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    Hi folks,
    I have a few questions about some of the various "combination spells" that some of the caster classes have. I will relate this only to a Necro for now (although I know my Shaman has 2 as well). With the recent changes to the consolidation of DOTS for Necros, mana efficiency seems to be the key here.

    Anyhow, my Necro has the Mourgis' Grip of Decay line AND the Chaotic Miasma line (using the latest that I have for this example).

    First and foremost; the mana cost that shows on the actual spell scroll for Mourgis' Grip of Decay (level 110) which is 250 mana is BS right? Of course it MUST be. Mourgis' Grip of Decay will CAST 2 spells, one for like 5500 mana ish, and then the other for like 3700 ish. That combo spell WILL cast both those spells 100% of them time, so am I correct in assuming that I will expend the total mana for BOTH those spells?

    Same goes for the Chaotic Miasma line, if anyone actually ever uses that (where can I find plants other than my backyard??). This combo spell casts highest rank I know of Scent of Mortality (ok) then CAN land EITHER Miasma OR Pyre of the Wretched (OR... with a small chance, both of those). The description of the actual combo spell scroll states 3371 mana. That is more reasonable... however, can I presume that if BOTH the Miasma AND the Wretched spells cast, I get "charged" the mana for both those two spells AND the 3371 for the actual combo spell?

    I suppose my question is; these combo scrolls are essentially ONLY beneficial to SAVE spell slots correct? These DO NOT save ANY mana right? In addition, these combo "effect" spells do not trigger any other beneficial things -- for a lack of a better word -- I guess.

    I tried looking at this on Raidloot and Lucy and I did not figure it out.
  2. Szilent Augur

    Their primary benefit is saving cast time. For a small premium in mana, you get 3 seconds of fight time that you would not have gotten without them. That's (potentially) huge.

    fwiw, I don't use Chaotic on necro. Chance is too high for me of missing the half of it I care about. Decay line, though, fersure.
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    Ohyeah, fersure can't do a long burn with it. But once Heretic's Twin runs out, it's good times.