Collecting TS materials before using the Craftsman potion

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lilura, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Lilura Augur

    So someone suggested that if I want to blast an untrained toon to 300 in all skills, accumulate all of the TS materials I will need for all skills I can obtain, and then spring for the Draught of the Craftsman and just burn through the skills.

    I was wondering if anyone has seen such a shopping list to do this or can make recommendations. Much as I love eqtraders it is WAY out of date.
  2. Qbert Augur

    I can't answer your potion question as I haven't/don't use those. I do wonder what it is you think about eqtraders is outdated though? Every time I look for a recipe it is there, and the few times I've posted recipes/updates, they are updated/added so fast I am impressed.

    Based on your question, my suggestion would be to look at the trivial lists on eqtraders and pick some along the way that don't take a lot of components . . . but since you will eventually want to combine everything one time to evolve your artisan's prize augment, that may be the "outdated" approach.
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  3. yepmetoo Augur

    The idea:

    1) Do NOT spend the AA on mastery aa at all, so you fail more
    2) Pick a HIGH trivial combine, so you fail more
    3) Have enough to get to max level
    4) Do the combines, failing constantly, potion lets you 100% salvage, so every fail is another combine opportunity, meaning a smaller amount of materials gets you the requisite number of skill ups

    You can probably go from 0-250 with like 100 combines worth of stuff. But as you get higher, and your skill level gets closer to the trivial level, you'll get more successes.
  4. Yimin Augur

    I have done this many times and the way yepmetoo lays it out is spot on ! Only thing that bugs me in the potion use to be $10 American now it is to expensive for some at $25 :(

  5. svann Augur

    I dont think you can get all TS to max using 1 potion. Two TS maybe.
  6. Schadenfreude Augur

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  7. Lilura Augur

    From your link:

    The Ultimate EQ Tradeskill Guide

    05-14-2012, 09:39 AM

    The Ultimate EQ Tradeskill Guide
    by Cristalla, level 95 Druid, Erollisi Marr server (January 2012)
  8. Lilura Augur

    Ok, what recipes did you use? That's what I need.

    For baking I know it's Raxil. For brewing, Kaladim Constitutional. But I could use some recommendations beyond those.
  9. Schadenfreude Augur

    And? Nothing has changed in that time if you're a TS newb who wants to get to 300.
  10. Nightops Augur

    I would recommend working your skills to the 100-150+ range via vendor bought items first. The level which you can get with vendor items varies from skill to skill, but in general, there will be a very inexpensive combine with all vendor bought items. This will save you a lot of time when you're running potions which you will want mainly for the 200+ skill level.

    If you are going really hardcore with the tradeskills on the toon, be sure to get the tasks for the trophies and try to complete them before starting on the potion part.
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  11. Yimin Augur

    Hickory Handled Shears + Animal pelts start with lowest pelts first ! it can be expensive but very effective. This route can take you to 300 from any given trivial. (Tailoring )

    Smithy hammer + ore in a forge and bam your 300 start with lowest ore first .... can be expensive (Smithing)

    There is no more simple way that I know of to get these skills to 300

  12. CrazyLarth Augur

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  13. Lilura Augur

    Lots of plat, lots of bag space. Yeah I never would have figured that out.
  14. Tatanka Augur

    You have to do the math to know what you'll need.

    Starting with a potion from a skill level of 0 is both silly and wasteful. There are many easy, cheap ways to get the skills to at least the high 100s before considering a potion.

    Now, once you've done that, now you can plan what you'll need. Use the advanced calculator at EQT to see how many combines your recipe will take (on average) to get you to 300. Remember to not have purchased any of the mastery AAs, and to NOT wield your trophy. That's because you want to maximize failures. Also verify that, as you approach 300, your recipe is still at, or very close to, 95% failure rate. The EQT adv calc shows this info.

    So, now we know what recipe we'll use, and how many combines it will take to get to 300. A total number of combines well over 1000 is not out of the question. Here's where our math comes in. If it will take 1200 combines, and we have a 5% success rate, well, you're gonna have, on average, 60 successes. So, don't attempt this unless you have at least 65 of each of the required mats.

    The other place the math comes in? If it takes 1200 combines (remember, this is just one tradeskill we're talking about), and auto-combine goes off once every 5 seconds, that's 12 x 120 = 1440 possible combines in the two hours of the DotC duration. So, no, you're not maxing all tradeskills on one potion. or even two. Not even remotely.

    Which is why somebody above mentioned, get the skills as high as you can first, before using the potion(s).
  15. smash Augur

    IMO, use of a potion if your skill is below 250, is a waste of potion

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