Collection Quest Ground Spawns

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by gcubed, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. gcubed Augur

    Ok, for the past week now (as in it started prior to the December patch) I find it impossible to pick up a Collecter Quest groundspawn. This is happening in every RoF zone I visit.

    My bags are not full, I have nothing on my cursor. When I click on a groundspawn, my inventory opens up and I get nothing. The items are just disappearing as if they never existed. Is anyone else having a similar issue?
  2. Ormus Elder

    Kael in the arena are buged, and some can poof in the other zones, but keep at it, while some poof it is possible to get them all (I have every ground spawn for the collection tasks)
  3. SpamFactory Augur

    happens in pretty much eveyr ROF zone I've been too.

    certain spawnpoints bug and are impossible to pick up. If you attempt to pick it up it will vanish (on your screen onlyand when you zone/relog it will be visible as a groundspawn again) but you will not receive anything in your cursor.

    best thing you can do is post the locs. I don't have any.
  4. Ormus Elder

    Locs dont help much as they are random, they spawn in general areas and not exact locs
  5. Brael Elder

    There also a problem where they are spawning ontop of hillsides which you can not get to.Xorbb and kael are really bad i have see some spawning on roof or ceilings in kael where Player can not access
  6. Randragon Augur

    I am having the same issue in Valley of King Xorrb. I am loving the zone because of the difficulty but the broken collection spawn points, and the rarity of a certain item (Ice Bow....does it drop), makes it more frustrating by the day.

    I too have seen items spawn out of reach on the hillsides, taunting me with their yellowey goodness, only to be denied the ability to pick up the precious because of zone geometry restrictions......LOL. Had tho throw in a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Reference on today of all days.
  7. Reorx New Member

    Where can I find information on these collection quests? I've looked in the usual places online (Allas, EQResource, etc...) but can't seem to find anything.
  8. Riou EQResource

    There isn't much to them, they are ground spawns or mob drops in the RoF zones, all are also trade-able, the red balls are collector edition only collection, the rest are standard
  9. Amio Journeyman

    The achievements have been submitted to Allakhazam (I spent a lot of time typing each achievement out), and but it takes time for them to be added to the site. Ormus and I have been working the quests since Rof went live, and have most of the ground spawn locations saved, but without a place to submit them, it's just sitting in a text file.

    When allakhazam finishes adding them, we will submit what we have on where each is located.
  10. Amio Journeyman

    To clarify, by saved locations I mean the general location in a zone where items spawn. The exact locations change each time.
  11. Reorx New Member

    Great! Look forwards to reading them when they are up.
  12. Zaph Augur

    Its a very old bug with groundspawns, at the Z-axis level.

    Its been posted about here, and confirmed during beta.

    Basically, some items are spawning at the wrong height, and appear under the world, or under objects, but show as where they should be.
    Bug has been around since vellious at least.
  13. gcubed Augur


    So when a ground spawn is picked up it will respawn in some random location in the general area and can respawn in a bugged state.

    These groundspawns do not appear to despawn after a certain amount of time, so those that become bugged remain bugged until the sever comes down.

    This would mean that the longer the servers remain up the more of the groundspawns become bugged and potentially they all could become bugged.

    SOE fixed a similar problem with the small bright fearshards. Maybe they need to do the same for the other quest groundspawns.
  14. Siddar Augur

    I did all the collections in Grelleth.

    All the ground spawns in Kael poof.

    They seem to working fine in Crystal Caverns but I haven't finished any of those yet.

    Shard Landings and Eastern Wastes I didn't manage to finish any collections before I left zones but at least some of the ground spawns were available.

    haven't spent much time in other zones to say if there working are not yet.
  15. CaptAmazing Augur

    Poofing in Chapterhouse as well.
  16. Tobynn Augur

    I think its rather sad that so much time and effort was expended in the name of Collectibles, because at this point the ground spawn system is so profoundly buggy and broken its unlikely anyone will complete the overarching achievement and collect the augment reward.
  17. Amio Journeyman

    Two people in this thread have completed the ground spawns, as well as several kill collectibles. There's bugs, sure. But it still possible to complete them without much trouble. See invisible mobs were the hardest part.
  18. Zaph Augur

    2 people out of 1500 serverwide is not a good trade off to say "bugged but possible"
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  19. Palewhitedude New Member

    Ground spawn in chapterhouse, at the necro area, are certainly borked. Clicked 20 straight and poofed.

    Please fix this on the next patch. It's not april fools yet & obviously not fun feeling tricked.
  20. Muffinstalker President Rivervale Bakers Union, Local 571

    2 out of 1500 sounds like a small number until you figure in that out of those 1500, hardly any of them visit the forums.