it is that because they don't want us bursting, they are gonna make it harder to control aggro so that you have to stop bursting and lower your own aggro instead. On one hand I think that's good.. and the other bad. We'll see. I just wish we had more info as to what is going on and why. It seems like this anymore:

  8. alidan Lorekeeper

    every make "xxxx" a resource again update i have had to comment on, and it seems they have more or less had one thing in common...
    if you hate dps so much, just take the dps classes out of the game already.

    "here is your dps spell, you can use it whenever you want, but never use it... you have it and its always available, but never cast it... its just there in case, but just don't use it."

    if you hate dps so much, kill the classes.
    out of the last yearish i have been back, and the time i remember playing in house of thule, next to no one is capable of dps, and only the people who bother to learn the classes really rise above.

    you want to make agro a "resource" even though when you are playing right it is, than punish people who take it, since its usually a dps class in group, have the mob cast a spell+melee slow that can be cured by a utility... there, you now have agro being a "resource" and gave utility classes more value.

    and i have to say this again because of the last time with wizards. mana is a resource, it may not be one that you have to worry about on a fight by fight basis anymore, but any longer encounter especially on a single group it is... plane of war showed this, especially on the bosses.

    want to make a fight last longer, give the mobs more hp...

    all these nerfs ment to make "XXXX" a resource again are getting tiring... try playing the game with crappy tanks, crappy dps, and tell me that whatever "XXXX" is is no longer a resource... as it stands now, you only punish people who are good at the game with things like XXXX isn't a resource because all the bad players can't make XXXX a resource, and than this makes it harder on the people who already couldn't make XXXX a resource in the first place.

    my tanks job is to stay alive and hold agro, most pickup tanks can't hold aggro off me so i have to stop dpsing so much. my good tank can so i can dps as hard as i can and i still pull agro even before agro generation on the tank got shafted. i dps hard, and we pull in chains, so you know what that did to my mana, it made it a resource again. its funny to me how the only time these resources aren't resources is when you don't push your character. hell i played with a necro before the death bloom nerf, and you know what, they sure as hell didn't have unlimited mana because they constantly used it.