Collection Quest Ground Spawns

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  1. Tobynn Augur

    Really don't see how its possible that anyone completed the whole enchilada. I have found several ground spawns that physically cannot be reached. The latest one I discovered and bugged was in Xorbb, plain as day it was visible but it was beyond the zone wall boundary -- it was quite simply impossible to mouse target much less pick up. Interesting that some people have the ability to do such things. o_O
  2. Amio Journeyman

    We couldn't get those either, so we moved on and got the other dozens that are available. We didn't get it in 1 day, we spent numerous hours staring at the ground
  3. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    The above is why you should be /bug'ing the location where you are having the collectible disappear without appearing on your cursor. It is not that specific collectible that is bugged in every location, but instead that the location in question is bugged.
  4. Dalrek_MM Elder

    In shards Landing, if you go east to the huts where Elsrop the Crazed can spawn and look up inside the huts, you can see groundspawns in the ceiling that you cant reach :-(
  5. Greymantle Augur

    Hmm wonder if they can make them spawn the way mobs do. They seem to fall from the sky on occasion . Would solve the below /embeded problems at least.
  6. Dalrek_MM Elder

    another good example from Evantil. Was stading next to wall and could see through wall of the hut that there was a spawn under the floor. Decided to check the neighbor hut and same thing. 2 groundspawns both under the floors, impossible to reach

  7. Dalrek_MM Elder

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  8. Cakvala Augur

    I agree some of the spawns seem near impossible to get to .. but Ive compted 5 of the collection quests and working on the rest!
  9. gcubed Augur

    You do realize that a groundspawn that is broken on one server, may not be on another (although, if collected enough times, it would probably eventually respawn broken).
  10. Dalrek_MM Elder

    Went to Kael today. managed to collect 3 items. reported 9 bugged spawns....

    2 inside geometry, 7 spots just poofed when I tried to pick up.

    Its getting old really fast with these ground spawn collections
  11. Cakvala Augur

    I did not understand that, so far from my experience... Shards Landing is working, Evantil is working for the most park, chapterhouse is working, Kael and Eastern Wastes ive had the worst luck in. (have not explored the other zones yet)
  12. smash Augur

    You wrong there, try go to SL and check various tents, and you see unpickable groundspawns.
  13. Yraen_EMarr Journeyman

    Honestly, I don't see how this can be true. If it was a random/general area spawn, we would not see Collectibles spawning in the exact same locations. What seems more likely is there is a set of locations that are randomly chosen from whenever a Collectible respawns.
  14. smash Augur

    I dont doubt you correct on that it is a number of same locations they random through.
    But then that also means that some dev who has made the files have not checked the locations properly.

    But if it is not a file and totally random locations, then it would be better with a number of set locations, where they can be random from.
    And I have found 2 gs on 100% same spawn point.
  15. Dalrek_MM Elder

    So far EW is the least bugged zone for me


    from beta forum. Official info from Augur — Game Designe: (ok to post now when NDA lifted right?)

    How many items and how frequent?
    Each Collection has 8-12 items in it. Each Collection should have ~10 spawn points up at any given time, chosen randomly from a list of potential spawn points for that Collection.

    When picking up a collectible, the item received is chosen at random off of a weighted list. There is only one rare item per collection, along with 1 or 2 uncommons, depending on total Collection size. The rare item is the last displayed in the achievement list.

    Each set has anywhere between 70 and 300 different possible spawn locations in the zone. The location as well as the specific item in the set dropped is randomized each time a new collectible is spawned.
  16. Yraen_EMarr Journeyman

    I can say, without much doubt, that this is not true. I know you quoted it from Augur, so not saying you go it wrong or anything, Dalrek!

    I think the achievement list may have been changed from Beta to Live.
  17. roguerunner Augur

    When an item "disappears" it just disappears to you. It's not actually disappearing and then respawning. But rather it has never been picked up ever. So each time you zone, you see it again.
  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    If this cannot be fixed, we need something added to despawn the shinnies and spawn them somewhere else if they aren't collected in 6 hours ish after spawning. The longer the server is up the more bugged shinnies there are.

    Had 3 bugged shinnies on 1 spot in Kael the other day, very frustrating.
  19. Tobynn Augur

    About an hour ago, I made yet another pass through Kael and covered every bit of the zone. This trip, I discovered a total of 27 yellow shinies and 1 red shiny. Of the 28 total I found, I was able to pick up a grand total of TWO -- the other 26 poofed when I touched them. A 93% fail rate is not Good Times.

    This is truly horrifically broken content you have added to the game. I have high hopes that you abandon this 'feature' entirely before releasing any more collections in future content.
  20. SpamFactory Augur

    what I dont understand is how come this was never a problem with the 12th anniversary collection quest in the housing zones, but it's such a huge problem in RoF.

    bandaid soluton would be to make the pieces depop if they aren't picked up in a specified timeframe, but ultimately the spawn points need to be fixed. like someone mentioned the problem gets worse the longer the servers are up since more pieces will spawn in bugged locs and be out of commission until the next server reset.