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  1. took2summit11 Augur

    Newb question time. How does Combat Fury AA line work on progression servers? Rank 6 reads “This passive ability increases your chance of performing a critical melee hit with all skills by 150%.”. For a Beastlord, their innate ability to crit is 0%, so 150% of 0 would still be zero. There is no additional information given on this AA. Does it increase the baseline chance to crit as well? If not, how do classes that don’t have the innate ability to crit unlock the ability to crit, and what is the baseline? What increases the baseline?
  2. Protagonist Tank

    The first rank grants the ability to crit.
  3. took2summit11 Augur

    Ok makes sense. But even rank 1 doesn’t read properly then as it says:

    “This passive ability increases your chance of performing a critical melee hit with all skills by 15%.”.

    As we all know, 15% of 0 is 0. I guess it’s a secret what the baseline chance of unlocking rank 1 is?
  4. Jaylin Augur

    Basically the first rank enables the effect to crit. Warriors and berserkers have the innate ability to crit. Rank 1 gives them the ability to nearly match the non aa version of what a warrior can do. Plus the 15 percent (i believe). it doesnt mean that 15 percent of the time you will crit, it means that innate chance to crit is multiplied by an extra 15 percent. So making up numbers lets say a warrior can crit 5 percent of the time. you will crit 5.75 percent of the time. a 100 percent increase would bring it to 10 percent of the time.

    Numbers are 100 percent made up as i dont know the original crit rate or what the crit rate actually is. just a nice rounded number for math purposes

    I may be wrong how the effect works, but more or less thats how i perceive it.
  5. Protagonist Tank

  6. ShivanAngel Augur

    not even close....

    You do not have 15% crit chance at rank 1 of combat fury.
  7. niente Developer

    Here's an explanation of how critical hits work:

    If it's an NPC
    - NPCs can't crit except for pets
    - Get the leader's SPA 218 (pet crit chance)
    - If we roll within that chance, use default crit mod (170%)
    - Add SPA 474 (pet crit mod), 330 (crit base dmg %), 496 (crit base dmg % - non stacking)
    *** - If the leader has luck, roll for an additional crit mod bonus
    - Add 5 damage
    - Multiply crit mod, damage done

    If it's not an NPC
    - if it's a level 12+ WAR/BER, RNG using archery, or ROG using throwing, they can crit
    - get total SPA 169 (crit chance)
    - if it's possible for us to crit (meet above qualifications or have some amount of crit chance SPA), roll:
    - get SPA 219 (Slay Undead)
    - If NPC is undead
    - If PC has a buff or AA with Slay Undead, get crit mod from that spell
    - if we qualify for the Slay Undead roll:
    - add 5 damage, multiply by the SPA 219 mod (from AA or Holy Forge)

    - get attacker and defender DEX mod:
    - if DEX > 255 anything higher returns 20% of its value
    - add 45
    if attacker is a WAR, BER throwing, RNG archery, or ROG throwing:
    - multiply DEX mod by 3, divide by 5
    else DEX mod stays the same
    - multiply DEX mod by total SPA 169
    roll from 1 to 3400 (archery), 1100 (throw), 8900 (everything else)

    if roll is less than DEX mod, we crit
    - add 5 damage
    - using default crit mod (170%)
    - add SPA 330, 496
    - roll luck for additional crit mod bonus
    - multiply dmg by mod
    - if victim is an NPC and attacker has SPA 440 (Finishing Blow) and victim is the right level
    - get finishing blow chance, roll
    - using max % HP possible to be done by this rank of Finishing Blow, if NPC is low enough HP, get the DMG from Finishing Blow

    - if attacker is a ROG standing behind the victim
    - chance = ROG's level * 12 // ROG have 100% chance to Deadly Strike from behind at lvl 100
    - roll 1000, if it's less than the chance, multiply damage by 2

    - get total SPA 171 (Crippling Blow)
    - roll 100, if it's less than SPA 171 we get a Crippling Blow
    - if attacker is a PC using Holy Forge and victim is undead, 20% chance of getting a Crippling Blow

    - if attacker is in a berserk frenzy or got a successful Crippling Blow from Holy Forge
    - add 19% damage
    - calculate chance to resist bash
    - if you roll successfully, stun victim 2 seconds

    - if it's not a Deadly Strike, set the critical hit flag
    - otherwise, calculate assassinate chance:
    - if we have SPA 345 (Assassinate max level), the victim is humanoid, and the attacker is at least 60
    - get chance to assassinate - (DEX capped at 255)
    - add 5
    - add SPA 349 (Assassinate)
    - roll 1000, if we were successful get dmg from SPA 349 (Assassinate base 2)
    - cap dmg at 6000000
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  8. took2summit11 Augur

    Wow. Thanks for the reply, Niente! I guess I can see why the description for combat fury AA does not list your crit chance as it’s not just a simple %.
  9. Bewts Augur

    Could you give an example of a simpler calculation (like basic melee with ferocity III at 65) versus something a bit more complex where we see a class specific SPA incorporated such as IDK... headshot, assassinate, decap or holy forge?

    Personally trying to understand how the SPA is used in the math for things like improve critical chance by 120%.
  10. Wulfhere Augur

    That reminds me to ask. SPA 219 does not stack right?

    Slay Undead Rank 3
    Classes: PAL/59
    1: Increase Chance to Slay Undead by 2.4% with 1700 Damage Mod

    Holyforge Discipline
    Classes: PAL/55
    3: Increase Chance to Slay Undead by 1.4% with 1700 Damage Mod

    Please upgrade Holy Forge discipline. The SPA 219 mod it provides is less then Slay Undead AA rank 3 for a level 59 paladin. It has stagnated for over a decade since Shadows of Luclin.
  11. mackal Augur

    Seems like Holy Forge gets a 20% chance to crippling blow that's not related to the SPA at all, so that should cause HF to do some extra damage. Whether that makes up for the lower mod, no idea :p
  12. Wulfhere Augur

    That doesn't sound right. The improved critical and cripple chances from Holy Forge always apply. See these log lines:

    [Tue Apr 16 15:31:43 2019] Combat Dummy Beza has the bodytype of a humanoid. Combat Dummy Beza is currently level 101 and has 974 AC.

    [Tue Apr 16 15:32:10 2019] You slash Combat Dummy Beza for 122528 points of damage. (Crippling Blow Flurry)