come and play on rizlona

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  1. Hinastorm86 Augur

    Once the GM support is gone, if it even is doing anything as is, Aradune will just be Riz with truebox. Truebox sucks, it does nothing to stop the kronolords, and makes it harder for everyone else trying to truebox legit.

    I truly feel sorry for all the people on Ara who can't, or won't, see this.
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  2. Mayarax New Member

    I rolled on Rizlona because friends wanted the opportunity to box if they later decided they wanted to do that. I typically play more than them so have a character I play outside of our little group. After never getting a group as a druid despite constant LFG messages in channels I'd had enough at the weekend and decided to move to Aradune.

    Yes Aradune has problems (last night took me an hour to zone West Karana - South Qeynos - North Qeynos - Qeynos Hills), but I took a 30 minute break and tried again and something had been fixed. I play to group with people, not solo or box. I can get that on Aradune.
  3. C3lowz Augur

    And how exactly does people making money ingame affect you on Aradune?
  4. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    People on Aradune are ok with enough box groups to supply them with Tunnel loot to spend Krono on. They are sad when the RMTers go away.
  5. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    It is more about the hypocrisy of the anti-boxers often being the biggest RMT customers, and the RMTers usually being boxers.
  6. Guntharr New Member

    I play on Riz a bit...and my biggest complain is that because there are so many boxers--very, very few are looking for play with others in a group.
    Does it happen, yes. But far less frequently than Aradune. Just a fact.
  7. Mithra Augur

    People on Riz just doing their own thing. Always 100 people in OoT and it's pick, all of which are probably box crews grinding away. Lfg and auction stuff is fairly empty with the self-sufficiency going on.
  8. Alakshak Journeyman

    The last part there is the key difference. Self-sufficiency. I personally box a whole group but most I have met box less than that. The reason the bulk of the RMT crowd isn't here is because of that self-sufficiency. Who is going to buy GEBs for 2-3 Krono when half the server and their dog can handle it themselves? I can go pop a DZ for Hate, slowly clear all trash myself, and enjoy a relaxing evening. Why buy loot rights? Even when I've come across other full group teams we usually steer clear of each other and communicate. When your not paying a portion of your rent / car payments with Krono there is also less of a reason to screw over your fellow player.

    Rizlona is definitely not for everyone but anyone claiming it's some kind of mass boxing wasteland is clearly clueless.
  9. Excruciator_Test New Member

    The nail just got hit on the head. Rizlona is a unique experience and one that is pretty much a paradise for boxers and not super terrible for non boxers. It is exactly what I have wanted for years and years. Thank you DBG/DPG!
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  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Always this debate descends into another brainless "them vs us" type of argument.

    Nothing wrong with either rule-set, we got two new TLP & one was boxing enabled - great.

    Some people would complain if they received a million dollars in their bank accounts.
  11. Fluid Augur

    Break down the word assumption. Other night I was using my Magician to level up my Ranger on another account. I always run maximum difference between leveler and levelee. Another Magician, an Enchanter, and a Shaman or something asked to join my group. They were outside the range where they could get experience with my Magician so I dropped him from the group, used my Ranger as the Tank<sic> and just occasionally got on the Magician to harm shield the crew. Worked out great! I had a rocking good time.

    I think I am more or less an average player on Rizlona. Boxing in and of itself is both a bonus for getting things done and challenging game play style. Just because I don't like spending time LFG or result to using a box to get things done does not mean I am some stick up the butt solo artist. I've never sold anything RMT in any CRPG!

    I also like the fact that people on Rizlona are paying customers like myself. This tends to lead to good behavior as people that are paying $15+/month are more likely to not risk their accounts. I'd like the game to have enough cash to continue indefinitely.

    Fully half my time on Rizlona is solo play just because I like to relax a bit and run quests. That doesn't mean I have anything against the other play styles. When I see 5 characters auto following a Bard with Selo's running around, I think "$90 for DP, good stuff!" It's a half full or half empty glass way of looking at things.

    Yes, the economy is a little slow. Thing is, I sold three items for 600 pp and just how much money do you need? That is pretty much all I need to get Jewel Crafting, Fetching, and Tailoring to the levels I need. It will also cover all the spells across two accounts for my magic tossers.

    I have no idea how all this is going to play out. I'm just glad there is now a TLP server for people with multiple accounts. It gets rid of the unwashed masses on f2p and you know everyone there is contributing to DP's bottom line.
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  12. Lionari Elder

    The people who cry about boxers are exactly the same people who screech incessantly when they see an alpha male with a luxury car jet by with a gorgeous model in the passenger seat.
  13. Rebelicious Augur

    I'm not "crying" about boxers, we obviously have a few. I'm really glad you got a boxing server. I'm tryna explain why most Aradune players, despite horrible server instability, are not going to reroll on Rizlona, that's all. (Per the OP: come and play on rizlona)
  14. Accipiter Old Timer

    We don't know that Aradune is the most popular TLP thus far. All we know is that there are massive problems logging in and staying online. It could be due to the server hardware, Aradune's popularity, or it could be due to the recent migration they did (whatever that was). Aradune has had the most problems of any TLP launch but that's really all we know.
  15. code-zero Augur

    For the record players on live have been having some issues with zoning and phantom disconnections. However those are things that have historically been seen with new TLP launches so just wait for them to pass
  16. Truetotheblue Augur

    I think time will tell on this but having started on Aradune and quickly pivoting to Rizlona I am not regretting that decision. I box, a majority of the players I've come across are as well. I'm in the upper tiers atm, 40s, and after having spent the weekend in LGuk everyone is very courteous. Everyone I've come across has been pretty chill, communicative, and it's been easy to resolve any camp issues just by a simple tell or two. Haven't been trained. Have been able to find camps when I want. Everyone has been nice, and honestly I don't see why that wouldn't continue. More of the RMT and push hard crowd seems to be on Aradune which, imo, reduces the toxicity on Rizlona since there's less incentive.

    Time will tell though, I suppose. Hope you're enjoying Ara BB.
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  17. Malachi Augur

    A silver lining watching things burn on Aradune, even though im trying to play on it currently, is reading the other server trolling on the forums. It reminds me of the hatred between Fippy and Vulak back in the day. Are these Rizlona posters actually genuinely concerned and anxious to play with displaced Aradune posters? Is it their job to migrate players from one server to another using the forums?

    Ha! Doubtful.

    As if it was for posterity sake; they are getting themselves on the record with thinly veiled "i told you so" and "you need boxers to enjoy this game" statements.

    Its so delightful to come back to EQ tlp server launches and see that nothing changes. Thank you folks!
  18. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    If enough of us single or 2-boxers move to Rizlona, we might actually end up with people to group with - effectively becoming Aradune V2.0...
  19. Machen New Member

    For what it's worth, please don't. I'm glad you aren't going to reroll on Rizlona, it's not what you are looking for.
  20. Machen New Member

    Rizlona will never be Aradune 2.0. If you think it will, you will be disappointed.

    To put it very bluntly, on Rizlona, you will never be able to successfully petition a twelve boxer that rolls in and takes the camp from you and your five mates that are each playing 1-2 toons. If GM enforcement of no 3+ boxing is your thing, Rizlona will be a great disappointment to you even if it gives you no queues or lag.

    You are welcome to come here, but you will come here under the Rizlona ruleset, not the Aradune ruleset. If you are prepared to accept that, great. If you want to come and try to change the ruleset into what you'd prefer, .