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  1. Yinla Augur

    1. I like the mix you have, so far it seems about right.
    2. Again a mix of what we have is good, I do find it frustrating with the large spread out sets when I'm just missing one and end up with everything else but the one I need, after running round for an hour or so. One set per zone or one like this per two zones is fine. The ones in a small area make a lot of sense especially if that is only where you would expect to find that kind of drop, ie the forgotten village group in Shards Landing.
    3. I've enjoyed the collections more than I expected. Can you put the individual collections in the achievements in a different colour to the complete zone achievements, or give them a different graphic at the side like with the raid completions & raid conquests? I do struggle sometimes to find the individual ones and keep opening all the set ones as well.

    I like the achievements but the way the window is doesn't make it quick and easy to find incompleted ones in a zone. Is there anyway you can indicate which zone they are in on the title before clicking on the achievement and opening it up.

    I like the fact there is a slayer set, the drop rate could be improved a little, the range can be a bit off at times. This comes from the girl who got 4 rares off cubes in an hour but only a handful of other drops. :rolleyes:

    Are the new sets you are working on for Shadows of Fear? Or are you doing some of the older zones?
  2. Caudyr Augur

    Yeah, I had mentioned the last bit to him during beta and he'd mentioned that he wanted to wait until they could organize the achievements better before 'nesting' them or anything for easy locating. Who knows if/when it'll happen. I just unchecked the "Completed" checkbox in my achievement window so I could only see the ones I hadn't had to do, heh.
  3. Yinla Augur

    I do that as well, but I still have to open each of the incomplete ones to see which zones I still need...and you can bet your bottom dollar that I open at least one of the incomplete zone set achievements before I find the zone I'm in. :(

    I vaguly remember you mentioning about organising them, it never hurts to post a reminder. :)
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  4. Augur Developer

    Thanks for all the feedback on this! I'm still pursuing a lot of the things listed here, including the achievement window improvements.

    I do have a quick update from our dev meeting yesterday, though. All kill drop Collection items in SOF will have the same drop chance (no rares). This should help encourage grouping to kill these mobs. This will not affect the % rates for ground spawn sets.
  5. Ranger4you New Member

    Heh..good thing. After killing so hours, we finally got the Pillow to drop in shards. Guy that won it took off 15 mins later and group broke up.

    So, I did what any self respecting EQ players does I fired up the alts invited no one and got it myself
  6. artofnoise Augur

    Liking the variety of placement/spawns/etc. Some from mobs is not a problem and only extends the variety, as long as they are the exception vs. rule.

    The Lore is fun and something that not everyone may read, but it still adds flavor.

    What would REALLY be helpful is if the Achievement name appeared in the "you have collected an item" message as a LINK to the detail pop-up (ie. as if a player had linked it). This would make it so you can quickly open and see how far along you are with out hunting through the overwhelming Ach. window... which is not alphabetized or searchable. :)
  7. artofnoise Augur

    FYI, when a player completes a collection, they see a link to that Achievement's pop-up. This is similar to what I think we should see each time an item is collected, giving the player an option to view progress.
  8. Jiggs Elder

    Not sure if this has been mentioned in the thread yet, but would like to see some kind of prize associated with completing an entire zone.

    Perhaps something similar to completing one of the HoT "savior" achievements. Completing those opened up a new house item on one of the vendors in Sunrise Hills. (activated gnolls that could play a certain zone theme song). Other possibilities include house items or being able to buy a different model for Dummies, tribute, or banker npc's for guildhall/housing.

    On a side note, there are still several zones where the ground spawns for other zone quests in older zones are hovering like 3 feet above the ground. This started at the same time as one of your first passes at trying to fix some collection spawn locations. Bloody Kith is one zone for example. The "Freeport Sea Salt" ground spawns along the east/west road on the "Light" side of the zone are all hovering 3 feet above the ground. I probably wouldn't have noticed this until my gnome seemed to get stuck and couldn't move. When I changed camera angles, there was a brown bag imbedded into his face preventing him from running forward. (should have taken a screen shot)
  9. Augur Developer

    Today's patch should remove the unreachable spawn point in Xorbb (all races) and lower the unreachable spawn point in Chapterhouse (gnomes).

    I hopped onto a couple live servers this morning and confirmed the Xorbb change went through. There should be no problems collecting the Minotaur Warfare set now.

    As always, please report any bugged locations here so I can investigate and get them fixed.
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  10. Rasputyn Elder

    This seems like a solid change. Thanks a lot for all the work you've put into this system. Collections turned out to be my favorite part of RoF.
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  11. Augur Developer

    I'm really glad to hear that :) It had a bit of a rough start with all the bugged locations, but that should (in theory) be behind us now. I'm really happy to see people willing to give it another chance, and enjoying it so much when they do!

    Collections are almost always my favorite things in RPGs and MMOs. A primal desire to prove that I can collect all of whatever the devs tried to hide from me kicks in, and I'm hooked :) It's been a blast working on the Collection system, and I'm looking forward to bringing requested improvements to it to make it even better.
  12. Yinla Augur


    Now all I need is the time to run round and collect them, WTB more hours in the day. :)
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  13. artofnoise Augur

    A week or so back I noticed the groundspawn mushrooms in Estate of Unrest were floating in the air. Have not had a chance to go back and verify after today's patch. Just FYI.
  14. Qualzek Augur

    Have all evantil icky, sticky line been fixed i seem to still have the problem of piling them up into one spot i cannot find
  15. Illusionist_Innania Augur

    Sounds like someone was a Pokémon child...
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  16. Augur Developer

    As I believe was mentioned earlier in this thread (or possibly just in the beta forums), that isn't actually considered a bug or a problem by the dev team currently.

    It's the result of some spawn points being harder to find or a little further off the beaten path. Players that are actively hunting Collections as their primary goal at the time will get a nice reward for their extra efforts, as opposed to what they might find while simply sticking to main paths and NPC camps in the zone.
  17. Augur Developer

    I've never actually played a Pokémon game. It's something I've been told many times I would love, and I probably try to avoid it because I know I wouldn't be able to stop until everything was mine :)
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  18. Caudyr Augur

    Gotta catch 'em all? :p lol.
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  19. Qualzek Augur

    Understood, feel like i've searched every nook and limb for a couple hours was just curious ill wait for someone to find it or server reset.
  20. Gannen Elder

    if you want an encouragement for people to really go looking off the beaten path... a 1 percent chance for a more off the beaten path spot to pop something besides a collection item... nothing major, a random coinage (a chronobine, a Mckenzie's special brew (as a rare of the rare), or other coin, but something like that for really going out of the normal way... just not every time, more of an idea that some long forgotten adventurer dropped one and it rolled fell or was thrown to a spot which normally collects dust/debris or junk... but some underused item/coin not really tradable (like how the plants in depth of darkhollow, you kill/open them over and over and rarely, you get a beneficial potion... they're usually near something that aggros, and to open those, most people have to be visible).

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