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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Micker, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. Micker Elder

    I haven't played EQ, since just before ToV went live. I have 7 toons all at 110 with a mix of top group and raid gear from TBL. I got the EQ bug again and want to come back for the new expansion. What would be the best way to level my toons up to 115? I can box 5-6 of them if needed, but I hear exp drops big time at 111 and you have to do missions in ToV to level quickly now?

    Also, If I pre order CoV, will I get access to ToV right away or have to wait until CoV goes live? Thanks!
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  2. Annastasya Augur

    1. Take all your toons through all the group progression of TOV. Tackle the mercenary and partisan quests of each zone. Complete the 4 group missions, 1 for each of these zones : Eastern Wastes, Kael Drakkel, Velketor's Labyrinth and The Great Divide.

    This will gain you something like 3.8 levels by itself, and much, much faster than you can grind. i've heard many different numbers for this total amount of experience, anything from 3 to the full 5 levels. i do not claim to know the exact number, and the 3.8 number i have is sort of an average of the anecdotal evidence that i have heard.

    2. Overseer. The new mini-game or whatever you'd like to call it, that they added with TOV i find to be an exceptional supplement to the regular experience one can gain at the higher levels with very little time invested per day (or per cycle) once you get past the initial period of figuring out how it works and farming up (or buying) enough agents.

    You cannot gain AAs directly (yet) with Overseer. You CAN gain collections from non current expansions, to make some AAs if you don't already have those. Other rewards for doing Overseer quests include batches of tradeskill materials from older expansions and various items off the Overseer Vendor. If you use it for just regular experience, i think you will find for the time invested it is also much faster than killing monsters, and of course, you can do both.

    Good luck!
  3. Micker Elder

    Thanks Annastasya very helpful, I appreciate it! One more thing, are the group progress and tasks difficult(can they be moloed or boxed without too much trouble)?
  4. UgeneCarefulAxe New Member

    Hey Micker. I only did Eastern Wastes and Great Divide, but didn't find them too difficult with a group geared 3-box Ranger, Mage, Enchanter group supplemented by Mercs. Can't comment on the others.
  5. Annastasya Augur

    My main is a cleric, and i do not box, so i am basically helpless without a group in anything approaching current content. However, the feeling i get from the community at large, is that Torment of Velious is very much on the easier side for anyone who has reasonably prepared. Basically the pendulum of difficulty has swung back entirely from the curbstomping that was TBL.

    i am also raid geared and primarily group with raid geared folks, and therefore have a skewed view of group content. As always, your mileage may vary.

    i do not have an answer about your pre-order question. It would seem like you *should* get access to Torment of Velious if you have paid for the next expansion already.
  6. Whulfgar Augur

    I have leveled a ton of toons. What I personally do is lvl them to 20% into 112, (strait up grinding) then do two missions, this pushes you well into 113. Grind out to at LEAST 60-80% of 113. Then run the other two grp missions, this will place you mid way threw 114, then you run the merc / partisans of each zone which will 100% max each toon you do that for to 115.
  7. Tarvas Augur

    Does it matter when you decide to grind out XP from 111 - 115 and get the missions/mercs/partisan done? Isn't level irrelevant to the chunk of XP you get (not the percentage per level, but the real XP number) for completing the missions, mercs, and partisans?
  8. Windance Augur

    Depends on how you plan to do the rest of the XP.

    If you plan to just grind out the XP killing mobs then you want to wait until you are at the bottom of 114 so when you do all 4x you get bumped mid 115.

    The reason I say this is based on the raw XP you get from killing mobs decreases as the level difference drops. The same mobs at 111 are worth more than at 115.

    On the other hand you should probably do them now while they are worth an extra 50% due to the global XP bonus.
  9. Micker Elder

    Thanks Whulfgar that sounds like a good plan. Thanks all for the input, the EQ community has great people in it!

    Damn, I started this game in May 1999 and still come back to it, that's the sign of an awesome game. Took like 3 weeks for me to get past level 35 hell level in original EQ lol, one death meant days of exp lost. Now a week to get 5 levels seems like too much time lol. I should know better than to rush to the end, but something always pushes you to get there fast.
  10. Tarvas Augur

    Are we sure the "raw xp" number changes with levels that we get per kill? I was under the impression that the real XP number didn't change per level, only the percentage that number impacts a given level.

    I understand why the devs don't want to show the raw xp number to us (I believe one of them said the number was huge because of legacy code), but it sure would be nice to see it.
  11. trakk Lorekeeper

    Mob cons change. You can mass kill grays and get nothing. Yellow and red are best. The mobs may have a set xp, but the proportion of that xp changes based on its level relevant to you(based on the idea that they're easier to kill the higher you are).

    Also, I've found you get more xp and as from collections the higher your level(not huge, just some) at 110 it was all worth 12 as or 2% each iirc, but at 115 it's 15 aas or 3% each. Also, the more overseer you do, the bigger the xp rewards get. Idk how many I did altogether, but went from 113.5 to 115.5 in about a week just doing overseer and collections, now I'm wishing I'd done more collects for AA because I'll be running out of space for xp and have to claim for tradeskill or as respectively. Collections were my initial goal with overseer and I did not claim for xp until all collect quests were used up, but I also paid to do 20 12&24hr tasks a day instead of just 5-10, or doing the 6hr ones. For xp, if you don't want to spend and can get on every 6 hrs, those are better than the long quests, but if you pay(2-70something DBC each) to finish early, the 24hrs are best.

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