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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Styling/Panz, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. queezzeenart New Member

    Ask us about Taco Tuesdays!!
  2. Anice New Member

    Moist, drenched, soggy, saturated.... my favorite words. Also, what a night in Sebilis with these folks leaves me. Come join the fun!
  3. an_ogre_monk00 Elder

    Dis guild more fun den swinging Karana house-cat at froggies.

    Now feature 100% more ballz.
  4. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    Recruitment has gone well. And Veeshans peak is a blast. As we get ready to hit vekious we are placing a minimum lvl requirement of 55 for new recruits. Time to get rdy for real raiding. Get lit, get loot, Studd does blumpkins gud.
  5. Arturo Fuente Journeyman

    If you're looking for a guild to just be yourself, this is it!
  6. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    UPDATE: Vindi, Statue, Tormax, Dain, Klandi, Zlandi, and most of North ToV dead. We raid with 45-50 folks. Looking for just handful more players to round us out (CLR, WIZ, MNK, ROG). Get drunk and come join us! Visit
  7. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    Update: still actively recruiting clerics, rogues, wizards, monks (lvl50+). Currently, we raiding and clearing most content...looking for handful more to round us out.
  8. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    Update:. Will be starting attempts on AoW and Vulak this week. Still seeking a few motivated players to round our squad out (CLR RNG MNK ROG WIZ). VISIT
  9. Baadan New Member

    Looking for 2-3 more Clerics!

    Since I can't figure out how to embed images, please click this. I spent over 3 minutes making it in MSPaint.
  10. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    Tunare has been killed, Warders dead. We recruiting as we get ready for AoW/Vulak. Looking for Clerics, geared DPS, and handful of support classes. Would consider absorbing a smaller guild (30ish) so we can retire boxes. Hit of Styling or Laerek for questions/discussions. Normally have 48-52 folks (non-boxed). so room to work till cap.
  11. Johnwick Augur

    Vulak Down : Onward to final Victory!

    Recruiting needs :
    Shaman ( 4 )
    Rogue ( 5 )
    Mage ( 4 ) ,

    Medium :
    Cleric ( 2-3 )
    Druid ( 2-3 ) ,

    Low :
    Monk ( 1-2 )
    Wizard ( 1-2 )
    Necro ( 1-2 )
    Ranger ( 1-2 )
    Pally ( 1-2 )
    SK ( 1-2 )
    Enchanter : ( 1-2 )

    Closed : Warrior , Bard
  12. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    Holy ! Johnwick is in our guild? Hurry, have AoW kill his dog!
  13. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    Update: Raiding with about 60 folks on average. Looking for raid ready, or close, clerics, rangers, monks, rogues, bards, and wizards. If interested contact Styling or Laerek in game or visit for more info.
  14. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    Still alive, drunk, and waddling through content: HIGH needs are CLR, melee DPS (brd, rog, mnk, rng)....others still considered. Swing by website at
  15. Lucio New Member

    Best guild name ever
  16. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    Luclin update: Working on getting new blood ready to join and raid. Awesome time to get on board. Working on epics, leveling new folks, and still raiding 3 days! Get in as we prepare for luclin :)
  17. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    Luclin recruiting push! Still hustling, raiding, and studying dildology! Looking for about 10 more folks (CLR, DPS, Bards, primarily, others considered). Contact Styling in game or visit the site for more details.
  18. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    Last night was our first night raiding Luclin. Akheva Ruins and Deep conquered! SSRA Friday. Here we come. Come join the fun 8).
  19. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    Still alive and kicking. Working on emperor! Seeking few more to round us out. Take a peak at the website or hit a member up in game to chat!!
  20. Styling/Panz Journeyman

    In PoP, first night raiding got Grummus, Caprin x2, Aerin'Dar, and Mith Marr. App the site and come join the fun!! PST in game to Styling or Fenton for questions.