Not A Bug Collectibles no longer dropping

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Metanis, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. Metanis Bad Company

    What? -- Collectibles not dropping from mobs like they used to.
    Server? -- Luclin
    Zone? -- Skyshrine
    Mission? -- The Crusaders
    Collectible Set? -- More Lost Journals
    Detail? -- This set always dropped from drakes in the Doomsayers Room. I ran this mission dozens of times to finish it on 6 characters. Then I didn't run it again for a few weeks. I ran it yesterday and now again today and the drakes are no longer dropping the set. In fact the drakes do not appear to be dropping any loot any more. I killed a few golems and gargoyles and they did drop tradeskill loot but not collectibles.
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  2. Cindane Journeyman

    While I completely share your frustration - I boxed this late last night on the AB server and did in fact get a collectible drop I had wanted/needed for a long time. Checking my loot log, "Journal of a Lost Magician" dropped from an apprehensive agent. Just as other times though - not a single loot of any kind afterwards from the rest of the drakes room.

    What's infinitely frustrating is that I've only EVER gotten one collectible to drop each mission - never two or more in here. As this is intended to be an xp-group activity - they've got to be kidding me with this sparse a drop rate. If I ran three toons+ all the way to that room, killed every drake and nothing dropped, I'd have a fit, too. But talking to guildmates, this has been happening since the expansion dropped.
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  3. Metanis Bad Company

    Maybe you missed the part where I mentioned that I've done this enough times to finish the set on 6 characters. That wasn't a typo. I know how this works. But the drakes would drop something from nearly every kill even if it was just a trade skill item. Now they are dropping nothing, not even trade skill items.
  4. Metanis Bad Company

    Ran the mission this morning and drakes seem to be back to normal. The collectible drop rate remains atrocious but many drakes drop 1 or more trade items.
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Player reported NAB. Closing.

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