Collectables Spreadsheet ?

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  1. Axxius Augur

    Because you haven't right-clicked them to add them to your collection.
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    If anyone is interested, I started saving collection pieces for guild members. I placed them in two houses and wrote a quick Python script to parse the output of "/output realestate" and produce a listing of names and counts that I could post to forums for members to check. Since each house only holds 300 stacks in vault, I had to use two houses and may soon have to go to three. Once I got an item for a quest and checked the item number, I entered the range for the quest. The script picks up the name from the output file and stores it for later. So, I only have names for what I had in the houses at one time. SoE messed me up and I had to change how the ranges were done since I found one quest that had an item number out of range.

    If anyone wants to do something similar, I can post the script. This doesn't help the individual collector, but could help someone collecting for others.

    Although, it would be nice if we could get SoE to sell a special guild banker who only held collection items and could hold all collection items at once and not limited to 200 stacks.
  3. Gimly New Member

    I have made one that I can email out on request, but did not see how to attach it to this post.
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    2 0 1 4
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  5. Angahran Augur

    Now, if we only had a /outputfile collectables collected (or missing) we could compare to this list and see what we needed without having to open 1000 little tabs in game.
  6. Gimly New Member

    I have a nice spreadsheet but wasn't able to attach it. I have 1 sheet per expansion, as well as a generic sheet for seasonal collections.
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  9. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    I have an OpenOffice spreadsheet (compatible w/Excel) with tabs for each expac, and then tabs for lots of other things you might want to track for your alts. I had promised to post it for someone a couple years ago, and then forgot :(

    I will make a copy of it, take out the data for my alts, and post it to Google Docs. Hopefully people can get some use out of it! Will update this post when it's done.
  10. Angahran Augur

    Collection items already show collected or not.
  11. uberkingkong Augur

    You don't use the in game notepad?
  12. Celephane Augur

    You do realize in 2013, when he posted that, they didn't?
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  14. Kenderix Lorekeeper

    Not when you search them in the bazaar, you have to r-click each one to check. It would be great to just search on collectible and instantly see which ones are worth buying.
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  15. Fanra

    EverQuest Inventory Report lets you search your achievements (collectable achievements) so you can see if any of your characters on that account need that collectable.
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  16. Iven the bard

    Here it is !
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    I think the easiest to implement would be to make clicking on a collectible name in the achievement window open a baz search with the item name, and item type collectible.

    Maybe make shift-click search your own inventory first, and ctrl-click search baz; in case they need to use regular clicking achievements for something in the future (like persona related)
  18. uberkingkong Augur

    The game could have built in AI.

    Zone into a zone, says you can do this quest, there are collectibles here you do not have, just ask me if you want more information.

    If you loot item hover it, this item is for this.

    What collectibles am I close to finishing. You are close to finishing this, the items are in this zone.

    There are many benefits of having built in AI on a video game.

    18 year old, gets tasked with managing collectibles. AI can do this.
    40 50 60 70 80 year old, gets tasked with it. Lets bring out the spreadsheets.
    20 30 year old, lets see what resources we have

    You realize there is an AI out there that gives you entire code for a website, so basically you can spin up a website you like locally?
    "can you swap this for this"
    AI - Sure. javascript html css, ETL

    This is a community feature. Everyone needs step up, its 2023.
    Developers they work on game.
    Community they need to step up too.

    Goods Maps, I'm expecting to see collectible listing, the nameds listing, Quest listing who talk to. On the side.
    Goods you can do better.
    Should be seeing all the mobs move around too in my vicinity using goods maps.

    Goods needs more tools to work with.
    Smart Listing on the map, it shows the collectible green if you need, red if you have.
    Automatically updates.

    if (collectible.relatedtozone) { show green} else {show red} map text
  19. Sissruukk Rogue One

    You do realize that this is a 25-year-old game, built upon code when AI was still something that was seen as more science fiction than reality. And over the years code has just been layered on top of layer of this code. You would have to start from scratch on a new game (which you keep pushing for).

    I, on the other hand, like the way that EQ's player base, especially those that have the love and dedication to it, find ways to keep this game relevant. They come up with ways to do things to help us navigate through Norrath. They help make this game enjoyable. It is people, not AI, that is making this possible, making the game what it is. It builds community, even if sometimes we are going after each other on ForumQuest. But in the end, this community stands strong built with the love and passion for a game that continues to exist in a world that is ever-changing at a faster and faster pace.
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